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  1. This thread is for members to post up to let people no thay are part of the Queensland cichlid group. Can we please make it a sticky in the club section mods?
  2. Welcome to QLDAF. Please post a thread here to say hello, and prove you are not a robot to unlock the rest of the forum. Do this by clicking on the +post new thread button. Make sure you read the following threads. They will tell you about us, and about how we expect people to behave. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/welcome-room-beginners-corner-22/who-we-77959/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/welcome-room-beginners-corner-22/forum-guidelines-77084/ Most importantly have fun and enjoy sharing with us in a great hobby. Admin
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Would like to say a HUGE thanks to [MENTION=13551]Funtimes320[/MENTION], [MENTION=9797]darrolb[/MENTION] and [MENTION=3782]pandapete[/MENTION] for today. Thanks to Chris and the Kids and Darrol and your Wife for buying the Acei off me it was a pleasure to meet you all and to Pete for the Quality Peppermints and a tour around your Fish room it was quite an eye opener to see how it's done on a big scale so here's to you's
  5. Just want to say a huge thanks to [MENTION=12095]BloodBrother58[/MENTION] for the purchase of the Bird Feeders today and may your bird enjoy many feeds out of them mate. And a huge thanks to [MENTION=1196]Rowdy[/MENTION] for the purchase of the Electric Yellow and Yellow Tail Acei Fry may they breed heaps for you mate and thanks for your patience at such a busy meeting place so to you fella's
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Ok the one you have all been waiting for - 20% OFF ALL LIGHTING from now until Sunday Midnight !!. That is right 20%% OFF all LED's ( Radion's , Kessil , AI , Giesemann , Worx , Fluval . - 20% OFF All T5 / T8 & Pc lighting & Light tubes ( Fluval , Catalina , Giesemann , Aquazonic to name a few ). All lighting 20% off until Midnight Sunday night !!!. To receive your discount please mention QLDAF20% in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592 or when shopping in store. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end. If paying via paypal we will refund the difference back via paypal. Discounts do not combine and offer does not apply to Giesemann Hybrid Promotion. Happy Lighting !!!. A few links - Age of Aquariums - LED Lighting - Age of Aquariums - Power Compact / T5 Lighting - Age of Aquariums - Metal Halides - Age of Aquariums - Fluro lighting Ben
  8. Many thanks to Aquaholic99 (Winston), Heintz.G, gotzy, none and poppy3 for the assistance and guidance with a few problems I was having. Much appreciated. Vic
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Lol, now I got your attention, Just wanted to say Chopper and twocartonsnachilliburger are definitely good blokes! A. They both turned up when they said they would B. They both had utes, eskies, mates to help carry stuff C. The right money D. We're very polite about the fact I was running late and was far from ready for them E. (and this is probably the most important one) neither complained a bit when I electrocuted everybody! ^^^ this is a really good trait in a buyer I just found out Thanks guys.. Sorry for being so disorganized, especially to twocartonsnachilliburger who turned up to grab some tanks but had to wait for me to catch 100s of shrimp and separate them into tiny bags!
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. I was just wondering if anyone from toowoomba is going to the Christmas night tomorrow. I will be down there and thought it would be good to meet up with others from here! cheers Marty
  15. Firstly be careful of taking your wife to Pet City, as she may decide that you need to buy her the Juwel bay front aquarium they have on display. Secondly you may then start reading this thread here and thinking, "Hmmm never done marine, live rock, lion fish are cool, lots of good advice on how to do it right and different ideas." http://www.qldaf.com/forums/marine-brackish-10/cycling-my-tank-when-can-i-add-fish-77481/ Cause the outcome is you buy a lotto ticket thinking yeah, I'm gonna add to this article first thing I gonna do is buy a big ass Juwel aquarium....... How lotto millionaires spent their jackpots | News.com.au True story!
