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Found 24 results

  1. Hey Guys, Anyone have any of these for sale? , would prefer Juvvies as Id like to grow them.. cheers Gary
  2. Hey everyone, in the past 6 days i've lost 3 of my marbled longfin bristlenose They're about 6cm total and i've found them with the colour drained out but no sign of disease or parasites, their bodies are still firm aswell The water params are 0 amm, 0 nitrite, 30 nitrate, 6.6-6.8pH, 25C. 2 foot tank filtered by a fluval 205 Any ideas? I've only got 9 left :/
  3. I have cut down in my fishroom and ive just about sold all my bn breeders So up for Grabs is a trio of calico/marble bn have breed plenty of times they are 10+cm. Nice markings on them and very healthy. They come with the bn log. $120 Springfield Lakes prefer sms as rarely on forum 0430346026
  4. Hey Guys, Just wondering what the difference is between the two, and how you tell them apart, cheers.
  5. I remember when marble bristlenose used to look VERY different to the garden variety common bristlenose. Over the last few years most of the pics in ads i see of them for sale look pretty much like commons just with the occasional and very mild discolouration to them. So i was at my lfs (Southside Petbarn) today and spotted these beauties. Nice to see there are still some around that actually look like something other than a common and actually justify the extra price tag. Not particularly surprised to find out they came form one of our forum members. Just thought i'd share.
  6. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has seen a true marble bristlenose lately. I see heaps of calico getting passed of as marbles but I have only ever seen one colony of true marbles and I'm not sure if any fry were ever sold. If anyone has seen any or have any I would be keen to get some for a new adventure. I added a photo off the net to show what I am looking for. In the colony I seen some of the fry looked like this, some were brown and red and some had more white with red or brown and every colour in between. Any help appreciated. Cheers mick
  7. Anyone ever heard of these? ?
  8. My marble bn has recently had a really fat belly over the past few days and now she had lost it last night but no sign of eggs anywhere. What has happened?
  9. Bought this bn from someone saying it was a marble but turns out everyone is saying definitely a common. What do you guys think?
  10. A sexy marble BN and a orange spot for good measure.
  11. does anybody have marble or orange spot bn for sale
  12. hey guys was interested in some peppermints, marble bn and orange spot pairs but first of all what is the cost of some of these as pairs thanks Anthony
  13. Hi guys i was thinking on getting some marble bristlenose and was wanting to know if they would be the same as breeding peppermints or other b/n. If you have bred them before please any tips would be great thanks anthony
  14. Here is my pair, the female is a regular Fenestratus and the male is a Marble purchased from FishChicks at Annerly. Hoping to get some nice marbled fry from this pair!
  15. Was looking at getting calcium carb or coral to go into my sump to help buffer my water, problem being I will need around 100-200kg as it is a large system. My question is would limestone or marble tiles and bricks do the same thing as they are much cheaper (from landscape supplies), I could also use them in the tanks not just the sump. Or will the smaller surface area make it less effective. Cheers Steve
  16. http://s1096.photobucket.com/albums/g335/rayray2281/catfish/?action=view&current=DSC01158.jpg
  17. Is this a marbled b/n? Is it a rare colour morph when breeding a common and albino together? Then line bred from there? Like an OB Peacock? (yes, the b/n bug has bitten me hard )
  18. Hey Im no breeder of hybrids at all in any way not sure I even wan2 but in my community tank I'm fairly sure my marble fenny has paired up with a blood parrot ? What the ? They are swimming together and shown sings of normal breeding dug pit, protecting the pit etc Is this possible I'm guessing it is ? What do you end up with ? Or should I separate them and not let this happen? Her tube is coming down as well and advise would be great Thanks in advance Trev
  19. Whats the best way to clean play sand and crushed marble? I',ve been cleaning the sand for the last hour and it seems to be clear but never seems to be perfect. Wouldnt the water clear it self over time in the tank.No fish in there at the moment. Im cleaning the sand and marble in a bucket.
  20. I'm trying to find some marble peacocks between 4-9 cms. If anyone has I am very interested.
  21. Hi Guys Can anyone post pics of marble B/N both short and L/fin I have seen 3 type ? so far 1 x short fin/Dark fish some whitish lines clear belly 2 x short fin/white-ish fish whitish lines clear belly 3 x L/fin white-ish fish smudges of brown/clear brown hope this is clear .. wanting to find out whats out and what we call Marble/calico Cheers Seb
  22. hey guys waslooking into buying some true marble longfins and was wondering if i bred them is there a market out there for selling them. as i never really see or hear of any for sale on this forum other than h2o's recently
  23. Can anyone tell me where I can but Marble chip, calcium carbonate or some form of sand suitable to buffer a Tanganyikan tank, on the Sunshine Coast please ? Thanks
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