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Found 6 results

  1. what temperature should my tank be using the dry start method? right now its 28c
  2. Have you ever had to force feed a fish that will simply not eat for once reason or another? I have just started to force feed my largest male Uaru who, after receiving a beating and sustaining injuries from the smallest male in the tank, is sulking and hasn't eaten for weeks and is terribly thin. I'm using a syringe and 4cm soft airline tubing to deliver the food (powdered NLS Thera A) along with liquid Flagyl to combat any internal parasites. Anyhow, my question is... How far down the throat should the tube be forced so that the food reaches the stomach and does not just pass through the gills? The 4cm tube doesn't seem far enough as a lot of the payload comes back out through the gills. TIA, Rob
  3. I have a heap of sandstone laying around at home the I was planning on drilling and shaping it for use in my tank. The issue I have is that I am using a white substrate, and therefore would prefer darker coloured rocks. Is there an aquarium safe (spray) paint I could use to paint them darker shades of colour? Or are there any other methods to colour sandstone that anyone could recommend?
  4. Hey guys, Got some calcium carb in my tank that is browning a little with algae and just wanted to know the best method for cleaning it? Was thinking soaking in something, not really sure what works best though. Cheers
  5. And yes Ray, I know you have sump-thing about sumps, but I want to take from the bottom and feed in the top. Having this in mind, what is the best way of removing waste through filtration? Any help appreciated. Tony
  6. I want to repair a small leak on an old tank - what's the best method? Recently I fixed a new tank successfully, I simply reapplied the Selleys stuff over the top of the manufacturer's silicon (after discussing with the maker over the phone) and that did the trick no problem. However for this old tank I was thinking of first removing the original silicon entirely from all the inner corners, then reapply new silicon to those crevices. Is this the best way? What's the best tool/method to remove the old silicon? Should I just use the Selleys Aquarium Safe Silicon or is there a more structurally safe brand to use? Thanks.
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