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Found 24 results

  1. Does anyone else feed vegetables to there African Cichlids through some Zucchini in my Yellow Tail Acei breeding colonies tank today and they absolutely smashed it have noticed my other colonies and fry nibbling on it but the Acei loved it so what vegetables do you feed you Africans.
  2. I'm a big fan of a lot of fish(hello my fellow addict fishkeepers ) but I've always had a spot for the beautiful varieties of Mbuna(a variety of beautiful rock inhabiting cichlids from Lake Malawi for the unknowing ) and one group in particular I have always liked are the cynotilapia...so your Afra Hara,Cobue,etc etc and just thought I'd get a little action going on some of these great fish(I've heard inexperienced folk telling those interested in these fish some bad info) and we can share thoughts,tips,experiences etc whilst I will discuss some cynotilapia varieties please feel free to discuss othe Mbuna because many share similar behaviours and this can only help appreciate these great territorial fish.... Anyways was reading a Cichlid News mag and these guys popped up: These guys are Cynotilapia Aurifrons and very nice if you ask me
  3. Hey everyone Just a quick question.... I managed to capture two of my acei tanzania breeding... I saw the female acei pick up at least 20 eggs... this was just over a week ago...however she no longer looks as though she is holding...however...my female yellow lab has a mouth that is stuffed full of eggs - the fullest I have ever seen it...I did not observe her breeding and until 2 days ago she did not seem to be holding and now her face is really full....could she be holding the eggs from the acei?... I ask because in the yellows last batch there were 2 yellow and two acei tanzania babies (one got eaten) but the surviving one looks all tanzanian - does not look at all like a hybrid...is black with the typical yellow marking on tip of tail that acei have..this is my yellow lab's third batch of fry since I have had her and she is a good mother (she actually hides her babies and guards them)...has anyone ever heard of mbuna stealing or holding another females eggs?...could she have scooped up any eggs that were missed or spat out? Thanx.
  4. I recently stocked my tank with some mbuna and figured I'd start up a thread so I can post some progress/growth updates. The set up is a 5'x18"x20" tank, 4'x15"x18" sump with filter socks for mechanical, marine pure spheres for biological, 2500lph jebao pump and a 300 watt eheim jäger heater. As for stock I currently have; 6 Labidochromis Caeruleus ( electric yellow ) 5 Metriaclima Estherae ( red zebra ) 5 Metriaclima Callainos ( cobalt blue ) 5 Pseudotropheus sp. Acei ( yellow tail acei ) For now... http://youtu.be/eAwDIEUTYu4
  5. So this was my weekend project! Substrate: white sand from landscape supplies. Filtration: fluval 305, fluval 206, OTTO 1200LPH internal. Hardscape: Sandstone rocks from local landscape supplies Live Stock: 4x electric yellow, 4x electric blue and more to come....
  6. Hi,I have a 5x2.5x2ft tank,I have 7 Haps/peacocks,3 Clown Loaches & 23 Mbuna,I was told at LFS I could have up o 50 fish,but not sure,I had my filter looked at & it's good enough for this tank,I think 40 fish would be better, but your help would be appreciated,thanks Brett.
  7. Just some photos, starting to enjoy playing with the missus' camera. Male with holding female Metriaclima Estherae OB Metriaclima Estherae OB with Pseudotroheus Saulosi Dominant Pseudotropheus Saulosi Metriaclime Estherae Metriaclime Estherae OB
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know at what size you can start to reliably sex Mbuna cichlids by venting? The species I am looking to do are Electric Yellows, Blue Pindanis and Rustys, and the fish I have at the moment are about 3-6cm long. Also, at what size do they become sexually mature and may start to breed? Thanks!
