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Found 16 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. What can I say, Fluval have done their homework on the new range of the Fresh and Plant LED lights. The previous Aqualife and Plant were great lights but they have set the mark and come forward with some great improvements. I have been waiting for these lights to hit Australia since I saw the release in the US market and I could not wait. Normally a new model will have a bit of new shine to an older model but they have gone to town. They only landed in Australia in the last couple of days and we are expecting our stock Tuesday - I am hoping for Monday. So what is the big deal? Well I will leave the most impressive for last but here is what they have done... They have improved the lumens with up to 50% on the previous and naturally this has a small effect on increasing the wattage - nothing major but there is an increase. They have gone to a nice neat soft touch control on the top of the light to give a better personal experience on lighting and making the most of their 5 unique LEDS with full spectrum exposure. You can still rely on the German Engineered light with 3 year warranty. The lights are IPX7 waterproof, splash em - no problem, even accidentally drop it in your tank and you will still be safe. On the two foot model they have not changed the 24"-36" but they have catered for what so many people were asking for on the 36" light. The old model was 36"-46" which was just short of fitting on a 4 foot tank and so many people would say to me "wouldn't it have been nice if it went to 48" and fitted on a 4 foot tank" Well they must have heard as the new model is 36" extendable to 48" and will now nicely fit on a 122cm 4 foot tank. Thanks Mr Fluval. Finally and as I am a gadget person they have added WiFi compatibility - but do not get too excited just yet - it is a "ADDITIONAL ACCESSORY (AVAILABLE SEPARATELY):" and eagerly await its release. Not only will it work on the Apple OS it will also work on the Android OS. If you get too excited and get two of the 2.0 lights - yes it will control two lights. Can't wait for these to rock in the door and just a couple more sleeps... Oh and if you thought that all these massive improvements would come with massive increase in price - your wrong...even with the Aussie dollar doing as poorly as it currently is... Big thumbs up from me....nice work Mr Fluval. For more information please visit the two links below to our website and remember - if your keen pop your email address in the top right hand side where it says "email me when in stock" so we can shoot you an email as soon as they are available and be one of the first to own the new Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0 2 foot Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0 Full Spectrum 46w LED 36"-48" 3 foot Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0 Full Spectrum 46w LED 36"-48"
  3. As the title suggests, Spencer Jack will be making a guest appearance at tonights QCG meeting and will be talking on Fish Farming Around the World.
  4. <BR><BR>Big shout out to the people they gave up a couple of hours after work this afternoon to help me relocate the 8x2.5x2.5, massive thankyou to [MENTION=10961]M&J Fabulously Fish[/MENTION] [MENTION=11301]Lictoga[/MENTION] [MENTION=5820]N13det[/MENTION] anyone else i've missed as i don't know your username, thanks so much to you guys really appreciate it could not have done it with out you. Once again calling for help on QLDAF has been a success. The tank is all setup now and the pbass, red devil and his little yabbie friend have been relocated into it... Time to find more tank mates hmmmm maybe a ray finally
  5. hi all, i know i havent been on for awhile so i thought i would give you a big update at what iss going on in the world of fish at my place. well i have been breeding b/n i have 2 sets now. its sad that i lost all but one from my first pairing up but it was my mistake, i have changed a few things an hope this time it works. i'm looking into setting up a very large tank in the garage to put both pairs of b/n into an all their fry. at the moment they are split into two tanks an poor old tude hasnt got his tank cause of sonny an middy (male an female longfin) an a pair of blue rams that are possably breeding. the 3f is doin well, i have a pair of kribs that is breeding, thanks to t.p. who gave me a couple of caves for them. they did lay in the skull but she ate them again, however i think it might of been to light for them an i also move the skull a little so i could see into it. i dont think she liked that to much. but anyways they love their new homes. i had a fish that i didnt know what it was only to find out that it was a danio, it was harrasing the onlly guppy so i ended up getting a gold longfin an a leopard danio for it ( did have to take the guppy out for a couple of days for it to leave her alone tho) that same day i picked up two butterfly rams ( got these guys from the guys at rocklea.. awsome shop an great guys). i finnaly have a sailfin (again from rocklea. very good price) its name is spot ( the lovely other halfs idea.. lol) when its big enough it will be going in with tude when he gets his tank back. bit of great news my honey gourami ended up pairing up an breeding. i have ended up with a few fry an they are doing very well (i did take them out of the 3f as soon as i saw that they were breeding) so now i'm trying my hand an breeding betta, i have 2 males an two female (i just wanted bettas an wasnt thinkin bout it till the other half bought home a female). i have a veiltail, an a super delta crown tail (possably, my sister had said) the two girls are combs an one looks to be almost a halfmoon. betty (the first female i got) has breed with the veil tail twice, the first time they didnt many eggs an they wearnt locking properly, the second poduced quite a few but he ended up eating them. so i'm not sure what i'm doing. but will figger it out. i know they are hardish to breed. the other female isnt ready to breed yet. she will be put over dragon (crown tail). as for tude lee an him play together. its really sweet an funny. lee says that tude isnt his fish but really, i just do the water changes now. lee is the one who feeds him. when tude gets moved i think lee will miss him being next to the couch ( as tude is now.) they play hide n seek when lee will put someing up so tude cant see him an tude will slowly creep out to see where lee is. tude will also flare up when lee puts his face up to the tank, so tude is very much lees fish. lol i was going to put tude in the 