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Found 19 results

  1. I bought these guys along with a couple of red empress, albino afras and maingano as fry a little while back from a breeder in chermside but I have lost her information. Just wanted to see if anyone could tell me what sex they are? I would have thought if they were male they would be starting to get a bit of colour by now, they are probably around 9cm. Also if anyone knows the person who was breeding them let me know because she said if they turned out female she may be interested in buying/trading them back. Cheers
  2. Hi everyone, Purchased a beautiful looking maingano from LFS on friday afternoon. Was the dominant fish in tank. I was hoping it was a male for my female. Put it in tank, my female took an instant dislike to it. Within 5 minutes the poor fish was pale. The other mbuna ignored him/her. New maingano staying around rocks at opposite end to female. I thought therefore it would be okay if it just stayed clear of my fiesty female... Found new maingano on floor saturday afternoon stiff as a chip. The gap between my tank rim and glass lid is barely 1 cm. Must have been a perfectly timed jump. This is the first fish that I have lost this way. Anyone else had similair situation?
  3. I have a 3 foot tank and a 2 foot tank .... I have always wanted 2 breed mainganos but only now I have a male and female... I don't care about the ratio thing or anything. I just want to know the easiest way to breed them 1 male and 1 female .... in a 2 foot tank ??? and can bristlenose breed in the same tank as them ???
  4. Not too sure how to upload photos so im not sure if it has worked. Anyway, I have what I believed to be a maingano, that's what it was given to me as. I've been reading about the male johannis and they look almost identical. I read that one way to tell is the lines on the maingano are more clean whereas the johanni is a little jagged. I really have no idea what it is now, wondering if anyone can positively identify it for me?
  5. Just wondering if anyone breeds maingano and is it the female that has egg spots and the males dont as i have 1 with egg spots and 2 without and think i have 2 males and 1 female can anyone correct me if im wrong
  6. anything i can do to help her recover she kinda looks bad but is swimming around i did have her in a fry saver net in my 4ft breeding tank and somehow she has got beaten up and there was a male that jumped in there somehow but her gills on one side is a bit red and her fins have been nipped she was holding at the time but i dont think anymore got her in my fry tank now still in the fry saver net anything i can do to help her recover cos i dont have many fermales left :S:(:(:(:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::(:(
  7. Maybe a mod can move this to the cichlid section please. These two fish look such alike. Are they the same fish ? and will they cross breed if I keep them in the same tank? I heard that you have to keep the bars and colors very different to stop cross breeding. These two fish look the same right? Johanni Maingano
  8. I rescaped it. It needed a good clean and i wanted something a bit different. So no terracotta in here this time
  9. Title says it all really. I noticed one missing for the last few days, spent countless time and heard many questions asked by the wife what the hell was I doing sitting in front of the tank counting fish for half an hour. But I found him! started pulling rocks out for the 3rd time this week and for some reason I pulled out a shell and gave it a shake and heard something in there. Cracked it open with a hammer and found the poor bugger bent like a banana in the shell unable to move. Died within a few minutes after breaking free. Another one chalked up for learning the hard way. All shells facing down now.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm just after abit of advice on the what tank size is best suited for breeding Maingano and Saulosi. I currently have a number of males and female of both spread around a few different tanks and they have been breeding occasionally (Mainly due to shifting house) but now the roots are down for a while I want to up the output so to speak. So just looking to see if anyone has has better success with different size tanks and breeding numbers per tank. Rob
  11. Thought i would share some of my Maingano colony
  12. ok so have posted this elsewhere with no feedback i stripped my 5cm maingano of her fry today and she was holding 4 fry at around 2-3mm they are strong little swimmers i currently have them in a tea strainer over an airstone in there own little tank and my questions are when can i put them in a 2ft tank to grow them out with a sponge filter for current as this is the first time i have had cichlids breed for me so any help would be muchly appreciated also i will be feeding them on baby brine shrimp and was wondering if ground down hikari cichlid gold pellets to a dust kind of form would also be suitable please help me with all the knowledge i need as i love this hobby (addiction) and want to expand thanks jon
  13. ok so i noticed one of my small maingano was holding today so i decided to strip her as she is only 5cm i had 4 free swimming fry pop out at around 2-3mm at current time have them in a tea strainer over an airstone to create current and feeding them on baby brine shrimp the questions are that i have is how long do i have to wait to put them in a tank with a sponge filter to grow them out and can i crush some hikari cichlid gold pellets into a powderish form and feed them that aswell? this is the first time i have had fish breed so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks jon
  14. Sorry for the brownish tinge, the wood has been out of a tank for 12 months and since put back in has decided to start to leach tannins again.
  15. Hey guys I have a colony of maingano's and today when I replaced the gravel with coral I noticed I had a lil swimmer, so it looks like my maingano's are breeding and the strongest one survived. So now my question is how do you tell when a maingano is holding??? I have been told some look like they are going to explode and other people have told me that there's a white buldge on their throats. I'd like to know so next time one has eggs I can strip them and make sure they all survive. Cheers Shane
  16. hey, just looked in my display tank and one of my maingano is holding... how long till they become free swimming... same as most other africans at 18 days? thanks, Trent
  17. i have a colony of 14 12cm maingano. my question is that i think half of them are boys... how can i tell which ones are boys... you reckon i could find the dom male take him out and keep finding the dom male.... or if anyone has an easier way of sexing them please.... help me out!!! any advice would be awesome thanks guys and gals
  18. Only have had a couple of Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos for a couple of months. Are only about 5cm How soon do they start breeding?? I have had one busy digging and moving the substrate for the last week! Can even see the glass on the bottom of the tank. Was not expecting this so soon.
  19. Ok guys I noticed a few people had some great info on how to get Electric Yellows to breed maore regularly and consistently so I decided I would pop the same question for maingano.. I have a large colonie of 17 that have not yet breed...At first provided them with alot of hiding spaces and caves then got impatient and striped tank of everyting except 3 terracotta pots and a small ship ornament.... Not sure what will get these guys breeding, may try to feed brine shrimp tonight and possible drop water them a couple degrees...? I stuffed, can't figure them out...any hints tips or insight as to what you would do will be appreciated... Thanx in advance to everyone for there responses.. tank is 4ft x 15x 18, Large internal filter as well as canister.. 17 maingano Matt
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