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Found 17 results

  1. Tech Den Xmas Special Number 8- And I'm hungry like the wolf!! Nutrafin Max Goldfish Flakes 77g WAS - $16.95, NOW - $5.95!!! That's a saving of 65%!!! This is a nutritious and highly palatable fish food that provides the ultimate in goldfish nutrition. Head on over to our website to take advantage of this crazy offer!! This deal ends today, so get in quick! http://www.thetechden.com.au/Nutrafin_Max_Goldfish_Flakes_77g_Fish_Food_p/nfm52.htm
  2. seriously thinking that after 20 years of saying im going to give salt water a crack that i will,has anybody had experience with a red sea 130d system?
  3. Just wondering if any one has changed over to the new Algae Max instead of the normal Cichlid Formula or Thera A pellets for there Mbuna African Cichlids and what changes have you noticed
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Really keen to grab a bucket for the Tropheus to try. What sort of timeframe are we talking @ The Tech Den @ ageofaquariums
  6. here is some pics of first day of adding stock:dance: purchased a pair of snowflakes and a pair of black occys from Peter who breeds clown fish. one most amazing display reef tanks ive seen in a home. corals ive added so far pretty georgian, cocoworm with morphs attached to it, xenia,toadstool, some zoas and acans. letting this settle for atleast a month and want to add some hammers and frogspawns next. then a purple tang and flame angel
  7. i bought a second hand redsea max today and the fans need changing for hood department. anyone know where you can get spare parts for them, or anyone know how to replace the fans?
  8. Saw these lights seem pretty cheap anyone have any reviews or comments http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.au/lights-t5-ho/t5-florescent-light-fittings-solarmax/t5-aquarium-light-8x8x39w-h/o-1800-long-individual-reflectors/prod_1006.html Sent from my GT-I9305T using Tapatalk 2
  9. Max Nano - well it might be a bit big for a Nano but certainly a nice setup. We have a few of these available and seeing how they will go and we are doing a introductory special of $449 and of course you get your QLDAF discount of 10% off that. Warning Pic Heavy. Pick up only at this stage at Caboolture but can arrange delivery to close surrounding area's. Aquarium Nano Tanks
  10. Complete range of Red Sea Max S-Series Aquariums Now available online. For anyone local to Brisbane we have a S-650 on display in store. Here is a rundown, Owning a thriving piece of coral reef has never been easier than with Red Sea’s new MAX S-Series range of aquariums. Carefully designed to support e ven the most delicate stony (SPS) corals, the MAX S-Series seamlessly integrates all of the necessary systems and components with contemporary style. Total Reefkeeping Solution The Max S-Series is an innovative plug & play, complete, full size coral reef aquarium system. It is designed to allow you to focus on the beauty and diversity of your own piece of coral reef, rather than worrying about component selection, suitability and compatibility. Max S-Series aquariums are fully equipped with everything you need including features such as ultra clear glass, reef spec lighting and filtration, customizable fascia and a one-plug control panel. Choosing the Red Sea MAX S-Series will make reefkeeping easier than ever before. Customized systems Make your Max S unique by choosing from a variety of six modern colours. The cabinet side panels and doors are attached to a marine spec aluminum frame and are not load bearing so they can be replaced at any time, allowing renovation or a complete colour change on a functioning aquarium. This feature combined with the replaceable trim on the light and aquarium will add a significant resale value to the MAX S-Series. All external surfaces use weather resistant polyurethene paints (similar to those used in the car industry) giving an elegant and durable finish. Elegance and durability combined MAX S-Series aquariums are constructed from 12 - 15mm ultra clear (low iron) glass supported by saltwater resistant plastics and a marine spec annodized aluminum frame. Designed for simple home assembly, all of the glueing, sawing and wiring has already been done for you. The saltwater-resistant colour trim around the top and bottom of the aquarium is long-lasting and can be replaced at any time should a different colour scheme be preferred. Sophisticated, Upgradeable Lighting System The unique MAX S-Series slide & swivel lighting system consists of three individually switched lighting units. The identical front and rear 4 x T5 units are hinged to the lighting chassis that slides across the top of the aquarium providing total access for all maintenance and reefscaping tasks. The centre unit has an additional 