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Found 13 results

  1. .i have 2 mature females looking for 2 mature males please PM me with price and if you will ship to western australia
  2. During summer I put about 20 2cm Bristlenose catties in a pond, when it started getting cold and I noticed the fish in the pond had whitespot I caught all the fish I could find (only 9 bn) and put them in a tank with the temp bumped up above 30, over the next few days all the whitespot died off and I thought nothing more about it until today. I still have 9 bn and they range in size from 4cm to 8cm, then I realised that none of them have bristles... They are all healthy, living with cories and discus, nothing to bite the bristles off. They are also on soft sand and nothing to scrape their noses on. Anyone feel like throwing in their 2 cents? Thoughts?
  3. Hey all, so I got some of those rice fish at the last auction, and they made the bike trip back to my mates fish room all well and good. Now last weekend he noticed that I only have females in there so was wondering if anyone else who bought some got any males? if not does anyone know where to aquire some? Thanks for any help team
  4. A few pics i took tonight of the 2 males in the colony.
  5. I have 5 lombardios they are 5 months old just want to know how long it usually takes for them to mature and change color or do I just have 5 females
  6. . . Pretty new to l's picked these guys up at a petshop as l002 they're about 15-18months old heading on 7cms from my research I believe I've got 3 males due to all looking as though theyve got hairy Tails unless females also get them and all noses looking more pointed, lemme know what the experts think cheers Anthony
  7. I have 2 BIG breeding pairs of bristle nose together. Both makes have developed white patches only on te flesh under their bristles. Girls are fine. Any ideas? Have they just been fighting?
  8. Doing a tank move around and had to catch these guys out. A bit stressed so colour is not the best, but ya get the idea anyway. First up is my main male who has just been put into a tank with probably 70 girls. Should keep him busy!
  9. is it normal for 2 male festaes to share a cave/tunnel that has been dug out under some rocks. they both only just fist in there.
  10. hi all.. is there anyone here has bred OSCAR and V. FENESTRATUS sucesfully ? my oscar pairs had mated and laid heaps of eggs for the second time.. the first batch all failed and covered in fungus in 4days.. now second batch.. heaps of eggs again but they're all looked white (dead).. my fenestratus pair has the same story.. except that this is the 4th times they spawned.. still no good.. question is... are the males useless? ( the females are proven layers )..? or should i just give up breeding and start selling CAVIAR instead? coz in all those 6 attempts i could've collected bout 200grams of caviar. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED
  11. hey all, have got a colony of e/yellows in my main tank along with a trio of maingano. the colony of e/yellows consists of 3m/1f/6juv. The female e/yellow today had her vent protruding and as she was chased by another male an egg fell out. only problem is that none of the males want anything to do with her... i understand i need to remove more males and this may be the cause, but i was wondering was there any other causes which could contribute to this kind of behaviour... normally its the males who are always keen? thanks, trent
  12. Hello all. I recently read an article that stated a way to sex male fish was to identify a vertical bar through the males eye. Now this article was a bit confusing and inconclusive, hence my question. It went on to state that not all males would display this trait, but just because it wasn't present didn't mean the subject was a female, it could also be a male. In other words, If the bar is present, it's a male. If it's not, it could still be male, but more likely female. My question is....True or False? I've included a pic of some of my fish displaying this trait. Any thoughts? Cheers.
  13. Hey guys appreicate any insight here. I have 4 male flamebacks all juvies size currently, except one that is sub adult. The sub adult male is really showing his dominance and the other 3 males are consistently getting chased harrassed etc... I have other tanks in the house wondering if I split these fish up amongst my other tanks how they would go. Tank 1 = Electric Yellow Colony (9)All fish 7-9cm +1 flameback male? Tank 2 = Blue dolphin Colony All Fish (7)7-9cm +1 flameback male? Tank 3 = Maingano Colony All Fish (17) 5-8cm +1 Flameback Male? All Tanks are 4ft x 12" x 15" I was hoping to seperate these guys as soon as possible but waiting to hear your responses. I see no problems here except for maybe the maingano tank but I'm not sure. Thanks for your help in advance. Cheers AussieCanadian
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