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Found 72 results

  1. Online - Please mention your QLDAF Username in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end. In store - Please mention your QLDAF membership when shopping in store prior to the sales staff entering the sale on the register. Also just to clarify the 10% discount is valid across the whole store excluding " Deal of the day " Specials unless otherwise noted. The only scenario where you do not receive your discount on a product is when we have already priced matched / beaten a competitor on that item. Ben
  2. Good evening all , just found this site through good old google , im new to fish scene and have Bristles, L numbers and Coryz , I have have been keen on L numbers for many years and looking to breed both L333's and pepps, anyone in my area have pepps for sale as i have a small number of L333's already , thank you for reading my post and any comments and feedback will be appreciated ............ Go Cowboys
  3. Hi all just thought id introduce my self new member My Names Daniel Been keeping fish for awhile now and thought would be cool to chat to like minded people i have a 6ft sem native tank and a 3ft newly started African cichlid tank
  4. Hi,I wouldn't mind adding some hardy low growing plants to my tank,i'm just wondering is there a limit on plants you can add before you have to start using co2.As being a beginner i don't really want to go down that path yet.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.cheers
  5. We have a number of threads that try and represent who we are. We have our Who We Are Post: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/welcome-room-beginners-corner-22/who-we-77959/ We have our rules: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/welcome-room-beginners-corner-22/forum-guidelines-77084/ We also have guidelines for admin and mods reproduced below. What would you write in as members guidelines? How do you think hobbyists should treat other hobbyists.... After all this board and indeed all other platforms only exists for the hobbyist.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Hi guys, this is my first post here I am getting mixed responses from other sources about the use of wood in an aquarium. I found a branch of what possibly is (dead and dry) pine (pic attached, ID please if not pine? wet in pic) and am wondering if it is okay to use in my aquarium as it looks amazing with the squiggled pattern especially when soaked. I have already poured boiling water over it a couple times. It is not green at all, and has none of the normal layered grey bark of a pine tree, but smells faintly of pine and has that sort of pattern... Hopefully there is a botanist on here to ID it for me haha Thanks in advance guys! Becky
  8. thread for members to give suggestions on what next for your tank. here is mine, what's missing aside from an extra two feet
  9. ..Hi fellow fish keepers. I can't help but notice that on the forum these days, there seems to be very few members from outside of Brisbane, when compared to a number of years ago. Let's see where the range of us are from. Regards, Andrew - Fishtraderlau in Blackwater...
  10. Hello! I am new to this forum community. Love the fishing. I found this forum very useful and really very happy to be a part of it. I am here to discuss about various aspects related to aquarium. I really want to take an active part in this forum. Nice to meet you all community here!!!
  11. G'day I'm new to the forum and looking at setting up an aquarium I've been given its 130cm long x 45cm wide and 73cm deep as a planted tank with probably discus. I haven't kept fish for about 15 years after always having them as a kid. My concern is the filter it came with an aqua one 1000 isn't going to be sufficient and what style of lighting I'm going to need for the depth of the tank. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Cam
  12. Hello Everyone Sorry for the delay in getting this information up. I see that many of you are coming along so it should be a good night. In the next post below will be a template for registration. We need people to register for 2 reasons: I need to know how many people are coming so I can calculate how many staff are needed. Also as we are using the area in front of the shop we also need to let the shopping centre know how many people are coming as they will need to provide extra security on the night based on the extra influx or people at that time. Since last year we have upgraded our Point of Sale system. We now need to have your details in our system to be able to offer you the discounted products, not just on the night but in the future as well. We won't have time on the night to set up new customer details. Some of you will have already gone through this process but just to make sure, can you please register your details again to make sure that you don't miss out on any discounts on the night, plus we still need to know that you are coming along. We are looking forward to seeing you all again this year and hope that we all have a great time like last year. Regards Russ
  13. Hello Everyone With the help of some of our valued suppliers we have put together another "FREE Giveaway Pack" this year. It has a retail value of over $40. *The first 100 people that spend $50 or more in one transaction will receive one of these FREE Giveaway Packs.
