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Found 20 results

  1. has any one got one ?Aqua One Mini Reef Series available in 90, 120 and 150l and not a bad price to I just had a look at a 120l new for $700 complete with lights, marine-reef filtration and a Skimmer any way what r like pro and the cons
  2. The Bakki family has had the new addition today of Bakki Balls. Originally it started with the Bakki Rods and Mini Bakki, then cam along the Bakki discs and today we get to add the Bakki Balls that arrived into stock today. Here is the range now available. Bakki Rods have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps Mini Bakki Rods 5kg have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps Bakki Discs - 5kg Bag (Bacteria House Bio Discs) Bakki Balls have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps
  3. Convert an Old Xbox 360 into a Fish Tank | Hack N Mod this is freaking amazing.. Talk about patience much...
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. I got this rare-ish tubastraea variation a couple of months back and it has finally settled down and spreading out. Some polyps are showing up elsewhere and along side the standard tubastraea as well.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Hey all, I purchased a maxi mini anemone from pet city on Thursday. I noticed it had a few small tears on it's foot but it's mouth wasn't gaping, it was still sticky and appeared otherwise healthy. I acclimatized if got half an hour before I turned the power heads off and let it attach, a few bits if the foot didn't attach but most did, just where the tears where it didn't hold on. However it still looked very healthy and was responsive. Yesterday I noticed it's mouth was gaping and since then it has continued going down hill, more of the foot is not attaching and it is disintegrating in areas. Some parts still look healthy and are sticky though. Is there anything I can do to save it? They're not easy to find. My other mini carpets are doing very well and so is all of my coral so nothing seems to be amiss there. Parameters are: SG: 1.025 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 1ppm
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I'm thinking of starting a tiny aquaponics system (boredom of the holidays ) that wont affect the aesthetics of my tank and is removable. Looking around the house I found I had this old filter system that I got off a free nano tank that was cracked. I'm thinking of using the little black container as the growbed (yes it is tiny, but I dont aim to grow much at all). Im looking at perhaps growing mint or jasmine.... Can either of these grow in such small spaces? What would be an ideal substrate to grow these in - would aquasoil work? Most importantly, can an aquaponics system harm my fish?
  10. Nuvo Aquarium - Mini 38 from Innovative Marine I love the look of these systems and would really like to get one. Anyone stock them in Australia?
  11. Fish or accessories ????? By the way..... Sorry but you aren't invited next bowling session * sorry couldn't resist -webmaster
  12. I went to AOA today as I was passing and bought a mini sponge filter ! There new in and as lots of you are doing aquascapes or nano tanks I thought you might be interested There was a smaller one which had media in the bottom also Some of Tech Dens Macropore 600mls for size comparison As there both sponsors mods shouldn't have a problem with this thread FJ
  13. Hi everyone' Ive been researching the Fluval mini Co2 kit, for my 20 litre tank... I have come across mixed reviews, has anyone here used one yet? There $39.95 to buy and re fills are readily available.... Age of Aquariums haas them in... thanks
  14. Tanks are out sides are 2 fts, middle tank 2x2x1. Will be using middle tank as breeding tank for bn filter is sponge and a Ehiem 2213 ,If I can get some breeding the outer tanks will be for fry, with two sponge filters on each tank. Any ideas.. Tips
  15. Hi All, Deal of the Day link below, Age of Aquariums - Hydor Mini Heater 7.5w Ben
  16. Hi All, Great for anyone with existing Fluval Flora or Ebi Tanks. Suitable for 15 - 30 litres. Link, Age of Aquariums - Fluval Mini Compact Light 11w Ben
  17. just from where i live .....i fiddled with some of them to make them prettier and some of the birds are a bit blurry but i still think they look cool so i thought i'd share em!
  18. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can source some mini pellia. cheers
  19. Well i have started to get my tanks in order. i have been a bit lax in the last few months and after helping dexter out i have got the WAF to get my tanks in better shape. I had Jaypee buil;d me a real real nice stand and hood but due to my measuring the tank i have currently is a little too big.. I got on to a place down in browns plains to build me a real nice custom tank wich wont be ready for about another month. So on to my little 45 litre tank. I wanted a small tank in the office as i spend most of my time in there working or playing. So while waiting for stuff to transfer or burn i wanted something to loose myself in. This will be a slowish worklog as cash flow is a little slower these days but i have basically everything bar plants and fish. So this tank i bought a couple of years ago as a all in one tank but after a couple of pump failures it has sat dormant for the last few months. Here come the photos As it sat up until a couple of weeks ago Top So i removed everything from the inside and scrubbed till my hands almost bleed. Pulled the whole lid apart cleaned up everything cleaned wiped removed the old fan and have tidied up everything. I put a strip of LED's just to show I then pulled my desk apart (took me three weeks to get right) and placed the tank for looks.
  20. Had what I thought was a perspex frysaver only the holes were a bit too big. It sat on the shelf for a couple of weeks and opened it yesterday and to my surprise it was a great gadget. I put in it two different fry in either side as I was moving the fry but then it did not happen till the following day so I left the fry in there over night with a airstone underneath it. We all know how painful it is to catch them and then have to let them go only to catch them again. Cost me about $34 and was great value. The brand of it is Chishihta and called a Mini Aquarium. It has 3 slide out dividers - one on either side and one in the middle which makes it easy for separating and removing of fry. It has a flip up perspex lid and 4 columns air filled to float it and a couple of suction caps if you want to sucker it to a tank. So if you see a box that looks like this grab it...
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