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  1. So I just bought my first marine tank and I have no idea what I'm doing! Haha I managed to pick up an aqua one mini reef 120. Nice looking little tank and I'm pretty excited to try my hand at marine. Can anyone point me in the right direction for information on setting up my first salt tank? Also I'm not too far from the ocean, is there any reason I can't get water direct from the source? Does anything have to be done to make sea water safe for aquarium use? And how long can I store it for water changes? Thanks guys I look forward to reading your comments.
  2. Another month or so has past since the last thread to promote our Brisbane marine aquarium club and as usual we have had some wonderful low tide walks and free dive collection trips for our marine aquarium pets. The aandtsociety.org.au has had some top adventures over the years with in the clubs organised field trips and has been doing these fields trips for both freshwater species and reef life since 1927 from when the club was first formed. As most know we are only marine/reef keepers these days, though a few of us keep fresh water as well and over recent years the trips have become totally directed at enjoying the marine diversity that is achieved by the rare convergence of both tropical and temperate marine life forms here allowing us to get our own, sometimes a little unique marine life for the hobby of reef keeping. This is a little more of what we do on organised club trips. The south east sites we go to normally have some friendly stone fish to greet us on trips. One of the many varied zoanthids seen and collected,some of the guys like to keep them in the display tanks. This year will be called a year of copper bands-chelmon rostratus, they seem to be everywhere from this breeding season. Of course the global warming temps these days around the south east are contributing to the enormity of marine aquarium life over recent years,unlike the past From low tide rock pool club trips and some times at free dive trips, there are always heaps of lawn mower blennies-istiblennius meleagris around to choose that particular one or three for the tank to help with clean up, they are good workers!
  3. on the weekend go a 4ft bay tank and stand that is now going to be my new marine tank just have to sand the stand and stain it all so go lots off live rock it all came out off a 6ft so its in 2 tanks until I get this up and running got to get a sump and plum it in
  4. Hi all, I setup a 40x40x30d marine tank for my wife around 7 years ago with the view to upgrading if i could keep it alive. Well the time has come albeit a bit late but it going to be done slowly so hints and tips are greatly appreciated. The tank is 80lx40wx60d. Lighting is an 18w green element from AOA It has some base rock and texas holey rock at the moment that will be added too. Filtration is an 800lph Otto internal at the moment as I'm only cycling slowly Ok so question time I was looking at overhead filters, thoughts? Or cannister filter, do I need uv? I am only having morphs and whatever comes on the liverock I buy and transfer from the other tank. Do I need a protein skimmer?, i really don't want one. Can I use K1 in a marine tank and is it setup the same. I don't want to spend a fortune so budget ideas would be good but nothing from eBay. Cheers mick
  5. I'm buying an established marine aquarium from a friend who is moving interstate, I'm looking for an aquarium removalist, preferably someone who can hold the tank contents overnight as there is quite a bit of plumbing involved. Tge tank is located in Ashmore on the gold coast and I live near movie world a distance of about 10 k's. Can anyone recommend a company or know how I could manage it with just the w of us? There is nothing artificial in the tank, all corals both hardcand soft are live.
  6. What's this just found it in my live rock holding tank not the best pic hard th get as its at the back off the tank
  7. All the best toys go to Marine. The test kits are cool, and also damn expensive. Can you get replacement chemicals for test kits. I believe my tests kits are too old, and not giving true readings. I just want chems for Redsea as I have all the cool toys that come in the box. Thanks, Steve
  8. Long time no see qldaf.... Thought i would do a build thread of my new marine tank here. Have just moved to the dark side after doing freshwater my whole life and have jumped into the deep end with this system. It is 8x1000x2.5 with a 4x3 growout and 4x3 racetrack sump attached. Its going to be a fowlr system and am currently looking at the following stocking: Lined sweetlip Slingjaw wrasse Barramundi cod Threadfin snapper Miniata grouper Cheeklined maori wrasse Emperor angel Sohal tang Painted lobster Whitemouth moray 2x mask ray Blue spotted ribbontail ray Bluegrey carpet shark i currently have a 4x2 quarantine running as i wait for the display tank to arrive in the coming weeks. And here is the stand, growout and sump
  9. Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can help treat this injury on my sweetlip? It started out as a scrape which i didnt take much notice of as i thought it would heal naturally, however it has worsened quite quickly and almost looks fungal or some sort of external parasite... There is currently a painted lobster in the aquarium so i cant use many medications so really looking for an ID at this point and may look at moving the lobster to another aquarium to medicate.
  10. After getting more interested in my tropical tanks at home, I'm thinking about a small marine tank. I've always loved them, but believed them to be too much effort for what I'm prepared to put in. Anyone able to give a quick overview on how much work is involved - water change frequency, hardware costs, fish/coral cost and lifespan, etc, etc. The Techden has a great little (nano?) setup on their counter with a tiny little tang (I think?) which looks cool. To me, just like plants in a tropical tank, coral/rock is what makes a marine tank, so definitely interested in learning about coral. TIA!
  11. Im visiting brisbane briefly next week and would like to check out some lfs with decent marine sections. Can anyone recommend some for me? Can possibly have a look in sunshine coast area as well. Cheers Gary
  12. Thinking of changing up the media in my fx5 a bit. Currently have macropore in one 1L marine pure spheres in the 2nd and noods in the 3rd. Was thinking I might swap out the noods for either more marine pure or some K1. But I have not used K1 before. I am interested to hear what you guys think. Cheers
  13. Hello QLDAF! Here at Pet City Mt Gravatt we are running a promotion for a week as part of our Marine Madness May. Buy 2 Corals and get 1 for free* *cheapest Check out the poster below for any T&Cs. So come visit us at Pet City Mt Gravatt - 224 Wishart Rd.