  9. Hi All, I'm in the process of setting up a 4ft (200L) mbuna tank and I was looking for some advice on species to stock. I'm aiming for a pretty easy and peaceful mix and at the moment I'm thinking of Yellow Labs and Rusties. For the third species I'd like to add some blue and have been thinking of Mainganos. Will these be too aggressive for the other two species? If so, what would be a good alternative? I appreciate your help. Cheers
  10. ok doesnt sound possible right? at least with anything but anubias, java fern or val. but ya gotta admit pretty nice hey anyway more here Aqua Botanic's Aqua Bloggin » Yellow Fin Pseudotropheus demasoni
  11. Im moving my mbuna ( a dozen or so saulosi with 4 other random males - maingano, hongi, pulpican and a lone peacock who is actually doing pretty well ) into a 4x18x20 soon. I would love to throw in a few Blue Dolphins or some other medium size Haps that wouldnt eat the mbuna. bad idea?? I'm willing to take a small risk, but not a big one. Anyone have a similar mix?
  12. Hello, We brought 2 x male Labeotropheus fuelleborni (Blue mbuna) and have them in our tank with our Peacocks however they are distrupting the harmony of our tank. Does anyone want to buy or swap?
  13. I have about 10 Mbuna Mbamba's, two or three (a few change colours) have light blue bodies with strong, contrasting vertical stripes covering the front half of the body. These are the largest/larger ones. two or three have very dark bodies (maybe wide stripes), and are a little smaller than the others and about 5 have dull colours, with stripes barely visible and very little/none light blue coloured bodies. I have added picutres (not my fish, just examples of the three types i have). Any help would be appreciated in sexing these fish
  14. Hey guys The last week or 2 Iv noticed some of my saulosi and pulpican skimming off the sand a bit, on their side. First thing I thought is Ich but no visible signs at all. Fish look healthy and behave fine. Iv read on the net that this skimming can be normal behaviour. Is this true?? Matt.
  15. Guys just interested to hear what you fave African cichlid is... and why of course?? Thanks Matt.
  16. Hey guys. Just wanting to know what a good brand of food is to feed my herbivore cichlids. I was thinking Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel but just wanted to know what everyone else thought. The cichlids are still juvies, around 5cm, so they will need pellets that arnt to big for them to eat. Cheers, Matt
  17. hey there, this is one of my tanks 48x 15 x 18 Mbuna. Just got some new rocks and had a clean up this weekend. Im going for a semi natural looking malawi biotope, obviously the black sand is wrong for it! But i like the effect it gives. Its kinda plain at the moment but once the fish get bigger they should stand out nicely.
  18. I have a 4x15x18 african tank with 6 adult pindni and 6 juvi electric yellows. Can I put in some male pecocks in this tank? I was thinking of putting 6 in and eventully swapping some of the electric yellows for peacocks. I know the pindani re soposed to be aggresive but when they were at around 13cm the dominant fish in the tank was a 4cm molly That I have gotten rid of now because they wouldn't come to the upper region of the tank.
  19. Im getting some Mbuna soon and i'm just trying to find out what is the best type of food to feed them? i've heard spirulina is great, can anyone suggest a product? and does anyone know where i can pick up some food for cheap?
  20. I am relatively new to keeping cichlids and have bought hikari bio gold but have been reading and have learnt that mbuna are herbivores. Hikari gold is predominately fish meal and such and high in protein which can and probably will give my fish bloat. What other foods are recommended for this type of fish? I would prefer to keep to floating pellets if possible.
  21. Was just wondering how many mbuna I should put in a 3x1.5x1.5ft tank. At the moment there is 10, 5 e yellow and 5 red zebra and it's a bit boring. Was thinking of getting rid of 1 of each and having 4x4, 4 e yellows, 4 red zebra, 4 pindani and 4 acei. Would this be alright or is this too crowded, there is definately enough filtration for them, 1000 lph internal and 1500 lph canister both with spraybars, just not sure on if there's enough room. As well what kind of plec/bn is the usual for mbuna tanks? I was thinking pair of common bn?
  22. Anyone know of any latest imports of Mbuna coming into Oz? From memory Pseudotropheus Zebra Long Pelvic and Ps Msobo were the last "newbies" on the scene, but they arrived probably more than a couple of years ago now. Always interested in seeing what's coming out of Malawi, being there's just so many species there.
  23. Just wondering if you could keep mollies with mbuna?? Thanks Jenny
  24. I read somewhere recently that re-arranging a tank's rockwork can make mbuna spawn. Anyone heard or experienced this?
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