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  1. I loved this discussion, because it really points out why we are in it for the hobby
  2. Hey all, I've been thinking for a while to plumb 2 3 teir racks (1 4footX18X20 and 1 2x1x1.5) into one system. They have been just running with Sponges. I'm planning to have another of each rack into the system in the future. I'm new to sumps and plumbing and have a couple questions. 1.For the return would 1x 32mm bulkhead in each be enough or 2x25mm bukheads in each be enough? 2. The bottom tanks are 200 mm off the ground so they may not be high enough to have enough space to go into the sump especially the 2 foots? Any other tips or better options would be aprecciated. Cheers Will.
  3. ..Got the tank 5'x2'x2'.... Three 1"id bulkheads two at bottom the return at top....
  4. Just caught a pair of Electric blue balloon rams in the act, then noticed the male was also fertilising with poo at the same time, I don't think my wife would like it if I did this PS These 2 flew up from melbourne with me last week, in my luggage, can be too unhappy about the flight.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has ever had dramas with buying a salt water tank and changing it to fresh water. In know how stupid this may sound. But wondering if the salt affects the condition of the glass and silicon differently.
  6. hey guys i'm just wondering if it is legal to take algae from a local rainwater drainage system and wash it thoroughly and culture it and then use it to make algae wafer to feed to bristlenose? thanks
  7. So i have two tanks about 4m apart in the living room. The 8x2.5x2.5 with Tibetan mountain rock always looks really sharp and the water is crystal clear. Filtration on this big boy consists of 2 x FX6's + 3ft sump. Picture below (without fish as i removed them all today). On the opposite side of the room i have my Tropheus Lufubu tank which is 120cm x 80cm x 80cm and filtration consists of an Eheim Professional 3 2080 canister (basically a sump on wheels). This tank is filled with a heap of Texas Holey rock to help keep the carbonates and pH up and to give the Troph's somewhere to hide & play. Trouble is that the water in this tank since adding the rock seems to always look that bit more drab, dull and slightly cloudy / washed out than the other tank. I'm not sure if it's the way the light reflects off the white rock or something else? Lighting on both tanks is the same (Aquazonic Miracle LEDs) & both tanks have internal wavemakers to help with deadspots and circulation. Both tanks also have the same crushed coral as substrate. Looking for ideas, suggestions, thoughts as to why the Lufubu tank looks the way it does before i swap the Texas Holey rock to Tibetan mountain rock...
  8. Has anyone ever made a flat lid for a tank out of acrylic? seems like a safer option than glass and possibly cheaper and more effective. i need a lid for my tank so just brainstorming, any ideas?
  9. Anyone had a go at making your own fermentation processing biological product? Orca makes cubes for phos and the titanium for mostly nitrate and a little phos and there are others I have seen before, that's the way this will go! I am going to have a go at making what is part of some processes I have used in horticulture before, of course that was for low PH environments. I have some ideas on to how to cook and prepare the carbon/high GI with stabilises built in. Soon I want to put all my hobby waters to my NWMS and it is not big enough to cope with the tubs as well, they produce a ton of phos and I will have to let it make some nitrate as well to make this work If no one has any input on what they have done with making their own solid centralised carbon dosing, oh well its just another experiment from scratch! I have been yakking to some one in South Africa directly associated with the orca invention and original we did not get on, what a surprise, its been cool for some time now though.
  10. Today I open my canister to service it and I find a small colony of about 10 shrimp, mixture of yellows and reds living in there, fairly happily it seemed. I have removed them now and rehomed them. Was pretty surprised they could survive in there! Just wondering what critters have you found living in your filters?
