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Found 60 results

  1. Keen on stocking my 8x2x2 with some P Bass Juvies. What tank mates do you all suggest? Im new to any thing other then Africans, any info and suggestions appreciated
  2. Does anyone have an idea what tankmates would be suitable with Fuscotaeniatus
  3. Hey Guys, I am thinkin of introducing some tank mates for my Tropheus... I have Bemba, Kariza, Lufubu and Annectens ... They are in different tanks just to keep things interesting, I would like to add some other chichlids with them... Any suggestions ? I have seen people keeping Electric Yellows etc in the same tanks.. If I can find other Tangs, that would be better.. However an Africa would do...Thanks guys...
  4. Any ideas on good tank mates for barra 2 foot long
  5. Hi I'm getting a baby Oscar very soon he will be about 6cm when I pick him up just wondering what tank mates will I be able to put him with. He'll be in a 180 litre. Red Devil? Jaguar? Any suggestions will help, thanks. Btw this is my first post
  6. Hi All, I've just found this site and am new to keeping fish. I have a Green terror about 12cm long by himself in the tank at the moment but I am looking at getting him a tank mate. I was looking for some suggestions on some suitable mates for him? Thanks
  7. Once again 2 of our great sponsors have impressed me while doing the rounds with a long time friend from S.A.After looking at the clean healthy tanks at Marine mates it was time to talk sumps chemicals and lights.Well how nice it was to have someone who knows what they are talking about without trying to bull**** or upsell and explain to my mate who is no beginner by any means but a bit out of his depth with the progress in technology in keeping marines in todays society.Must say the time we spent there was well worth the trip and would like to thank the staff member as well as the owner for making it such a pleasure to visit.After hopping around looking at shops we made our way to pet city to be greeted by a shop full of people good to see the place busy.Running out of time we a-lined to the first salesperson we saw free.Just happened to be the same person we saw 2years ago when my mate visited You should of seen my face when he remembered me although I myself had only been in the store twice in the last 2 years.He and who I believe to be the manager were both taking the time to explain to my friend all about the advancements in lighting and additives to help maintain his new saltwater reef tank and build.Can say ITS been a long time since I have been so impressed with the quality of service provided at any aquarium QLD or out of state.:clap2:
  8. I have a 30cm Jungle Perch in a 6x2.5x2 with a 15cm Bullrout and a few very large peppermints. Im looking for other native fish but also something that can hold its own with the JP. Cheers Matthew
  9. Setting up a 3ft tank planning to put lots of plants and shrimp in, but what about fish what fish are acceptable to live with shrimp? Are neon, and most other tetras ok?
  10. Just got 4 Fusco's today just wondering what fish would make suitable tank mates?
  11. So in a week or 2, I am getting a baby toga about 6cm, it will be going into a 6x2x2 with a pictus and a Cray, so I am wondering what are some cool additions that will go well. Wanting something on the less expensive side as the Mrs will kill me for spending so much this close to Christmas haha. Also will crushed coral be ok as substrate? Can't find any info about that.
  12. Hi all, I have a Jade perch & im looking to add a few tankmates, he is about 3-4 inches long. What do you think would go alright in the tank with him. The tank is a Aqua one 620T Cheers
  13. I have a couple of breeding long fin bristle nose in a 2 footer with some guppies. I am in the process of moving up to a 3 footer. Want to keep the BN breeding but don't really want guppies any more. Any ideas for other fish??
  14. Hi, i recently got a young Saratoga Jardini and am raising him in a 3 foot tank by himself for the moment. I was wondering when i upgrade him to a 6'x2'x2' what tank mates can i put in with him? what are some species i can put with him? Thanks, Billy
  15. hey guys its aussie hear again and just been making a few stands for a mate of mine that does full marine setups, I popped in to drop off a stand and my jaw hit the floor, still trying to get over it
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Hey guys what are some of the tank mates that go well with angelfish. In particular some of the larger species, any other cichlids, tetras, etc? Have u guys had luck with particular species. Keen on an oscar but waay to big but heard people had success with angels and oscars before. I have a 4ft tank with a few angels, few plecos so the tank is quite empty atm. Also have a few neon tetras but gonna move them later on.
  18. Hi All, I have a breeding pair of Hongi's in a 4ft tank, seems a bit of wasted space,what else can I put in there to save the female and also fill the tank. I don't want to affect the breeding either? Any advice or help would be great cheers Craig
  19. Not many people know we have a large selection of native fish! We have a very good supplier who gives us some awesome stuff so if you are into your natives ask us and we may be able to help you out! This week we have a fair amount instock: Goyder river Inornata (Flat rock creek) Parkinsoni Tent Pole creek Silver Perch Purple Spotted Gudgeons Ruborstriata Wanamensis Goyder River Salmon red rainbows Neon Rainbows Bosmani Barramundi Pacific Blue eyes Skull Creek Muccullochi If you are in need of these beautiful rainbows come down for a look! Nielsen's Marine
  20. In April 2011,I caught the pyroferus mimic tang in these pics and a few months later I caught a nice sized lemon peel dwarf angelfish of many seen that year, the is the exact species this pyroferus mimics. They were in one of my quarantine tubs for a time when I had issues with figuring out the best way to make my NWMS work with the use of the algae we found. In that short time the tang had faded a little because the angelfish showed dominance, which changed due to the tang growing quite fast as I planned for then and later slowed its growth to near zero.They seem even better mates after surviving the cyclone power outage of nearly three days together. The two in 2011. Yesterday. They are best mates these days and get on great.
  21. I currently have a 6 x 2 x 2.5 with 2 oscars, 2 ebjd's, 2 brazilliensis. I like the festae but am not very familiar with their temperament. Do they go well in a community? I will soon be removing one brazilliensis and one ebjd as they are all males and they dont seem to like the presence of other males. Is there any particular sex of the festae that is more or less tolerant of tank mates?
  22. Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good tank mates for some cherries? I've heard endlers do fine, and bristlenose of course. But anyone have any others that seem to go ok and wont eat all the cherries? Would be great to hear what people have with them, (preferably fish that wont eat live plants)
  23. hey guys i work with a couple of fellas at woodford they have a secret fishing hole freshwater they recken they catch some type of african mouth brooder there of a blue colour still waiting on pics has any one else found these around? they also stressed to me that they arent tilapia
  24. Wondering what ppl think to have as tank mates for a baby GG it is 15cm and would like to know of fish that can stay with him even when hes grown cheers guys
  25. wanna set up a display with ray pair, a few peacock bass and arowana tank is 8x2x2.5 just wondering what people are housing with there stingrays??? also do any fish ever mysteriously die?? maybe with some help from stingrays?
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