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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, I started a 30cm cube set up as a shrimp tank. Nothing to special, just for Red Cherries. Anyway i had the tank with a Mystery Snail and two small Bristlenose in it for a month or so. It only has one live plant of Riccia about 2 inches square On the weekend i added 5 Red Cherry Shrimp and a few mineral balls that the LFS told me were needed for the shrimp to shed their shells So within two days both Bristlenose have died. Water perimeters are all in spec 6.6PH, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, and Nitrates about 5 - 10 PPM So i suppose my question is if the mineral balls may have effected them in some way , changing some other component in the water Thanks in advance for any help Cheers
  2. OK so having not heard of this I had a quick look. Apparently its a type of bentonite clay known as montmorillonite. There are a few types of bentonite clay (aka fullers earth) used in aquariums E.G. koi clay aka easy life aka geo-liquid. Its a very interesting group of clays, and I say that with all honesty. Anyway have a look at this Mineral Location Search and then at this Redbank Plains, Ipswich City Shire, Queensland, Australia and then at this Montmorillonite: Montmorillonite mineral information and data. whose a clever boy?
  3. so i though i would share a video with you all showing a tank that i set up using only the "Bee shrimp mineral GH+" with RO water. mixed with an EC value of 200 as per mixing instructions on the bottles. This tank was set up only for testing this product as i do with all my products. The tank was filled with ro and mineral and shrimp added. (and yes the tank was cycled of coarse) after 10 weeks with 5 females.
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