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  1. Hi, anyone interested in swapping a 10cm ism male Red Devil for my 14cm Female Polleni? im at Samford... North side
  2. Interested in selling one off my young male umbriferurm, he's about 6 " personally breed from one off my pairs, serious offers only. Pm if interested. Shipping available for right price. Also have a few smaller ones from different bloodline if looking at pairing him up. Cheers. Oh and hundreds off fry for anyone else interested.
  3. Hello all, I need some advice. I have looked at a breeding pair of red discus (don't have any other description than that but have orange faces) The female is beautiful but the male has these brown patches on its face. The guy selling them said it won't go away but they are good breeders and all red males have these brown marks. I must admit, I've only seen photos of other reds but I've never seen any with brown marks...can anyone tell me what they are and will they go with breeding?:help:
  4. Hi all, So i got myself a pair of Convicts a couple of weeks ago. Housed in a 160ltr half round tank, they are still reasonably small but the only occupants of the tank. In the first week or so they worked together moving sand around the tank and just really making it their own particularly around the pipe area which he seems to have claimed. i know when they are breeding they get aggressive to other fish but the male has been going nuts at the female. And it has gone past the chasing around, she is getting damaged fins and i am sure she is missing a scale or two. This has been going on for 2 days, he may give her a break for a minute (at most) but then chases her down in whatever part of the tank she is trying to hide and starts belting her up again. Its like at times she tries to play dead in a top corner of the tank to try and get him to leave her alone, laying on her side not trying to move to much, but that may be exhaustion. Enough was enough and last night i put an egg crate divider in the tank so he couldn't get to her. I don't think there are eggs or fry in the tank (certainly not that i can see) but there is a spot in one of the caves that i can't see in. There are plenty of caves (another added from the pic i post below), and a tall plant in the left corner for cover to give her more places to hide but this hasn't stopped him. Its not when she gets in line of sight from him (he generally situates himself in the big pipe looking cave) he will hunt around the tank continuously till he finds her to beat her up. She is a little smaller then he is but not by a great deal although he has noticeably grown in the last 2 weeks since getting them, she has not. This morning both hiding in caves on each side of the tank, at least she is getting a break. Tank lights are on from 9am to 8pm... I feed most days morning and night but due to work commitments they may miss some morning feeds, food at the moment is nutrafin flakes and/or nutrafin cichlid pellets, yet i am going to buy New Life Spectrum today from one of our sponsors to give them some better quality, i got the food when i brought them so was just going to finish it first before buying any more but figure if it is anything to do with food quality i might as well just get the NLS sooner rather than later. Obviously i don't want to leave the egg crate in there long term.... And of course if i google it everyone has a different opinion on why or what to do.. So this is why i go to QLDAF to get some experienced answers, suggestions and advice. 1- Will males kill female convicts and why ? 2- I notice on the male there are maybe 3 or so colored scales (just single scales) on each side of its abdomen.. Could it be 2 females ? and this is why one is being so dominant.? 3- if 2 females , will one kill the other to be dominant ? 4- Is this just part of the breeding process... should i just let them be and sort it out (although i think she will be killed before they sort it out) 5- Should i rearrange the tank so they have to find new areas.... or seeing there are only 2 fish in the tank may seem pointless, as once he has claimed a new area i would imagine this will all start over again. 6-How long to let her rest before removing the egg crate divider ? And anything else you may be able to offer... Sorry the post is so long winded but i am really unsure of what to do next as i would like to have them breed in this tank and watch them raise their fry but don't want to see one getting killed in the process. Thanks in advance for any help. These pics are from before i added the extra cave and tall plant in the left corner, i can update with new pics later tonight if people would like to see if what i have done will help...just let me know.
  5. I have a planted semi SA biotope (corays, Rummynose, Discus, Blue rams, and an angel) the tank is approx 300liters, would i be able to add a couple of the more docile african peacocks (males)? water quality shouldnt be an issue (40% water changes every 2 days) the nitrate is always <5ppm.
