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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. What a life, the harls do not kill the sea stars any more or tear off legs, lol, from 14 to choose from they just try this biscuit, then a fromoa and so on.
  3. We have received in the new Rossmount Pumps, they are Italian made with a 3 Year Warranty. Prices start at just $125 http://www.thetechden.com.au/Rossmount_s/2234.htm They have two series - The M series and the MX Series and the M series will attach to glass magnetically to hold them in place up to 15mm glass and the MX will go up to a 19mm glass. There is also a option for a controller that is due later in the month if you want to control them. Size wise they they are physically smaller than the Tunze pumps and they have two unique features where they have two different output methods where they can be set to either 60 degree flow for stronger flow over a smaller area and 120 degree flow for a softer wider area. The other thing that is really good is the reduced maintenance with ACS The Auto Cleaning System it's a set of windows and openings positioned in particular points of the pump. By a specific path, the water recirculates correctly in a forced way and eliminates the residual air inside, thus lubricating and cleaning continuously every part of the pump that normally would consume rapidly due to debris, calcium deposits or salt. The Rossmount pumps also have a VAS system which reduces vibration. We have tried the M3400 and been very happy with the running and results with the tests we performed.
  4. Hi all Just wondering where everyone else has been to get a custom made tank and stand and if they found the quality of their work lived up to their standards. Im looking to get a Quote for a 6x2x2 With Starfire front and side. Then a quote with just the front in starfire. Cheers, Jake
  5. I haven’t kept the bicoloured dotty back in well over 20 years till early last year I think it was. The ones I would get off the wholesalers “back before quarantine laws were in” that i dealt with were obnoxious I always found them to be a little or a lot nasty, more so for tiny creatures like shrimp and very small fish, just generally not the best natured fish, so I hadn’t kept one for many years. Finding these guys in SEQ reef sites was extremely rare and i wouldn’t keep them, until climate change really starting kicking in with our part of the ocean from around 18 years back a little to 5 to 6 years a lot and now I see maybe 10 to 30 per year and last year I got one to get ready for a mate thinking mongrel fish!! but during that time what I had learnt about them in the 80s I remembered this and thought I would give it a try and just see! I dropped the temp for the first little nasty I got early last year and as it was from way back, the little guy became very well behaved, so well behaved I kept it, lol! The ones we get down here are more blue then purple, which is a little weird, but as with all my aquarium life, they act so much nicer with temps at the moment in my tanks at 18c to 19c, just for a couple of weeks down from 20c to 21c. You can not successfully keep these fish at such low temps with out proper bio filtration and not the silly live rock rubbish bio filtering, the stress levels from live rock life emitting toxins from the shock and the cyclers acidic reactions to this in such weak numbers more then likely will kill the fish. For me the main reason I run cool temps is cool waters keeps fish growth retarded, oxygen way up there and full adult colour at a fraction the usual size that colour happens at. Plus from what I learnt form the guy with the imperator and importers back in the late 70s and early 80s, if done right a fish that will most likely only live 15 years can be kept for a hell of a lot longer!!!! I have one in each tank and both are sweethearts, lol, pseudos sweet hearts, amazing!!