2 x T5 lights and LED moonlights. Additional configurations for the centre unit will be available in the future. Changeable front and side colour trim panels match the aquarium and cabinet. A dual timer lighting controller is included as part of the complete system controller in the cabinet. Total Reef Filtration The complete reef filtration system starts with the surface skimmer that feeds the water to the in-cabinet sump via a flow-regulated, silent flow downpipe. The filtered water is returned to the aquarium by a main system pump that also supplies water to all of the filtration systems such as the protein skimmer, an optional chiller and/or reactors. Connection between the aquarium and sump is via standard union connectors so no plumbing is required. The MAX S-System is supplied with the main system pump, C-Skim 1800 protein skimmer, mechanical and carbon filtration media and all piping including preparation to connect a chiller and auxiliary reactors. Integrated Power Centre The MAX S-Series filtration system follows the one-plug MAX concept and features a power control centre with easy access to 10 individually switched power sockets for all pumps, and other accessories, safety protected with integrated circuit brakers. Priced from $4395.00 for a complete turn key system. Link, Age of Aquariums - Aquariums Ben
  11. Picked up my first ever marine tank yesterday. Its an all in one red sea max 250. Tank and stand $2,200 plus $50 for the lfs guy to assemble the cabinet which with all the filters and stuff took him a few hours and a Hailea chiller for $404. I won't be putting anything in it for a couple of weeks as I am just going to let it sit in its spot and see if its not in the way. I also have to make sure I could service the filters and stuff from there and if its going to be reasonably dry around the cabinet as I do tend to splash a bit of water about at times. Also pretty broke after initial purchase and haven't even bought salt yet so this will be a long term setup. Besides, how often do you get to set up a marine tank? Might as well sit back and take my time. I also have some books to read before I get started like The Reef Aquarium Vol3 so I have some sort of idea of what I am doing when I set it up. The Marine Tardis.
  12. looking to get some aquaclear 70 and/or 110 - just wondering though, what is the maximum size for braces along the edge of the tank?? (i.e. so the filter slips over the edge and brace?)
  13. hey folks, just need your recommendations/opinions on each of these Products and if its possible which one i should get. Little bit of info about the tank i am about to size it on. Its a 4x2x2 with a 2.5ft sump, planning on filling it with 4-6liters of matrix, 5 liters of clay balls, 6 liters of mr aqua porous rings, Pot scrubbies and some mech. Also head height will be roughly around 1.3m. And yes i know more flow doesn't necessarily equal better filtration. How much bio media will i need to have in order to have a sustainable and better biological filtration? or perhaps i shall use a pump with a less powerful water flow? Tank will be for south Americans, pump will eventually be used on a 6x2x2. That is why i am opting for pump with a stronger output Cheers Jono P.s what other filter media can you recommend? or what should i pack the sump with and yes i know the flow might be abit harsh but will reduce the flow output.
  14. I have a red sea max 250 with matching stand which has just been stripped down. It is in PERFECT condition - no scratches on glass, no marks on stand. It is under 12 months old. Cost $2200 for tank and $500 for stand ($2700) last year on sale. I am going to finish cleaning it and will be up for sale in a few days... Looking for $1999.00 ono Also placed in AUCTIONS on this site for quick sale. CHeck them out on line - you will not find a nicer tank that is as neat and high quality as this one. PM me if interested - will post in classifeds when finished cleaning if not sold before. Regards, Brad. (Brisbane)
  15. Who in Brisbane area sells this , need some to day & AOA closed. Baz
  16. Hi fellow fish fans, I am new to the forum, but hopefully will become a regular- I've kept discus and Malawi cichlids before, and have just returned from overseas, and dont have room for my old 4x2x2 tank. I've got my heart set on the Red Sea Max; I know it's small, but it is neat and tidy, and seems to have pretty good specs (although I am a self-confessed amateur). I'd love to hear from you regarding: 1) opinions on the set-up (am i mad????) 2) where I can get one! Reef Aquarium Supplies are based in Noosa, and they've got one (online) for about 1500, with stand and starter kit. I live Northside (Redcliffe), but am happy to drive a couple of hours. Thanks in advance, Adam
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