  11. Back in the day,lol, by accident I found the local forms of nudibranch of the aeolidina suborder or aeolid nudibranch carried out the eradication of these pesky anemones faster then anything! I would never usually tell any one to use them due to the fact that they starve to death once there are none to feed on any more. I had a conversation with some on the net over seas that say they are becoming trendy for this and they use them and were trying to work out how to keep the alive once they had done their job! There are only two simple ways. Have a tank with aiptasia that you feed for their numbers to keep at a high level. Or regular get shoreline rock pool anemones to feed them to keep them going. Personally I don’t collect them any more, not for years as it is so easy to never have these anemones with precautions and a couple of peps just in case. This is one of our pics from marine life species threads found near bris on the very common variations of the aeolid types. These are one of the better types of shore anemones that are found in the millions usually to feed them while out of the display tank.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Yo guys, Check out this jade oranda of mine that seems to be developing some black colouration. It was originally purchased with two faint black lines on the margins on its dorsal however the black colour has seemed to have popped up and darkened on other parts of its fins, wen, cheeks and body. Here's a progression pic: 6 weeks ago Today with black markings marked Interestingly, I found a thread online in which a chinese oranda like mine developed black colouration as well. Similarly, the black colouration began on the margin of the dorsals Color Changing oranda - Site for Goldfish Keepers Thoughts guys?
  14. This site lets you put in all the ingredients and the quantity you are using and it will calculate the nutritional content of the food. Great if you are in to making your own fish food you can tweak the amount of ingredients before you make it. Recipe Calculator
  15. Just curious on everyones opinions on making your own clay caves. I found a place that sells clay blocks for around $15 for about 15kg. I ESTIMATE that you could get about 20 caves from this of the smaller size ones. Now the gentlmen down there said that they can cook the caves for me for aout $2 a piece. So pretty much i think im going to give it a go unless someone in here tells me something i dont know. I want to know if anyone else has done this and what they used to "paint" on the natural look after baking? or just someone to tell me im tripping balls and its not worth it lol. just looking at the big clay block makes me want to start cutting and digging away and make a big multicave system, also has anyone has done that? Al
  16. well that explains a few things.........
  17. Hey all, Was wondering how other electric yellow keepers change the colour of their fish to orange? I've been breeding yellows for several years now and the LFS has asked if i can start supplying my yellows with a more orange tint as demonstrated on a few yellow/oranges some other guy brought in. was just wondering how you can go about this without introducing hybrids? clipper
  18. I never really had much interest in "scapes" till I started visiting qldaf and reading the odd thread that pops up. Now I find myself daydreaming about having a go at one. Ultimatley I would like a setup like this but until I win the lotto it's not gonna happen!! Enjoy....
  19. there are enough youtube vids to teach a monkey how to do these..... the only thing I need to ask is the cement I have for coating the foam is Australia Cement Co "POSTCRETE" - its for fencepost etc (who would have guessed). Anyway its the stuff you just dump in the hole and then hose it...... Do you guys reckon it will be ok to use as an initial coating to create that furry looking surface?
  20. Im about to buy a new tank of shon a 4x2x2.5 i already have a 3Lx2Wx1H tank and plenty of sheet of clear perspex does anyone have a marine designs? and links pictures etc? ALL HELP WELCOME i will also be creating a tank journal on masa and here thanks Tim
  21. hey, just got a breeding colony of lab. mbamba's two days ago, and they are so shy! it's not the end of the world..... but i'm gunna breed them and need to know when the female is holding etc. there are a few rocky caves in the moment which all 10 manage to squish into, and they dart under there everytime i walk into the room. what are the factors influencing the shyness of a fish? and how do i stop them! thanks
  22. I am going to make my acrylic tank soon but i need weld on #4 does anyone no were to get it from? and does anyone no if plumbing goop would work on acrylic? Jesse
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. Ok so i was wondering if just a standard 2ft tank (2x1x1) is big enough? It will be for my soon to be 4ft tank. I saw not long ago how to configure it, someone drew up a diagram but i have had a look for it and cannot find it :S so i was wondering (i am in design phase atm) how to 1 place the glass (measurements of compartments) and which media goes where? cheers for any help and if anyone can remember where that diagram is that would be awesome
  25. Hi, I'm thinking about having a go at making myself a small tank. Has anyone tried this before? or know of good places to get the glass? Cheers, Ben
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