  6. https://www.facebook.com/fishSEQLD hints ideas comments suggestions welcome likes are welcome too
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. You can buy wide bam torches for under water pics but at much more then it cost me to convert one. I got a 2000 lumen single diode torch recently from Hong Kong I think it was for around $14 to my home here in aus and then the ultra fire battery and charger that was held up in customs for a week or so for around $12, lithium ion batteries are closely looked at before being let in. The torch I cut down to put the diode nearer to the glass so the affect would be a wide beam and it worked out great, these are just a couple of pics of that cut downs results and two pics of the colours that the torch helps with. Torch cut The result A couple of pics with that light in use. \
  9. All my tanks have lids that are not the right size. Were would be the best place to get lids done.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. The latest Giesemann Futura-S Led's have hit Australia in both Marine & Tropic Individually programmable and dimmable colour channels on a per-module basis Available in 2/3/4/5/6 module sizes Up to 4320 programmable set points over the light period Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth The smallest version already has 10 individually programmable and dimmable colour channels on a per-module basis Loss-free secondary optics narrow-angle/wide-angle Made in Germany 2 year warranty LINK TO TECHNICAL DATA ON FUTURA-S LED MARINE & TROPIC Pure White in Colour. Other Colours available on request. Please contact sales@aquariumproducts.com.au for pricing / availability. Unique to the FUTURA-S is the ability to adjust levels on a 'per-module' basis, meaning that different light saturation levels may be programmed for different areas within the same aquarium dependent on the stock requirements in that particular area. Experiences of more than 20 years With more than 20 years of experience and product development, we were able to raise the quality of light from LED lighting to a new level. Precision is important to us: the light-emitting diodes used are highly color stable and guarantee a homogeneous and clear color perception. In addition to the high light output and a balanced distribution of light, our systems offer a long service life and avoid any maintenance. High end components LED - "light emitting diodes" - are even electronic components and need, as well as all other types of lamps, in the form of an electronic control gear. The in-house development of electronic modules gives us the freedom in the design of form and function and the ability to respond quickly to innovative changes. With its own board layout, equipped exclusively with carefully selected CREE® LED, GIESEMANN guarantees optimal light output and color rendition. Maximum life by perfect temperature management Design measures to keep the LED modules in the uncritical temperature range. Every one of our LED lamps is fitted with high-capacity microcontrollers that, in addition to the function control, monitor the internal operating temperature of the LED. Sophisticated cooling elements combined with an electronically controlled active cooling ensure operation under ideal conditions. Only they can provide their high performance over the entire operating time. Intelligent light network The integrated networking of our lighting systems generated from individual light modules, an intelligent lighting network. Only with the hardware and software of the light control system allows to exploit the potential of LED technology fully. All luminaires and lighting control components from GIESEMANN contain their own microprocessors in order to appropriate programs to realize the so-called firmware, all kinds of functions. Therefore, in addition to our lighting technicians and electricians and computer scientists are among the development team. Useful functions instead of useless gimmicks In the development of LED lighting for aquariums, it is the same as everywhere: innovations benefit not alone - they must be meaningful. Means for driving the LED, for example: not increased GIESEMANN just going to continue the current consumption of each LED - we make sure that every technological advance brings a noticeable improvement. With our lighting systems, you can feel the difference in every respect, the highest power output and long life of each light point. Optimum light output Even with the best LEDs on the market is able to benefit even more - if you have the right technologie: our driver technology optimizes light output, color and power of each LED - without harming the material. * System requirements: Android 3.0 or higher (recommended), WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8 or Apple Mac OS X; Bluetooth. Priced from $1799.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - Giesemann Futura LED's Ben
  12. As above guys im looking to get a 4x2.5x2ft (LxWxH) tank made with starphire glass front with possible sides done in it too. Have herd of a guy around bribie area making them but cant find him. So throw me your bast place to get a quality tank made up. Cheers in advance ROWAN(RJHELL)
  13. This little guy, it is a male, was into hanging off purple morphs in there but now it has made up its mind to use this green acan in the bottom tank for its feeding spot to throw out a sail or two and filter out some planktonic food types. Good spot, a lot of food passes there.
  14. For a very limited time The aleas 18" Gravel cleaner Normally 19.95 NOW $9.00 plus shipping. HURRY HURRY Aleas Gravel Cleaner 18"
