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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, im setting up my new 2ft marine tank, and am looking at lighting options. is 1 x 150W metal halide light enough? or would 2 be better? Ive never used metal halides and i dont know what theyre like, also i dont want the light heating the tank to much. also does anyone have any ideas for a DIY stand for a square MH? or 2 round ones? cheers, nick
  2. Hey guys, was looking to add some rocks to my discus tank and had look around local landscape yard and came across blue metal rock ( same stuff as road base ) . Did a muriatic acid test on it and negative for carbonates so I'm pretty sure it won't raise the pH. Has anyone used it before and found any issues? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  3. Hi all, I have been planing a monster tank build for a while now, over last 6 mths i've collected most things to run the tank. Now I'm looking at starting to build the tank, side's base back and stand are all planned, just working on front glass design. So to my question, as an example, 5x5x2ft tank is recomended to be 10mm glass (2ft is height), according to glass calculator i got off here. This is same as a 5x2x2. If I build brace's to handle the loads (up the front of the tank) is a 15x5x2 going to need any thicker glass with 2 braces and 3 panes of 10mm glass at 5x2? I'm pretty sure i've worked out that the loads against the glass wont be increased by going wider-longer, aslong as height not increased.
  4. Hey guys, I've decided on setting up one of those blue metal framed pools to use as a pond. The dimensions will be 2.4m X 1.5m x 58cm. I plan to heat the pond (being kept in the garage) and cover it with a net and a pool cover in the colder months. I'm wondering whether the material will be better than glass in terms of insulation or whether I need to insulate the sides and bottom as well. I'm wondering if anyone has used these before as ponds, if so, any tips? cheers!
  5. Hi, just got a 2cube and found out that I don't have a 2x2 wooden board. Can I put the foam and the tank on top of the two metal bar like in the pic? Thanks...
  6. After a long time ignoring the tank, my 6x2 metal stand got some rusted places. I am reading around and got some ideas but not sure if it works. Please help me. 1. Get metal brush attached to the drill and take the rust of. Clean with WD40. 2. Get the fine sand brush and sand all the rust and the painted area as well. 3. Paint the rust area with zinc paint 4. Repain the whole stand with black marine rate paint Will those steps work as I am looking as making it a main display tank again. Thank you.
  7. Looking at putting tanks into racks to make some room. Are there any advantages in having either metal racks or timber racks ? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks
  8. Just wondering who here builds metal stands. After a bit of info on sizes of steel I would need. I've spoken to Shaun just want to see what other stand builders think. If you could let me know so I can PM you cheers. JP
  9. Now that’s funny hey,there is no competition, the resistance lighting falls on its face on so many levels. Heat, length of time between bulb/tube changes and they are only two reasons LEDs make them all useless in comparison!! These 2 foot 10 watt fluro replacement tubes that we got some months back are similar to our last china purchase in July last year, but these ones are cooler, the diodes are only quarter watt of cool white and blue, but they have tiny optics on each diode or 60 degrees, how cute is that. They are only for our algae areas and my sought fish only tank,but how cool are LEDs,they are varied and so good in so many ways, it makes me think, how the hell did we do with out them.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. As the title suggests I am looking at building metal stands for my breeding setup, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should use that is cost effective and will be structurally sound? Any suggestions are welcome.
  12. Are there any of these Guppies for sale in Brisbane or surrounding areas? Please help!!!!!
  13. I just spoke to the LFS and they did not check for phosphate. They are advicing that because I stressed the pepps in a bad environmental previously, active diseases that invaded the pepps spread to my other fish as well (brichardi), which caused their demise. All of which sounds very plausible. I'm now worried that my Calvus are also playing host to this demon parasite and may move to fishy heaven soon... I have attached some pictures below of the survivors and am hoping if anyone can help me identify Gill fluke, which apparently is a common disease for tangs. Their respiratory behaviour seems to be slightly abnormal since they look like they are trying harder to breath. I have also noticed some twitches while they remain in suspension. Symptom observation could be just me being paranoid since there used to be black gravel and driftwood in the tank previous to my panic and they were alot darker in complexion. I have added another 1.5 table spoons of pool salt to the existing 1 teaspoon added yesterday. The tank is approximately 130L and the heat has been turned up to 28. this is a picture of what they used to look like...
  14. about 5 days ago my pepps started surfacing with their noses out of the water. the next morning I found 7 of them dead. before the day was over the rest of them died (11 pepps). I also have brichardi and calvus in the tank which seemed unaffected by whatever happened to the pepps. Everyone I've spoken to has pointed to high GH as the cause for their deaths. The next day, my brichardi started dropping off (the water parameters were ideal for tangs) by the morning, all 10 brichardi had died.. the only survivors are the Calvus. A testimony to Frontosa's quality fish! I was afraid of some nasty disease so I removed all EVERYTHING from the tank. I washed the tank with diluted bleach and soaked everything (substrate, filter, driftwood) in strong bleach. I rinsed the tank well and filled it back up. The Calvus are back in there with a new sponge filter (unseeded) and heater. I am absolutely baffled by what might have gone wrong and killed my pepps as well as brichardi. My only other suspect is the aluminum which the tank is made from. My aquarium is constructed form 2 marine ship windows and welded together with aluminum flat sheet. I've been reading on leaching issues with aluminum causing respiratory problems with fish. has anyone ever had a problem similar? I should also say that all those fish that died were in the tank for at least a month and from very reputable / knowledgeable breeders. It was the speed and timing of which the deaths occur that really has me puzzled... I am very hesitant to get any new fish since I don't want a repeat of the incident. Can't control what you can't measure, right?
  15. Hi all, I have recently setup a 6ft tank and I am considering lighting options. I am planning on converting to a coral reef tank in the near future, however as it stands it is going to be use for my africans in the mean time. I am thinking of using a 4ft 4 tube HO system in the middle of the tank, with 2 metal hailed security lights, one at each end, pointing towards the middle. So, my question is, can I just use a 500/250w metal halied security light to do this, or do these differ to the ones you find in the aquarium lighting fixtures? Are the ones you get from bunnings able to be directly wired up to a power point, or do they need a transformer? What I want to do, is build them into the hood so I can create sufficient air circulation to keep it cool. I also what to wire it up so I can put them on a time/separate switch to the fluoros. Any advise is appreciated, Thanks, Regards, Ryan
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  17. I'll be looking for someone to build a 9x2 in a couple of weeks. I know it's been talked about before but the search function isn't being co-operative. But if someone could direct me to an old thread or give me some names it would be much appreciated. Cheers, Rusty
  18. hey guys check out this link... would these metal halides be suitable for a 6x2 ft tank ?? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/2-X-70Watt-Metal ... dZViewItem
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