  6. Well, this afternoon we turned over the garden bed to start palnting some fresh vegies. The bed was originally set up with about 4 bags of bunnings garden soil and a bag of locally produced roadside horse manure. We never added any chemicals or fertiliser to the soil. What we found was multitudes of worms of all sizes. When I had Oscar's I used to feed them with garden worms as a treat, so decided to see if my male poleni, still looking for a female, would do with a worm. So I picked one worm about 2 inches long, washed it in some tank water in a seperate container and gave it to the Poleni. Well first strike bite it in half, second strike it was gone. Decided to give hi another, this time first strike he took the whole worm then spat out a smal pice, chewed a couple of times and then polished off the extra bit. While this was going on the four feeder fish hiding on the bottom of the tank looked very nevous. After eating the Poleni siddled up to the tank wall and fanned out all fins and went almost black with blue and white jewels all over, seemed to be saying thanks. Wish I had a camera................. Anyone else feed their fish natural foods like garden worms, crickets, bugs etc?
  7. Can anyone tell me for sure if this bn is male or female sent from sony xperia via tapatalk
  8. I was just hoping someone may be able to tell me if my Severums were male or female? Please
  9. Hey do you guys know if you can successfully have two male jags in a tank. I have a 6×2×2 with a jag, festae, jd, zonatus and have just acquired a second male jag. They are the same size but one jag is darker and the other has a real bronze about him. What you think the success rate would be?
  10. WTB - Male SVR any colour
  11. Male or female please thinking male
  12. Hi Folks, Does anybody have an idea what kinds of bubbles/bladders are on my male clown fish? What should I do to be removed? Is it He eats well and I can't see any other problems with him except these somethings on his skin/scales... Thanks, Jani
  13. It’s been a week or two now that the male little species of anthia will come out and feed, but when I get close to the tank it would hide. It’s been two days now that it doesn’t show it hates me and hides to now swims about with all the others, very cool result.
  14. I put this guy in with a girl friend on Friday and have not seen them since, till today! Not seen this species here before but due to warmer waters here these days they usually live at the tip of auz, the school of them was over 50 or so, they are happy here now, lol. I am not into anthias but they were so cute and colourful, tonight they came out and fed then darted back in, at least I know they are alive and where they live. 20 to 30 years back winter temps got down to 14c to 15c on the SEQ outer reefs by late August, it has not got below 17c for over 15 years now. 18c is the beginning of stress for tropicals that come here in the east auzy as planktonic life to fin d a home and grow and by 16c its death. The guys face.
  15. Hi I've just moved my new male to his home 3days ago. He has just started bubbles this morning I awoke to this. I have 4 very happy females in their own community tank. Both tanks are heated. His is a filtered, Heated, 55lt . Not sure if I can breed in his tank as he has a filter on low flow but grills for water flow... can you move him and the nest? And which girl? First time poster so any tips are welcome. This is my male tank. He is the only one and in the middle. betta-aquariums.php
  16. 30cm Male Melanarus/Synspillum for Sale $50 please photo to follow
  17. Male or female? So hard to tell I think male as no dorsal spot ??
  18. I have an add up looking for a mate for my daughter's Firemouth The issue is that today I took a closelook at her "male" Firemouth and I think he is a she . Can somebody please confirm or deny my suspicion so I can re-adjust the add accordingly . Have look at the spawning tube .
  19. Hi all, new to this site. Was referred to by a mate. I'm after a large male green terror and a pair of eb jack Dempsey or a couple of smaller ones to pair off eventually.
  20. HI everyone, I've now had 2 people say they think one of my males is actually a female so i want to post a couple of pics here asking for everyones opinion. I think it's a male based on its breeding tube being small and pointy, but the fish does have a pearl marking on it's dorsal fin that lends itself to being a female Your thoughts?? breeding tube 20150302-IMG_7501 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr 20150302-IMG_7512 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr pearl on dorsal fin 20150302-IMG_7505 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr 20150302-IMG_7506 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr many thanks
  21. found a couple of these big boys while moving fish out of my ibc, been awhile since i bred any so put a trio together and next minute we have a huge log full of eggs, females aren't much smaller, these were ones i bred a couple years ago,
  22. Hey guys is this jag male? It's about 15 cm and starting to show spotted pattern.
  23. ..I have a pair of bristlenoses - one male and one female which have been together romantically for over a year. They have their little cave and other rock shelters, hiding places. Can I add another female or two? Or will there be problems over territory and guarding eggs/fry?
  24. .Looking for a Male Dovii approx 25cm - 35cm to partner with my Female Dovii.. Will pick up from anywhere North of Sydney.
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