4f tank when we move but decided not to as tude an lee will be lost without each other. also the way lee feeds him, i think that tude wouldnt do well. so its been decided that tude will be in a tank with a pleco. (when the pleco, spot at this stage, is to big it gets moved to a bigger tank an another one put in its place. when we move i've got a few ideas for the 4f tank. i'm either thinking on a saratoga with oscer, catfish an plecos or going for smaller cichlids simmlar to tude. the brother inlaw has a heap of slate that i can have so that will be part of it. i'm thinking on getting rid of most of my mollies as i need the room for other fish. an still havent done anything with the goldfish except 4 went to lees dads place for a small pond he has. both are healthy an doing well other wise. i did have the yoyo loaches in the 3f to get rid of the apple snails but they didnt do a thing.. grrrr... but the snails have turned into an advantage, ive thrown some into the ICB an also into the betta tanks an a coupple of others. when they get to big outside they go till winter. well that all i can think of for now. i guess if you have questions or ideas you'll post up. lol when i get the chance i'll try to post some pics for you all. anyways got to do water changes now ( 8 tanks, big an small lol, an maybe the ICB will get a small one to, but thats the easiest. ) thanks for reading
  6. A 2kg bucket $119.95 And thats BEFORE your 10% qldaf discount! Age of Aquariums - Ocean Nutrition Tropical Wafers 2kg Bucket Why should you care? Well there is only one other large sinking wafer/tablet style predator product of a comparable quality on the market, and its around the same price for only 1kg! Now its a good food, theres no arguing it. But so is this new wafer from Ocean Nutrition. So what does it mean to be an ocean nutrition product? Well it means the same standard of product manufacture thats applied to foods intended for human consumption. Which means high qualilty ingredients to ensure rapid growth, excellent health, optimal colour, good conditioning of breeding stock AND highly palatable for even the fussiest and most spoilt pet fish. Even better the ocean nutrition wafer pellet has signifigantly less ash content, which means its more digestable. And more digestable means less crap coming out the other end for you to clean up! Want to spoil your rays and recondition females after birthing? It sinks fast and chews up nicely. Like big KOK's on ya flowerhorns, red devils and peacock bass? Well this food has a higher fat content, making nuchal humps develop faster AND bigger, on the same amount of food. You want bulk food that stays fresh? Well this comes in a sturdy bucket with an air tight seal. Meaning the goodness stays in and the last pellet is as good as the first! Keep MASSive CarIVOREs? Want MASSive savings on the food bill? Well Hik-Hik-Hooray!!! Because the eagle has landed my friends..... and I got my bucket put aside. Big predators deserve the best. Something all the monster fish keepers on here know all too well! A quality food for half the price? Thats gotta mean its time to buy more fish!
  7. Thank you so much shon982 and Donny@ageofaquariums for your patience and advice as I stressed about moving my fish from Brisbane to Mackay. I am currently sitting in front of my tank of very happy fishies, everyone survived the trip, all 14+ hours of driving. They have been set up since Sunday, so feeling confident now Details of the process and photos to come, but if I can just say the Mariner Battery Powered Air Pumps I purchased from Age of Aquariums, were still running when I turned them off, after 36 hours. Duracell Ultra batteries, got to love them. Have a great Friday everyone.
  8. Just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANKS to mike aka [MENTION=2664]cichlidwife[/MENTION] for the awesome stand I picked up today! Thanks mate!!!!!! I've already started work on it to re-stain it a darker cedar colour to match our furniture. ah the fun of sanding stain off makes me miss working in a 2pac spray shop, doing the prep work -sanding, bogging, blocking it back in the corners etc and getting everything smooth as a baby's backside! it's a mission but I love it and times no issue as I have time off waiting for my daughter to be born , but ill get straight back into it in the am and ya never know might be done by tomorrow night Thanks again Mike you really are a legend! cheers Mike
  9. Hello all. I'm new to keeping and breeding fish. Recently I have purchased a property with a large breeder tank. It has been not in operation for at Least a couple of years. It is a long narrow tanks on a stand, approximately 5 meters long by 50 cm wide and a height of 15 cm. there are two rows of these. I'm in the process of filling them up and there are no leaks. Came with some water filters and air pumps and thermos. I would like to ask a question to all those who breed fish what they think would be a worthwhile fish to breed. I'm seeking a fish that sells well, but also requires not too much complications. I have this asset and I might as well make use of it. Otherwise I could sell the tank setup. Any ideas for breeds of fish and how much complications are assosciated would be appreciated.
  10. Hey guys, This tank will be for my step father in his new house. I'm getting quotes on a 6,8 and 10 x 2.5 x 2 I was thinking for stocking I'd like to see something like this: Gulf Saratoga Salmon Tail Catfish - 3 Australian Lung Fish - 1 (only if possible) Blue Nosed Trout - 2 To me that doesn't seem a big enough list but they are massive fish so I'm not sure. I need some of the natives buffs info as I've never played with the fish in our backyard before and I have no idea of who fights with who ect. Cheers for your input guys. Maybe just throw up your 'dream' stocklist for a tank of that size and I can go from there Cheers, Sam
  11. Picked up my tank today from FJ, not only had he done a supurb job on re-building it, he did it for free and he added braces to the bottom. Huge thanx mate, just filled it up and it looks great. Will post pics in the plant section soon.
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  13. been rushing around for the last four day trying to get my nitrates down spiked way above my test kit. done heaps of 50% wc fish seemed more stress by my intense meddling with thier house. finnaly today i decide to read my test kit intructions tests for total nitrate (nitrate + nitrogen) soo the flourish i had dumped in to get some plants going was the cause it was me dohhhh any body else know about this
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