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Found 21 results

  1. Are you keeping fish that like soft water? Well, we have the product for you!!! Macropore Gold.... it's the Ion-exchange resin that softens your water!! It will also remove hydrated lime, polish your water and remove tannins!!! Wow!!! Perfect for fish like Discus, Apisto's, L-Number Catfish, Angels, Barbs, South American Dwarf species, Tetra's and Rams. It's fantastic for your shrimp tanks too!! Just place it in a media bag and put it somewhere water will flow through it like an internal filter or a canister. Can be recharged. This product really is amazing. It would also work really well being run in conjunction with Macropore White. Click on the link below to add one to your shopping cart today!! http://www.thetechden.com.au/Macropore_Gold_Water_Softener_1Litre_p/mpg1l.htm
  2. So I tried recharging some macropore yesterday using salt as directed by the package. And now it is purple? Has anyone else had this happen to them? And can I get it back to the right colour or is it ruined?
  3. Hi Guys and Gals, We are giving away macropore!! And we are saying Farewell to 2L Supachlor. Click on the link below to get your freebies!!! Only while stocks last. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Supachlor_2l_Aquarium_Water_Conditioner_p/sctt2l.htm
  4. Does macropore ever lose its brown colour? Put 500g of macropore in the (Freshwater tank) sump, removing tanins which it did Very effectively, and within 24 hours it was a dark brown colour. Pulled it out of the sump this morning and have given it a couple of soaks in salt water. Lots of dark water coming out of it each rinse, but the macropore is not returning to its light yellow colouring. So, hoping someone has some tips for me. Does it matter what type of salt is used? Am using couple of teaspoons of table salt. How many rinses does it usually take for it to return to its yellow state? Does one teaspoon of table salt to 100 ML's of water sound like the right mix when rinsing? Will it change colour once I stop rinsing it and allow it to dry out - in sunlight? Very very new to using polishing media - in fact I dont understand why macropore is called chemical filtration haha. Thanks!
  5. Hi. Yesterday i added macropore ( in the bags) to the canister filters on both my tanks. Got home from work tonight to find both my tanks cloudy/milky. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Will or should it clear up in a few days? Should i remove the macropore? sent from sony xperia via tapatalk
  6. Has anyone ever had trouble recharging macropore no matter what you do? This is my first attempt at trying to recharge macropore with bleach, mixed bleach 50/50 with water (normal white king) for required time rinsed thoroughly then soaked in water and fraction mix to "remove bleach smell" this is the step I'm having trouble with no matter how much I rinse with water then soak with fraction I can still smell bleach even tryed a saltwater mix anything I'm doing wrong? Or is it just fecked.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know how big are macropore beads in microns? Would a 250 micron mesh screen contain it? Cheers!
  8. How long do you leave your macropore before changing/recharging?? I searched, lots on how to recharge! But wondering how long people leave there macropore between changing/recharging?..
  9. I have been using MACROPORE, 1 liter in a 200 micron filter sock, as a first point of filtration. It has been doing a spectacular job removing pretty much everything from waste to nitrates. the aquariums stay crystal clear for weeks with minimal water changes, the sump is completely spotless! However, i have estimated 1 liter will only last 9 months (recharging twice at every 3 months) is this the usual expectation of MACROPORE life..... costing $60 a year to run 4 48x15x18s?
  10. .I have found a lot of information in relation to macropore for fishes but not much info on its effect on shrimps so thought some one here could help me out. My questions are specifically for CRS/CBS/Taiwan Bees. 1. Has anyone use macropore gold successfully to lower the PH? Does it have any effect, adversely or positively, on GH/KH/TDS? 2. Can macropore gold and white be used together? Gold for soft water and white for removal of nitrogenous wastes? 3. Will either macropore gold or white remove beneficial 'elements' of IAL/blackwater extract? I hope to remove the 'tea colour' but retain the beneficial 'elements' in the water. Appreciate any advice. Thanks heaps!
  11. Im getting some small fish and have a small 2ft cube tank for them. I was thinking of using macropore white and gold (likely gold) as my subtrate as a have some stocks of regenerated ones. Would it still function - clear the water and soften it even if just staying at the bottom of tank? Ill just be using a sponge filter for it. Also considering placing marine pure spheres as ornaments (marble effect) on the same tank. Let me know of your thoughts?
