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  1. Hey guys just picked up an fx5 tonight and was wondering what media would be best to use in it for my 5x2x3 has a single mangrove jack in it want to know what would be best?
  2. Hey everybody Chris here, I purchased a second hand fx5 today it came with media in it but I was wanting to put some fresh stuff in it.. I just wanted to ask everybody what they use and how the have their fx5's set up. cheers Chris,
  3. Hi People, First like to say hello just joined the forum. I'm from the superior state known as NSW ;-p :eek:just kidding. I'm in the process of setting up a 5ft brand new tank and have some questions regarding bio media for a new canister filter I'm looking at purchasing (I'm a full time student once again so going to get a sunsun or something similar http://goo.gl/Bgf3P0 would love a fx5 or 6 but $$ is really tight). Anyway my question is can k1 media be used in a canister filter? If not what do you guys think of lave rock? Is there something better? Just for your information I currently have a 3ft tank stocked with the following (A biopro 800 L/h filter on it right now) 1x Oscar 1x Australia Bass 2x Empire gudgeons 1x Southern yellowfin Bream (Which I believe is different from the type you get in QLD) They are all relatively small but I understand they need an upgrade asap (Before anyone ask why the hell I have a Bass with a Oscar I stupidly listened to a LFS that said he always puts Oscars or other Cichlids with Aussie natvies to stop Aussie native fish aggression) Thanks in advanced
  4. Has/does anyone used these https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3349
  5. Sera is one of the most trusted brands and we have all of their products on special. Don't miss out and you may need to be quick at these prices. 10% Off plus 10% member discount = time to buy and load up !! Here is the link shopping starts now..... http://www.thetechden.com.au/10_OFF_SERA_SPECIALS_s/2117.htm
  6. Hi. Does anyone possibly know if Aqua Medic CO2 regulators will fit Ista CO2 cylinders? I was looking at an Ista cylinder yesterday but it looks like the fitting may be a little small. Where the regulator meets the cylinder, the diameter looks to be 12mm on the regulator side. If there isn't a direct fit, does anyone know of an adapter or cleaver plumbing solution? Cheers.
  7. As the title says has anyone used this stuff as filter media and what results have you had
  8. Probably the wrong page, but I thought it might get more attention in here (admin, feel free to move, no offence taken) Anyway... As someone who is fairly new to fishkeeping I really struggled to find help and reassurance in cycling my first tank (I didn't discover QLDAF until a few months after). I didn't know anyone who could hold my hand or provide me with any media. Is there anyway the forum could provide a nice easy way for newbies looking to get hooked up with cycled media from the more seasoned members? An exchange program perhaps where a newbie could request a swap, new media for old, based upon location/desired media? I know that if someone needed filter squeezings etc. and they were willing to provide substitute media, and they were willing to come and collect, most of us would put our hands up and help. This would also provide some face to face time and allow knowledge to be shared. For me (a relative newbie), half there is to this hobby is sharing information and helping out. I'm a member of a Brisbane Facebook page where every second question is related to cycling, and honestly its sad, I wish there was some page that I could refer people to instead of just saying "Google the Nitrogen Cycle" Anyway, its been a long day that has involved a bottle of wine at a dinner party, so feel free to ignore, it just gets to me that there's so many people out there panicking about their new prized fish in 2PPM Ammonia.
  9. Just interested to know:- * Do many peeps run a typical sponge filter (eg. xy380 ) in each tank? *How long (days/ weeks/ months) do you leave it before cleaning and how long does it take to clean it on the day? **How about filter socks? Do peeps run them on their sumps? **How long (days/ weeks/ months) do you leave it before cleaning and how long does it take to clean it on the day? So you could spend most of the day or night cleaning sponges / filter socks if you got a few tanks. Thanks, aqc
  10. Hey just wanting your input on sump tank media what you found best? I know there's lots but I'm building a large frontosa set up and someone told me bio balls and crush coral any other ideas would be awsome I want a perfect filter system for them!
