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Found 4 results

  1. When lowering PH in a tropical tank using epsom salt how much is a good starting dose per 100l of tank water?
  2. Hey Guys, need some help Yesterday my pH was 8.4, started to drop so we added Bi-carb soda and even after adding that last night the pH is now 7.7. (being the next morning). Need to know what I can do to make my pH rise, halp please.
  3. Hey guys, haven't even had time to log in for months. But! I'm not dead, and I'm looking for some advice. As you (might) know I have my lungfish, Tadpole. He's getting bigger now and even at only 35cm (and in a 5ft tank!) he's starting to cause some series nitrate issues. I use sand/fine gravel mix for the bottom which I vacuum over and 'fluff' up before each waterchange, though he does a damn good job of keeping it moved around. =) Current Tank stats: 5x2x2 fx5 for filtration (mostly filled with matrix) Livestock: lungfish (approx 35cm) archerfish (approx 15cm) olive perchlet x10 (cleanup crew) purple spotted gudgeon (12cm, he's headed out of the tank as of the next few days though) Nitrates are consistantly at least 80-100ppm even with weekly 50% water-changes (only this large at the moment because with the way Tadpole eats, I have no choice). I plan on upping this to a 30-50% each weekend and a 30% mid week when I can. Looking for any suggestions on keeping the nitrates down until I get a sump on there and can expand my water volume. Thanks! P.S. - This is even more important as I'm getting a 2nd lungy soon and I'm compounding my problem. =)
  4. I run my tanks at 25°c and as the weather has cooled I have noticed the heaters on more and more. I would like to know whether anyone lowers their tank temp over winter to save on power usage? Would lowering the temp on my tanks to 22-23°c have any real adverse affects on my fish?
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