  12. Hey guys just wondering when your next shipment of macropore is due in?? Cheers Luke
  13. Hi all. I went to do some water changes the other day and when I was testing before the water change nitrates were zero. With that does macropore negate the requirement for water changes if nitrates are remaining in control or is it best to continue with water changes to remove other toxins/elements that also build up? Thanks in advance for your thoughts Trav
  14. Beside hair algae, I found out that my water is not 100% clear in my 6x2x70. Can I put macropore in the eheim 2217 filter? Can I still use dry fert with it? If yes, is 500ml enouge for the tank and which layer in the canister I should put the bag? Thanks
  15. Hi all Is Macropore as good as purigen ? It is a fair bit cheaper but is it as good if anyone has compared these can u let me know before I go spending my money lol Cheers Trev
  16. If you get offered a product and told that it is similar to Macropore and the product is suggested that it has been tested as ok or approved by the supplier of Macropore or Graham from G&K Llyod Jones this is not the case. Recently a supplier of Resins in Australia offered Graham whom provides Macropore a cheaper option for his Macropore. Unfortunately although priced well it was not able to produce the results including that it was not Macroporous to begin with. It would seem that this resin that was offered to G&K Lloyd (Graham) and rejected has made it to market. We would like to dispel the rumor that this resin would do the same that Macropore does and also that the suggestion that the resin was confirmed to be good by Graham as false. Graham has not confirmed or suggested that it would be good for aquarium use in any way. The only Macropore Resin that Graham has tested and is happy with is the one with Macropore on the label and the one that he supplies. Here is also a notice that we have received from Graham. Hello John, I just writing this message to inform you that even though I was hoping that this new Macropore type resin I was testing was at the very least going to be a cheap option to Macropore, it was not. I received a sample about 2 months ago and was informed by the manufacturer that it removed Nitrates and may be alright, it required testing. The performance I would expect of a Nitrate specific resin is that it first 1. Looks OK (solid White or Cream not translucent) 2. Removes Nitrate at a level of 100 ppm to approx 40ppm with 100mls in 100 litres of aquarium water in 12 hours. 3. It does not produce a highly acidic pH 4.It does not cause fish fatalities. 5. It is sold in the correct form, (Sodium or Hydrogen, not Phenol) and can be converted from one to the other. 6. Does not release Trachites. 7. Removes tannins and polishes water. As much as I would of hoped this product was good for aquarium use, it failed on several counts. Specifically as far as we tested, it did not remove Nitrates or polish water. It could not be converted to a Hydrogen form. We informed the company in question of these results. This resin is no doubt very good within particular parameters but useless for Aquariums. Regards Graham
  17. Hey guys, Ive just done my first recharge of 600g of macropore, and since then ive had a huge swing in PH.... Its usually around 7.2 and within 3 days its raised it to ~8. Im not too sure if its the culprit or not, trying to rule it out or not as I have literally made no other changes to the tank. Anyways, its in a 4x2x2 with GH and KH usually being 5.5 and 8.5 (respectively)
  18. who uses it. is it ok to put into a filter used on a discus tank???? cheers marty
  19. I know it's 1L of Purigen for 4000L of water for up to 6 months, but what about Macropore? I just bought 2L of Macropore and the label says "This container will treat 1700 litres for approx. 6 months" Does this sound correct? I thought both were similar in amount of product per litre?
  20. Hey guys, i got home a couple nights ago wondering... how do I keep this fry tank nice and clear, not that ugly colour thanks to food and poo. Yes i know, constant water changes... BUT if there were a way to keep the water constantly crystal clear without it would you do it? HELL YES!!! Atm im using macropore on my fh tank, and dam does it work wonders! But i wondered how could i get that into action without using a powerhead on a bottle in my fry tank without losing any fry? I didnt want to risk fry getting sucked up so i thought I would invent my own idea, it may have already been invented but i feel smart that i did this with no other inspiration except my own. Here goes! You will need: Air filter Air line Tubing Sponge filter (mine is large) Scissors Drill (knife as last resort) Macropore (in its media bag) 1. Start off with a 1.5L water bottle, well rinsed with hot water. 2.Cut the bottle with scissors as I have so basically the top half is just the cone and the bottom starts to become narrow at the top. 3. Use a drill (or sharp knife, just be careful dont stab yourself in the finger like I did lol) and make some holes approx 7mm - 1cm wide. 4. Test that you can squeeze the cone in and that it wont fall out unless pulled.
  21. How long does this stuff take to start working? like how long til i should see a difference in water purity??
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