  11. So I've spent the long weekend searching for and setting up a 2ft breeding tank for my Discus pair. Two days ago I set the tank up with water and filter media in an external hang on filter from my existing tank and yesterday squished out media from my canister filter into a bucket of tank water till it was nice and soupy (ewwww) and washed and ran two sponge filters in it (water cleared up surprisingly well I'm also adding stability daily to help. I'm getting exactly the same ammonia (0) and ph readings from both tanks. I really don't want to buy more nitrite and nitrate kits, the last lot were way out of date because they never get used and I threw them. I've had half a dozen neons and glow lights swimming around in there as happy as anything for the last 2days. This morning the discus are dancing around the new discus cone and getting set to lay in the community tank again. Do I move them, is the new tank ready, do I have time to buy some test strips or pop in to the lfs to test the water (don't think so), cross your fins guys!!!
  12. The Bakki family has had the new addition today of Bakki Balls. Originally it started with the Bakki Rods and Mini Bakki, then cam along the Bakki discs and today we get to add the Bakki Balls that arrived into stock today. Here is the range now available. Bakki Rods have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps Mini Bakki Rods 5kg have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps Bakki Discs - 5kg Bag (Bacteria House Bio Discs) Bakki Balls have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps
  13. 25% OFF all Filter Media for QLDAF Members from now until Sunday night !!. Yes you read this correctly 25% off All Filter Media from all of the leading brands - ROWA - Chemi pure - Marine Pure - Julian Sprung - Continuum - API - K1 Kaldnes - Bulk Ceramic Rings - Activated Carbon - Filter Mat - Bio Balls - Filter Socks - Jap Mat the range is huge. Please mention 25%QLDAFMEDIA in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end. If paying via paypal we will refund the difference back via paypal. Offer ends Midnight Sunday night ( discounts do not combine ). - Great time to stock up on your everyday essentials or for anyone planning a new setup / fish room !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - Filter Media Ben
  14. Howdy all , just like some thoughts/opinions from other fisho's on using marinepure media and macropore water conditioner, instead charcoal and ceramic noodles . cheers
  15. Iv just added some purigen and chemi-pure elite to my 80l nano so hopefully see results from it. Anyone else using these with good results? I no purigen is good just be nice to here from someone that's used chemi-pure elite.
  16. Just wondering what bio media's you could mix together like coral and noodles what others are there or are people using
  17. .Does anyone know where to get them Pot scrubs that you see in a lot of sumps etc
  18. .Evening all, I'm looking for a cheap solution for packing about 200ltrs of filter media into bags for use in the sump. Ive tried locating onion bags online, seems silly but I didn't know who or where to ask? Any suggestions would be appreciated, doesn't have to be onion bags it was just the first thing I thought of. Oh, & Im not keen on stockings for this media, or just in general…. Cheers
  19. Hi, I sent a PM a few days ago re: filter media that AOA sells. Could someone help me and reply my PM please? Thanks heaps! Cheers.
  20. Marine pure biofilter media is mine! What is yours?
  21. Bio home filter media, Anyone using it, I have been for about 3 months now with better than expected results, when biohome media, it comes with live bacteria balls which speed up the seeding life cycle, For me it all started at this utube video, simple and straight forward, full video, Short video Now biohome media Moving bed filter Peat balls, keeps ph at 6.5 Sharing because this stuff does work and makes caring for fish tanks that so much easier This guy also has a lot more to offer
  22. We have received into stock our first lot of the Oase Hel-X bio media touting 40% more surface area than the standard bio media. For pricing and availability 25 Liters of Oase Hel-X Bio Media Bio Media for aquariums sumps, fluid bed filters and commercial applications
  23. I do wonder about the trace elements though, if someone with a little know how could have some input on them would be great. Trace elements in 'plus' and 'ultimate': Silica, Titania, Alumina, Ferric Oxide, Lime, Magnesia, Potash, Soda, Phosphorus Pentoxide, Chromium Sesquioxide, Manganic Oxide, Zirconia, Hafnia, Zinc Oxide, Barium Oxide, Strontia, Stannic Oxide, Sulphur Trioxide. (from XRF analysis)
  24. I noticed the Ceramic Rings in my canister filters break down over time and need to be topped up with new ones. I just wondered if it is best to put the older media at the begining of the filter (dirtier water) and new media closer to output (cleaner water) or the other way around.
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