  15. Hi As some of you may know all by tanks are drilled and I have a few Ive always used a scrap piece of glass with a hole in it to start the drilling on any tank as the bit slips as you start to cut Anyway the other day I needed to change a 35mm hole into a 45mm hole as I wanted to use bigger Bulkheads in a tank that was already set up my scrap piece of glass was looking rather old plus I had dropped it. It had 4 holes 20 22 35 45. I have a 50mm hole on a different piece. These are the main sizes you will use 20/22 Finger holes 35 for 25mm BH 45 for 32mm BH and 50 for 40mm BH as you use the template glass to start your hole. Over time you wear it out and the holes gets larger and its no good also being glass if you drop it as I did. You will need to drill in my case 4 new holes to remake your template (you could have 5 holes 5 bits of glass) I had a good think about this and came up with this. It works on any size hole its reuseable as it wears you can still use it. Heaps easier to hold perfectly still to start your hole. Cuts first time where you want it and costs nothing to make (you should have all stuff in fishroom)
  16. hey guys its aussie here and thought i would share a few pics on how i do my waterchanges. with large volumes of water you want a fast and easy way to transfer water in and out that requires large diameter tubing (25mm - 1inch) and a powerful powerhead (5000lph) ive designed and made a simple hose with pvc fittings cut to the length to siphon the exact amount of water i want out, make sure to have a strainer on the end to prevent any small fish from getting sucked in and flushed away when you start siphoning theres no need to wait as the pipe is cut to length and you can just simply walk away and have a beverage preferably beer in my case next step is connecting the end of the tube into a powerhead and have that in a large tank with your pre-prepped water, you want something thats going to pump it pretty fast as i aim to do a 500ltr waterchange in under 20mins now this part you cant walk away becouse you have to monitor when it gets full to the brim and then turn off the pump and remove the strainer end. so thats it :-) short and sweet with no buckets and backache so heres some pics of the process strainer end in tank fts paludarium end shot (moneyshot) ibc full of pre-prepped water being pumped into tank strainer end close up
  17. Thought I'd start a single post that everyone can post their own recipes, links to other threads or web sites to create a one stop shop for home brews. If you post can you head your post up with the intended fish group the food mix is for (e.g. Cichlids, Natives, Discus, whatever). Also include all ingredients and preparation techniques. From what I have read, the method to hold it all together is critical (gelatine or agar) and how much of each you used, so post this as well. Here's a few links of some good threads I've come across. Add your own or links to build a good resource for anyone wanting to DIY. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/general-aquarium-discussion-19/i-made-my-own-fish-food-1st-time-55767/
  18. After the power outage earlier this year I lost some of my acropora sps, lps, some other coral species and some of the survivors just weren’t getting back to really good health. Also my coris gaimard was not putting on extra body or changing to adult colour as it was before the outage, so I changed my invert mix to get the corals healthy and a slight variation to my fish food mix and total success that was hoped for was achieved. There is no way the wrasse will stay still long enough to get a pic but most of my acropora are in easy spots to get pics of. Virtually all my sps,acans and other lps extend polyps with every time I apply this mix, these are a few of them feeding. All but one of the corals in the pics are from what I could save from the three days of no electricity. I am nearly over all those years of experimenting that I used to do which allows me to now appreciate it all with near no water changes, no skimmer no live rock and they are all flourishing and their obvious growth rate is such a relief! It is all so easy if filtraion is right and they get a good feed!
  19. OK so I had a bit of spare time over the last few days so decided to make up some homemade food for my fishies and took some pics so here goes. Ingredients 90% vegetable to 10% meat ratio • prawn meat deshelled • Spinach • Peas steamed for 2 mins in microwave • Pumpkin steamed for 2 mins in mocrowave • Zucchini • Garlic cloves • Spirulina powder • Paprika • Human multivitamin tablets • Human calcium tablets • agar Method Put one ingredient at a time in the food processor and chop till fine but not a paste. Once all ingredients are done I put it all back in the food processor and gave it a few more pulses to mix it all up well. Final product. Once everything was all mixed well I boiled some water to dissolve the agar and stirred this through the mix. You have to stir slowly or you will make air bubbles and the food will float. Once the agar was mixed in I place it into zip lock bags and pushed all the air out before the mix cooled and the agar set. Leave the bags sit flat on the bench for 10-15mins to cool and set then place in the freezer. I just snap a piece off and let it defrost and put it into the tank. The fish seem to love it. I also made the same mix and omitted the prawns so as I can feed my bristlenose veg every day and the prawn mix once or twice a week only. The discus get the prawn mix once a day.
  20. I once read on here of a home made fish recipe with shrimp, spinach + other things and was wondering if any one had something similar that they use them self that they wouldnt mind sharing? Thanks
  21. Ok so I have a mate who builds tanks and he may be able to get me toughened glass at a realy great price now question is is it safe to use for tanks? this tank will be big 10x4x2.5 it will be built by a guy who has built many a big tank and no's what hes doing braced wel etc etc he even said he would want to put wide alloy corners on all 4 corners for extra protection, but said to do some research into toughened first I have read it can explode if hit hard:shock: sounds worrying lol what are your thoughts guys? mods can close thread that idea is over with! lol Thanks
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. Hey, Just wondering what people are using to make fish food at home? Just wondering if people have used peas that have been minced as i know that the skins can cause problems? I am thinking more for goldfish but please list what you use with other fish. Thanks.
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