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Found 25 results

  1. Today I had the pleasure to meet [MENTION=313]ssdiscus[/MENTION]. I picked up 5 more Discus from him to add to my Ray tank. The tank they're in is pretty scratched up so it's hard to get good pics. Apparently I'm one of the only people keeping Discus and Rays together
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  3. Please help with suggestions! Have recently upgraded from multiple small tanks to a 4x2x2 planted tank.. Current tank mates include a dwarf gourami, an angle, 2 Bala sharks, 3 serpae tetras, 6 cherry barbs and a bristle nose.. Everyone seems to get along fine ... Problem is the tank lacks something .. Colour, personality?? So I am looking for suggests on a 'feature' fish/fishes which would work in the current community but add a little something ... Open to all suggestions .. Especially something usual or quirky!! Thanks in advance
  4. hey everyone i've been out of fish for over a year now and just cant seem to leave behind the aquarium life. thinking of getting back into it but staying away from fish for now and start on something else. thinking of a shrimp aquarium as they are some interesting little things. just want to see what everyone's set up and shrimp is like. i will most likely be keeping yellow cherries and red bee shrimps (in separate tanks) SHOW US YA SHRIMP!
  5. Just wondering what would be a good tank mate for my toga li, he's 20-25cm on pellets and blood worm. Keeping clear of lives, currently in pretty empty 4x2x2 with one gold spot pleco around 25 cm. got good sump filtration setup, will be upgrading tanks as he/she grows and don't want a over crowded tank
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Just wanted to give Scott http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/hareysfish-156/ a bit of a wrap on here. Got some nice lil africans sent down from Gladstone. Good price, shipped well and all quality fish. Never had fish shipped before but it was all too easy I would recomend him for sure to anyone looking for some nice malawi's.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. unsure. others have said eb female but I'm not convinced so I posted for you peoples are you know more than me
  10. Hey guys might need some help with lifting my tank, anybody live in or near wynnum who could help out for 15 mins tonight about 6ish to lift up a few stairs it's a 5x2x2.. There is myself and the guy that is delivering it but was just hoping 1 more could help out.. Thanks muchly Steven
  11. hey, im thinking of getting a tankmate for my leichardti, it is roughly 30cm.. im wanting to get an oscar roughly the same size, maybe a bit smaller. will there be anything problems? has anyone ever kept the 2 together before? love to hear your opinions/ experiences cheers
  12. Just wondering on some thoughts to put in with my tapajos. I just had severums in with them and was thinking of letting them breed for a while but after that what would do good with them. Different tpye of geo? Any ideas would be good cheers.
  13. im looking at buying a juvi murry cod and was wondering what fish if any can go with them?
  14. My Oscar is about 9" SL now and im thinking of getting a new tank mate for him. The tank is 4x2x2.5 and was wondering what a good tank mate would be, i thought maybe an eel? im after something interesting. Any suggestions?
  15. My Oscar is now pushing 9" (SL) and is currently in a 4x2x2.5 with a sail fin pleco and 3 silver dollars, i will be doing a complete re-scape soon and im thinking i might take the silver dollars and pleco out and get something new. I thought maybe a turtle, or an eel. has anyone done this, do u guys think that an Oscar would get alone with a turtle or an eel? all suggestions of other species are welcome. thanks....
  16. My lovly misses bought me a Spangled Gudgeon yesterday for my b'day, how lucky am I. Anyways all is going well, bit spooked as is any new fish but the snakehead gudgeon seems to have taken a real liking to the new addition and seems to rub along side of the spangled when they are swimming at the top and then then the snakehead will sit on top of (mount?) the new spangled gudgeon. The spangled does seem to have a large belly... Is it possible that they are trying to get it on? or is it a territorial thing or what? any help with this would be appriciated, not a huge dellema as they both seem to be very relaxed and not stressed. Cheers.
  17. hi, My mates frontosa started doing barrel rolls and went nuts and died suddenly within 2 minutes, the same happened to his electric blue 2 weeks ago. His nitrate is a touch high at 30 ppm, everything else is fine. can you HELP him please. Cheers Aaron.
  18. Hi All, I have recently posted about what to feed my mangrove jack and now I have another question. I need to put some catfish in to help keep the tank clean. As he is only 5 cm at the moment was thinking of just putting in some large bristlenose. What are your thoughts???? Cheers Dale
  19. Hello All I want some advises for my tank. I have 5x2x2 tank with the following cichlids in it 1 male Saulosi 7-8cm 1 Female saulosi 5cm 6 Electric Yellow 5-6cm 1 male Kingsizie 6-7cm 1 Male Alfa Cobwe 6-7cm 1 Male Elongatus Chewere 7-8cm 2 Male Pindani (Albino) 6-7cm 1 Male Tangerine peacock 8cm 1 Male Dragon Blood peacock 5cm 1 Red peacock 5.5cn 1 Yellow Peacock 7cm 1 Male Electric Blue 6cm 1 Five bars Tret (sex?) 5.5cm 1 Male Exasperatus 5cm Now, Im thinking to get Pseudotropheus demasoni but knowing that they are very aggressive and don't know should I or should't I get them. If, I going to get them which one in the tank should I get rid off? Is the female are less aggressive than the male? Your help and advises will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  20. Hi im after some opinions on what i could keep with my texas. I have a male texas thats about 12cm in a 4x2x2, there are also 2 small convicts and a pleco in there. Was wanting to put another fish in there that will grow to similar size as texas and will be able to stick up for it self. Want something that is abit colourful to. Any ideas of what i should put in there to try and buddy them up before texas gets to big? Thanks Pete
  21. i am getting my venustus collony . Are venustus ok in with pepermint bristlenose . there is plenty of wood to hide in???
  22. prob a stupid question but do tropheus mate in there family will sis mate with bro??
  23. Hi, can i keep maingano with pindani in a same tank?? tank size is 3x18x18, 9 pindani (2m 7f) ~9-12cm and 4 maingano 8-10cm. both breeding. Thanks
  24. hi i have been told that i can keep neon tetras with electric yellows is this true or will they eat them. i want a small colony of adult electric yellows in a 2.5ft tank and a few neons for a bit more colour is this ok. any help would be appreciated thanks all.
  25. Hi all, I have a 6x18x18 with a divider in between. I have a colony of 10 pindani at 1 side and 14 electric yellow in another, the yellow are between 6-8cm. i am planning to get a colony of 12 electric blue (1m 11f) and can i have them in with the yellow?? the maleis ard 10cm and the female are ard 8cm, will is be ok to have 26 fish in a 3x18x18 space? will they "kill" each other? Thanks in advance.
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