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Found 29 results

  1. Saturday MARCH 19th Q.F.A.S. SUPER AUCTION Fish in from 3.30pm TO 6.00pm. Auction starts 5.00pm *** PLEASE NOTE NEW TIMES *** Ambrose Treacy College Kate Street, Indooroopilly http://www.qfas.org/fauctions.htm
  2. Shop owners and Importers, please let us know the outcome?
  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/1024810137577804/1024810147577803/
  4. https://www.facebook.com/events/1024810137577804/1024810147577803/
  5. Sharing this for the Sydney members of the forum. ATTENTION ALL CICHLID LOVERS! Labyrinth Aquarium has a special event coming up for you! We have been given the rare privilege of hosting a world-renowned expert on the family Cichlidae - Anton Lamboj. Details: Wednesday, 9th March, 7pm. Labyrinth Aquarium 16 Ninth Avenue, CAMPSIE Anton hails from Vienna and is the recognised authority on the Cichlids of West Africa. Many of us enjoy the very species he studies as mainstays in our hobby. Genera include Hemichromis (Jewel Cichlids), Steatocranus (Lionhead Cichlids), Pelvicachromis (Kribensis) and many more. He is a dynamic speaker, and will wow the crowd with his impressive wealth of knowledge. Anton's book, "The Cichlid Fishes of WesternAfrica" is a masterpiece. It will be available for purchase on the day,and Anton will be most happy to Autograph it for you. All guests will be given samples of Dainichi foods and free Marine Pure cubes!!! Anton will give two presentations. We will hear from him in a 60 seat lecture room - immediately next door to Labyrinth Aquarium! Between the presentations, guests will enjoy a buffet dinner at Labyrinth Aquarium. And... To tickle the tastebuds even better, there will be foods from all over the world, with traditional West African cuisine as one of the options - delightful flavours which must be tasted to be believed! After the second presentation, we will come back to Labyrinth Aquarium for guests to share in the awesome prize pool we have amassed for you - through the generous help of our sponsors, Aqua Premium and Kong's Australia. Prizes up for grabs include: 1 x Aqua-El 30W UV Steriliser 1 x 300W Aqua-El Gold Heater 2 x Aqua-El Reef Circulator 10,000 2 x 250g Dainichi Foods 1 x Aqua One Nautilus 800 Canister Filter 1 x 300W ThermoSafeHeater 1 x Stellar 380D Air Pump 1 x $100 voucher for Labyrinth Aquarium And more!!!! Registration for the event is $50.00 and may be paid instore prior to the event, or over the phone on 02 8068 4853. PLEASE NOTE: Current financial members of the New South Wales Cichlid Society, including the Illawarra Branch have a 50% registration fee subsidy available to them, funded by the Sydney branch. We're looking forward to seeing you there!
  6. thats right people ......does that mean there will be a new date cos i think the hall will be used as an election office and elections close at 6
  7. Anyone taking advantage of what may be the last of the imports from Germany? Meng(Keysborough), Grant Parkes (ACE Forums), Lloyd Ashton Frontosa? My understanding is that the new import laws are still likely to be imposed as of 1 March this year so I'm assuming that these will be the last lot of imports from Germany prior...Who knows what will happen post 1 March...
  8. The best fish available in the Australian aquarium trade is.. The best fish NOT AVAILABLE in the Australian aquarium trade is.. Submitted by a member - THANKYOU!!!! Please submit any ideas for hot topic to myself via PM
  9. What bred for you this week?
  10. QAH Club Meeting 27th of March @ Williamson Building at Caboolture Showgrounds starts at 7:30.
  11. "Is it time for the clubs to accept Flowerhorns as a legitimate fish in the hobby? i.e. should they be allowed to be entered in shows/ auctions..... " A topic suggested by a member. If you have a topic please send me a PM.....
  12. Is the rise of the number of aquarium pages on Facebook a good thing or a bad thing?
  13. Program for Friday night is Spawning's, Losses and Acquisitions, followed by the Fish of the Month which is Vieja fenestratus both straight and Marbled. We will have some photo’s of the Group trip to Yamba. International Conference on March 14th 2015. Please remember to buy your ticket at the meeting Friday, this is your last chance to book so you don't miss out on the meals !!! Everyone is Welcome. Also our New Web site is up and running http://www.cichlid.org.au/
  14. Hello QLDAF! Here are the specials available in store at Pet City this month: Specials not available online. Club Pricing relates to Pet City's VIP Club. Ends 28/02/15. Only while stocks last. QLDAF Discount does not apply to Fish of the Month. Other individual terms and conditions may apply!