  16. Hi guys, if you have been thinking of joining Betta Australis, this might be the competition to help you decide. This special raffle is open to Betta Australis members only... The background: Jack (Waterchange@my bettas) has been kind enough to donate 4 pairs of fish to the club. They are a mix of HMPK and Giant HMPK and are ages between 3-4 months old. Jarrod Nielsen will be donating a pair of Steel Blue HM's to the club from his latest spawn to round out the number to 5 pair. Conditions of Entry: One of the goals of Betta Australis is to promote, encourage and provide support/advice for people to breed these wonderful fish. If you wish to enter the draw, all we ask is that you attempt to breed your pair, and if successful, donate 2-3 pair back to the club to help with future fundraising, competitions/draws. In short: "Share the Love..." The prize is one breeding pair of bettas per prize winner (5 chances to win a pair) Tickets are $10 each You can buy as many tickets as you wish to increase your chances, but once you have been drawn, you are not eligible to win further pairs. That way everyone has a fair chance to win. To make it interesting, the first 4 people drawn can only choose from the HMPKs/Giant HMPKs. The 5th person drawn gets the "booby prize" - A stunning pair of young Steel Shadoh/brisbanebetta) HMs... There are no set pairs for the first 4 people drawn. 1st person drawn has the pick of males and females, 2nd chooses from what is left and so on... Draw will take place at our next Betta Australis meeting on July 17th. Fish will be at meet, so winners that are present can have a closer look and take their pairs home with them. Tickets can be bought on the night, or beforehand via bank deposit (email enquiries(AT)bettaaustralis.com for bank details.) If you live too far away, or can't make the meeting - Don't worry Here's what you need to do: I will be posting photographs of all fish here on the forum and there will be pictures on the website early this evening. Send an email to enquiries(AT)bettaaustralis.com stating your order of preference of the males and of the females. Tickets can be paid for via bank deposit - email enquiries(AT)bettaaustralis.com for details. Winners wanting their fish shipped : Shipping is free (Thanks again Jarrod Nielsen) Address where you want fish sent, must be supplied beforehand. Photos to be supplied soon! Enjoy, and remember to "Share the Love!" Phillip (with thanks to Jarrod Nielsen and Betta Australis crew)
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. Gday got a mate in townsville wanting to get into marine aquari... lookin 4 local tank/sump builder in FNQ or anyone in townsville who can help out with info / shops up there would be great, cheers jono
  19. Hooray to all members it's good to see light hearted humour on this side when I first came on it was a bit touchy all that bickering and back bitting But now it's a pleasure to open this forum (well actually, scary. You never know whos next) hehehehe no really you all are turning out to be great members to chat and deal with thanks all
  20. Dear Members Those who are intending to come to the Redlands Pet Centre Christmas Members' Night, are asked to pm me asap so I can generate an attendance list for the evening and to assist in the planning of events/prizes/giveaways etc. The night is Wednesday 7th December 6-8pm Please pm me (Peter) with your member name, real name (first and surname), and a contact number. The evening will no doubt be another huge success and will be a great opportunity to avail yourselves of some incredible bargains/giveaways and meet fellow members!!!! Regards Peter
  21. are there many people from townsville on here? I have noticed townsville has no aquarium clubs and think an enthusiast network could really help the local hobbyists and breeders. I have started a facebook page for those who are interested in meeting others who are mad keen on their tanks, it could also prove useful as a place to palm of unwanted equipment and fish without the need to send them abroad. the group is called "Townsville aquarium enthusiasts"
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. Hey guys just a bit of an update. Changed the native setup around and got a few more fish so I rescaped a few of my tanks. It was just a basic setup and I didnt want to go over the top, so yeah its just simple and easy to maintain with plenty of room for growth because the "New additions to the family" will need it. The tank now has a 4x18x18 sump bought brand new from denison at maryannes aquarium with a rio 3500lph pump low wattage Sorry about the quality of the pics. I only have a stupid "smart" phone at the moment.
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