  14. Evening fellas and ladies, A little back story to kick it off. Our whole fish keeping experience started with a 35L Tank and 2 goldfish for the kids. This has since grown into quiet the house full. I have been slowly building on what we have, and been lucky enough to have some great people donate some tanks and gear to help get started. The latest was a 300L Cube with sump all ready to go. Thanks Matt, btw. So after the misus and boys having their goldfish I decided to get myself a 40L AquaOne Starter tank and throw in some Balloon Mollies and Corydoras. Had these guys going for a bout 2 months until the upgrade came along. This was a 4ft from Age of Aquariums (before I knew about QLDAF ). This then inspired them to have some fry. A great excuse for me to get another little self contained tank for them. So they sit proudly on the bench growing slowly. Today was exciting for me as I finished cycling the 300L tank and it was ready for some stock. Went to the LFS and grabbed some Jack Dempseys, Balas, Black Ghost knife and a Bumblebee Catfish. When it comes to stocking the tank I rely heavily on the expertise of the local staff so I hope they work out. The 4 ft is currently stocked with Balloon Mollies, Neon tetras, Corydoras, Bristlenose, Clown Loaches, and some Gouramis. They all get alone pretty well. So, Yeah. That pretty much sums it up. I am looking forward to meeting some of you and expanding my knowledge to help keep healthy fish.
  15. Hi All. We have been trading online since 2000 and started our store in Brisbane in 2001. Over the years we have grown to become one of the largest online stores in the country by providing good service and competitive pricing along with a ever growing range of in demand products to suit every facet of the aquarium hobby. The following benefits are applicable to QLDAF members - 10% Discount across our whole range online and in store. ( Please mention your Forum membership in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end ). - Fixed delivery fee - Only $7.50 Australia wide regardless of weight or quantity of items ( including Frozen Food ). - Confidence in knowing that we source our products exclusively through the Australian distributor where applicable so you are 100% covered in regards to spare parts and warranty service. We do not grey / parallel import products full stop. I hope to serve our loyal base of customers for many years to come. Sincerely Ben Broekhuizen Managing Director - The Age Of Aquariums Pty Ltd Age of Aquariums - Home
  16. Hi All, I am looking to buy some new fish....plus some other bits.... Fish I am chasing are : ( I have multiple Tanks) Firemouths Keyhole Cichlids Peppermint Bristlenoses Orange Spot Bristlenoses Cherry Shrimp Bristlenose Breeding caves Any and all help would be great...!! Thanks
  17. Hi there, My names David, thanks for allowing me to be a member of this furum. Ive had african cichlids for a while now but thought i might try my hand at breeding them, ive only just started but already have lots of fun doing so. Cheers Dave
  18. Hi all, New to the forum, looking at getting a new tank and stocking with Cichlids. Currently have 4 Mbuna (1 Cobalt Blue, 1 Electric Yellow, 1 Red Zebra and 1 Maingano) in a smallish tank, and it's time for a new home for them. Below is the list of equipment I plan on buying.. I have a decent budget and want to get things right the first time. If you wouldn't mind having a read and giving any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Tank 5ft x 18in x 20in - Full wooden enclosed stand and hood. Approx 350L, though it will be filled about an inch from the top, plus lots of rocks and substrate, so more like 300L or less of actual water. Filtration 2 x Eheim Pro3 2075 Full "Installation Set" for each filter, to make it a little more snazzy and versatile. I'm thinking dual 2075's as opposed to the 2080 for a bit more flow, the ability to alternate filter cleaning, and to make cleaning a bit easier (I don't think the Mrs would appreciate cleaning the 2080 when I'm away!) Heating Hydor Inline heater/s. Unsure of whether or not to get 2 and put one on each filter outlet or not. Thoughts? 