  15. For more info, CLICK HERE
  16. Start uploading your items NOW QLDAF Online Auction March 2104 Have Fun!
  17. Hey Guys n' Gals, Just a quick reminder that the next Betta Australis meeting is next Tuesday, 19th of March at 7:30pm. The meeting will be held at Easts Leagues Club, 40 Main Avenue, Coorparoo . Hope to see everyone there. Pete.
  18. Just a quick reminder that our club meeting is on this Friday 22nd March. QUEENSLAND AQUARIUM HOBBYISTS http://www.qah.org.au MEETING STARTS 7.30 PM 4TH FRIDAY OF EVERY SECOND MONTH STATING IN JANUARY Under the W.D. Williamson Pavillion Caboolture Show Grounds BEERBURRUM RD CABOOLTURE ( UBD MAP 47 REF Q13)
  19. My house was in the floods at goodna last year. i had to rebuild my house nearly, my pool got shafted good and proper weve had the filter at the shop for the last year nearly couldnt be stuffed on getting it fixed plus the $$ situation pools had chlorine dumped in it since jan to keep the bacteria away etc etc. the past 6 months its had nothing dumped into it because of things leaving there babies in the such as frog lizard and dragonflies. my mother wont let me turn the pool into a pond ( dammn !!) so i get the garden surrounding the pool !! here is a few pics i took today so this is my pool area today after a big weed out on wednesday this is the part were we weeded lol and will be digging all the dirt of placing rocks on the start of the garden and building a pond that curves around and trickles onto the square boxed off with sleepers! still more weeding to do its a forest !! getting started on this monstrosity this arvo!! yay digging and getting muddy !!
  20. Does anyone know if the suggested use of tables (at a hire cost) will be happening at this auction for dry goods & possibly plants? Nothing mentioned at last nights cichlid club meeting and for those thinking of attending the 5th May Auction note that that date is the May Long Weekend.
  21. QAH Caboolture Markets Show March 26th & 27th The competition is a fish only competition in which only the fish will be judged. There will be no planted tanks or communities in the competition. If competitors wish to decorate their tank to help keep fish happy then that is up to them. Classes are as follows: 1 Australian & New Guinea Rainbows, Sunfish & Blue Eyes 2 Australian & New Guinea Gobies, Gudgeons, Catfish & AOV Native 3 Goldfish all varieties 4 Livebearers all species 5 Anabandits & Fighters - all species 6 Tetras, Barbs, Danios & Rasboras 7 Catfish 8 African & Asian Cichlids 9 North & Central American Cichlids 10 South American Cichlids 11 AOV Tropical Freshwater 12 Amphibians, Invertebrates & Crustaceans 13 Marine Fish 14 Marine Invertebrates Note : Classes with less than 6 entries will be combined where possible Prizes and Awards Entry Fee - $3.00 per entry. Ist overall - $250.00 2nd overall - $150.00 3rd overall - $100.00 4th overall - $50.00 Certificates for Ist, 2nd and 3rd in each class. Time Table Entries to be installed on Friday 25th March from 6.00pm to 10.00pm and Saturday 26th March from 8.00am to 12.00 noon. Hands out is 12.00 noon Saturday 26th March (All competitors must leave competition area) Judging is from 1.00pm to 5.00 pm Saturday 26th March ( only judges and stewards allowed during judging) Presentation of Prizes and Competitor, Judges BBQ 6.00pm - 10.00pm Saturday 26th March - all competitors and judges welcome. Open to the public 6.00am - 1.00pm Sunday 27st March - Competitors and clubs man stands. Pull down 1.30pm - 6.00pm Sunday 27st March Conditions of entry Entry is open to any person who wishs to enter. Fish and animals will be judged under the current QFAS rules and sizing system and at the same time a new sizing system will be trialed. Entire close Friday 25th March at 10.00pm Entries to be phoned through to either; Cary Bielenberg ph 0407 572 253 or Graeme Day ph 0402 841 627. Entry Fee payable before entry is installed. Equipment supplied includes stands,lights, power supply, and air supply. Competitors must supply own aquariums, heaters, filters and power board if needed. Aquarium sizes acceptable are: 2 foot tanks -600mm length x min 300 to max 450mm width x min 330 to max 380mm Height (min 24"x 12" x 13" upto max 24" x 18" x 15") - There are a small number of 2 foot tanks available for competitors use, these will be made available on a first come basis. 3 foot tanks - 900mm length x min 380 to max 450mm width x 450mm height (36" x 15" x 18" up to 36" x 18" x 18") max of 15 spaces available. 4 foot tanks - 1220mm length x 450mm width x 450mm height (48" x 18" x 18") max of 6 spaces available. If you wish to use either 3ft or 4ft tanks make sure you call ahead as there are limited numbers of spaces available and these will be handed out on a first come first served basis. No free standing displays accepted. Maximum of two (2) competitive Entries per tank. You are allowed other fish in the tank to improve the display or to keep the entered fish from stressing. Fish to be judged must be nominated by competitor. No best in tank accepted. Nominated fish MUST be measured by the stewards before installing in tank otherwise a maximum of 15 points will be awarded for size irrespective of the size of the fish. Where permits are required for display of the species then copies of said permits must be given to the stewards before installation of entry. It is the responsibility of the competitor to provide supporting documentation to the stewards prior to