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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys I was wondering wether I could have a bit of someones filter material/sponge/whatever. I have finally got my tank up and running again and don't particularly want to to go through a cycle again. I live in Jindalee, so if anyone close by wants to donate some established muck that would be great haha!
  2. Hi all, I am putting some algae remover in my aquarium and it says to remove any absorbent material (such as activated carbon) from the filter. Would either bionood, or ceramisub or aqua nova NRC-1 be considered absorbent material? My understanding is all of these are biological? Thanks
  3. Hi all, Just wondering what books people would suggest on tropheus/Tanganyikans. I have seen aqualog mentioned along with Ad konings tang cichs in their natural habitat. Just wondering if anyone has opinions on these 2 or suggestions for any others. On a side note if anyone has a copy they would be willi g to part with please let me know. Thanks Trav
  4. Hi all My brother in law purchased a new hood for his 5x2x2 tank yesterday, its advertised as a pine hood upon looking at it it seems the sides and front are pine but the top looks like its MDF laminated. Whyi say that is the edges are routed round and the material looks like MDF and taking the door flap off looks like the hinges are screwed into MDF. Is this normal, hard to tell with mine as its painted black but looking at another store in Melb it appears the tops are MDF
  5. As anyone had anything to do with Aqua-Pure cut to fit Filter Pads? We have a Hardware store here in Roma that as started to stock aquarium supplies and they have 3 Aqua-Pure filter pads available PolyFiber (white) Charcaol Activated (black) and a Tan coloured one that is supposed to breakdown/remove Ammonia build up. They come in 18"X10" sizes and you just cut to size. http://hbhpet.com/consumer/products.html?page=shop.browse&category_id=8 Adrian
  6. Hi Could someone please tell me how long the useful life is of the white mesh type filer material that's used in filetrs? I have been washing mine out under the tap each week and now its starting to look a bit tatty...
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