200w vs 300w? Lighting 1 x Marintech Lumimmense2 4ft LED light from here. I know it's probably overkill, but i like the idea of varying the intensity and having the light cycle programmable, plus it allows room for expansion later on.. (maybe I'm trying to justify it to myself, I don't know!) Rock and Substrate Looking to get about $200 worth of lava rock (maybe more) from here. Should that be enough? What sizes would you recommend for a 5ft? Also thinking of going with Pool Filter Sand, and using some coral in the filters to help buffer. I've read a ton on the different options, and ideally an Aragonite base for Cichlids would be great, but it's proving hard to find and expensive. I'm just thinking of using blue or black contact for the back of the tank. Anyone care to give an opinion on a good faux background for this size tank? Lastly, regarding stocking, I'm thinking of having around 20 or so Mbuna for this tank. Keeping in mind the current fish I have already (stated above), can I ask for some advice on what to add? Just want it as colourful as possible, without anyone killing each other! I know it's a big ask for a first post, but like I said, any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Adam
  19. H guys, I've been lurking for a few months now, thought I'd pop in and say an official hi. I got into cichlids last year, having realised how beautiful and interesting they are. I changed my 3 ft standard over to cichlids but had no idea what I was doing. Then, after extensive research and learning mistakes from my home tank, I got the go ahead to set up a 4x2x2 at the school I work in (I'm a biol teacher). It's going great guns with the Africans ( lake Malawi) I have in there. I have to sort out the male to female ratio for the peacock group, but I can manage that. What I really want is a two fold question. I've set up a new 4 ft standard in my home. I moved my electric yellow labs and yellow tail acei in there (Ngara blacks). I'm wondering what species of blue mbuna to put in there with them? Or maybe even a blue Hap species that would suit? I don't want anything overly aggressive, so maingano and their ilk are out. The other thing to know is what to do with my 3 footer now. I currently have a Eureka red male in there (left over from a bathe of "mixed peacocks" my lfs sold me when neither of us new what we were doing. I was planning on making this a breeder for those species, but not sure if the tank is big enough, nor how many fish to stock in it if it is big enough. Sorry, long post for my first one, and this is probably the wrong area, but I'm still feeling my way around both this website and the cichlid hobby in general. Cheers
  20. Hi guys, been a keen aquarist for a few years now, just recently decided to upgrade to a 4x2x2. Tank houses my 9" Oscar, a handful of bristlenose, a red forest jewel, a 2" JD and a 2" Green Texas, with plans for a couple more smaller Americans. Looking forward to sharing and receiving advice, trading stories etc.
  21. Hey guys, does anyone know this guy? I sold some fish to him and was wondering if he still has them as i want them back http://www.qldaf.com/forums/australia-wide-live-stock-shipping-avaliable-14/fs-rineloricaria-lanceolata-colony-32613/ Any help appreciated Cheers Stace
  22. hey all, names Robbo, new to the site but not fish, been keeping/breeding fish for years, also work in seafood. currently have 4 x 3' tanks, 2 x 2.5' tanks, 2 x 2' tanks and a 4' tank with about 20 different types of fish
  23. Hi everyone just thought I would stop in and introduce myself and my fish. As my name suggests I love cichlids and currently have 3 tanks that house 3 cyrtocara moorii - 2m 1f, 2 labidochromis Caeruleus - 1m 1f, 2 dragonsblood peacocks - 1m 1f, 2 aulonocara jabobfreibergi, 4 pseudotropheus saulosi, 2 kuhli loaches and a marbled sucker fish. Soon I will be adding a 6ft tank and 3 more female cyrtocara moorii and 3 more female electric yellows to my collection. I am hoping to breed my fish but need to get the correct ratios and extra equipment first.
  24. Hey guys I'm Dan just wanted to say hi to all. I'm in the process of setting up a 4ft tank. I have owned a smaller tank but thought it is time for something a bit bigger. I'm really interested in American chiclids. I look forward to learning as much as I can from all of you!
  25. Hello all, been keeping fish most of my life, mainly Australian & PNG natives. I am now retired & have developed a keen interest in shrimp, presently only have RCS but am keen to get some CRS & YCS. I live in Ipswich so if any of you also live here and can help out with supply of above it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact through this forum. Regards Gary.
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