installation of the entry. Where new/rare species are entered this is extremely important. All entries must be removed between 1.30pm and 6.00pm on Sunday 27th March All care is taken with entries, but QAH accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages incurred during the show. INTERCLUB CHALLANGE At the same time as the Caboolture Market Show is happening there will also be an InterClub Challange taking place. This will be open to ALL Clubs Clubs can nominate up to 7 fish, that their members have entered into the show. Nomination of fish to be done prior to Judging. At the end of Judging the scores for these fish will be used to deterine the winner of the Challenge. The way this will be done is to remove the highest and lowest scoring fish from each clubs nominated fish and total the remaining with the highest total being the winner. Clubs will also be allowed to put up posters advertising their club and have club members man the stand on the Sunday to promote their club to the public. Handing out brochures etc. Remember that the Caboolture Markets are one of the largest Markets in S.E.Qld. For more details contact: Cary Bielenberg ph: 0407 572 253 or Graeme Day 0402 841 627. Graeme
  22. Meeting Topics Geoff from Aqacenta will be talking on the subject of Water quality and the best use of UV and Ozone sterilisers. Geoff has been keeping many types of fish for many years and has a wealth of knowledge on the topic. So if you have questions about improving water quality this is the man to talk too. Our second programme will be Spawnings, Losses and Acquisitions. This has always been good for lively discussion and if you have had any problems let us know and maybe we can help sort them out for you. (only fish problems please!)" Fish of the month will be Pseudotropheus acei. Plus general club business
  23. Just a reminder about the meeting on Friday 4 March. Starts at 8.00pm Location - Bar Jai Hall, 178 Alexandra Rd, Clayfield. New facebook page for QGC https://www.facebook.com/pages/Qld-Cichlid-Group-QCG/201848673159828?ref=ts
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. This month has been nicer than February and two excelent trips of life filled blue warm water were had out of the four to get our own marine aquarium life forms as the club has done since the 1920s. We took underwater pics and a lot of fantastic videos of all kinds of marine life in some very nice conditions for the collecting trip threads. These are just a couple of the pics copied from the clubs site collecting trips to promote the club and show how lucky we are here in the south east to catch our own marine aquarium fish and inverts,plus catch a cray or two and spear a few eating fish for dinner as we go along sometimes. The interacting with marine life on scuba to look or snorkel to collect is not just to make our marine aquarium hobby very cheap,but gives us an insite into how these creatures actualy live their lives to give us a broad understanding of how to keep them and acheive excelent out comes for our display tanks. If it wasn't for clubbies adding more tanks to the hobby,toxic substances,equipment and power failures along the way our collecting trips would be far less to the places where the roughly 12 local commercial collectors go to and some that we know of and they do not,to supply the shops with unlike us,what you buy. On average this month the water was extremely good with at best 40 metres down to 8 metres vis, 26c average water temps and with some very careful planning and watching on coming conditions and some connections at these spots to give us the exact conditions at the time and their changes helps us work out some top trips amongst conditions where you would not normally think you could get it this good. These are a few pics from this month which included a cyclone copied over to here. The water this day was so warm at 26c that there was no need for wesuits. A couple of the clubbies in very early on this trip. A slightly unusual akindinos,heaps around this year as well as many latezonatus. A very young moorish idle just out of its transparent stage,we don't normally bother with these but when we find one in a no coral area they are very easy to keep in the aquarium. Another semi,that a clubby brought the cake and bickies as a swap to the next meeting for this one caught for him. A nice humbug pic,no one wanted it as with most of these unless some one is starting a tank and we don't use these for that anyway. One of three bannana wrasse seen this month in one very easy spot to collect them,the single was taken and the pair near by was left behind,next time one of the clubbies may want another so they will stil be there,some spots we go to,very few people know of. A few of the many millions of tube worms we have seen this year so far,no one is botherd propergating (breeding) them at the moment. Several imperators this year are around but few to no one wants them as they are not a good idea in a reef tank. A puffer (bloat) not happy with being out of the water,no one wanted it so it was put back,we got mark one a while back but he has a huge tank. The smallest blue tang seen that day so it was enough of them. A cute little volitan,lots around again especialy the zebras,we must have seen two to three hundred this month. The smaller ocy of the two collected recently. One of the local frogfish,only a mother could love that face.
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