  14. We had the Eheim range of foods arrive on Friday and have a good selection of green foods for herbivores and also something for the omnivores. Eheim Professional Fish Food - for Freshwater, Marine Fish and Shrimp Eheim Professional Fish Food - has been made mainly of natural and fresh ingredients. It is more digestible, less pollutants, less waste and contains proteins, fatty acids and vitamins to make your fish look their best. Eheim food come in both pellets and flake with their range catering for all types of fish including Tropical, Native, Cichlids, Catfish and Shrimp as well as Marine fish as well. Here is a link to click on and check out. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Eheim_Fish_Food_s/2321.htm
  15. Just bought a litre of these from AOA. Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 1.5" Spheres 1 litre Guys just installed these in the 2213 under my Central American tank. Can't wait to see how they work. One big advantage I can see over the Biological media that comes stock in an eheim is that I wont have to go hunting for all the hundreds of little ceramic balls at the bottom of the bucket when I do my filter cleans. Think I might pay you guys a visit and get some more for my other tanks. Anyone else using these amazing little spheres yet ? Great value for money to compared to things like K1 media.
  16. Just wondering apart from the price is there much difference between Bakki Balls ( bacteria House ) and Marine Pure Spheres or do they both do the same thing as they both say they have huge surface area
  17. I have been racking my brain to work out what to get the mrs for chrissy, i was thinking of starting up my fluval spec v 19l tank again to grow mosses and some small FW fish but then i saw pics of fluval spec v's that had been converted to marine to nano reef tanks so i thought, while it may be a late present im sure the mrs would LOVE a nano reef in the bathroom. So now, here comes the questions. Filtration, Im assuming the inbuilt pump and filtration isnt suitable for a reef tank, from some light research it seems live rock and sand is a big part of filtration on a marine tank. What do i do for filtration for such a small tank? Lighting, the stock lights are fairly low on these, for a 19l what kind of lighting would i need? Live stock, im planning on using some small corals, tube worms, christmas worms or something along those lines and if possibly some inverts and 2-3 small colorful fish, gobies, blennys or something like that. This will be my first venture into marine so the more advice here the better
  18. Hi all I sold my fish and my daughter cried after comming from school without seeing her nemo ;( so I decided to restart with no fish tank to ler her care for it for awhile here is the tank with left over rock and 2 snails, 2 tiny shrimps and 2 star fish question is that can I remove external skimmer and run only the built in filter with weekly water change? Thanks
  19. Hi there Would anyone have the contact number for the diver who used to live in Manly Qld and sold marine fish out of his garage? We are getting back into marine and have lost his contact details, I know he was moving to new premises... OR does anyone know contact details for cheap live rock? Al & Lisa
  20. Hi all so I acquireds a marine setup andhave been playing around with it for a bit just thought I share a few progress pics .....
  21. Hi there, I've jumped into the hobby for the first time and decided to go right for the marine nano (90 Ltr) with sump and proline skimmer. I've had the water cycling for a few weeks and have added live rock along the way with a few more pieces still to come to give me a good platform for corals etc down the track. I started the cycling with some new tank stabilisation and have been checking all of the usual levels a couple of times a week and had no issues so I decided to jump the gun and add a couple of coral banded shrimp and a piece of hammer coral....the hammer coral seems to come out after a while when the light is on and looks great but it looks a little "average" when the light is off (see photo - top middle of rock stack)....is this normal? The shrimp are doing ok so far but I'm concerned they aren't getting enough food with the filter sweeping up anything that's floating around fairly quickly....are there any suggestions on how to ensure the shrimp are properly fed (I'm putting in half a cube of frozen brine shrimp each morning)? In relation to testing, if any of the parameters come up outside of the healthy tolerances, is it as simple as changing say 20% of the water on a weekly basis to sort it out or should I have a range of other supplements at hand to treat it? I'll include a photo of the tank as it stands and will provide updates as I go but any suggestions or advice on how I should progress with creating a healthy environment for the corals and subsequent fish would be appreciated.
  22. Hi all, i put some chemiclean into my reef tank today and added an air stone as per the instructions. Now my wife has decided she likes the look of the bubbles under the moon light so, could I keep it in there permanently? I've done a bit of research and everything I read that are potential issues is disproved with a counter argument, the same as most things in reef keeping lol. The only thing that I can see happening is salt creep which shouldn't affect me as the water level is over 10cm lower than the tank. Does anyone have any first hand experience? Thanks in advance. Cheers mick
  23. After the nano reef was neglected throughout the hot summer months, I finally found the time & decided to lift my reefing game I call these my poor man's Tongan rhodactis - they still look pretty sweet though DSC_0057a by bugman2494, on Flickr Clowns protecting their nest underneath the xenia forest zzDSC_0278zz by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0249 by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0029a by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0042a by bugman2494, on Flickr Enjoy, John
  24. I know that this have been discussed before but just wander who is servicing this tank so that I can learn It is in Sunnybank shopping center next to commonweath bank perfect shape and size to me, just need to find a bigger house anyone know its spec, width length, lights and filter systems to educate us? And what is this fish, look like it loves to eat algae
  25. Hi all, I just got my first marine tank, just fill water with some old sand and some live rocks. No fish yet, only have a snail, and a shrimp, which temperature I should keep the tank? Any other tips please. Thanks in advance.
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