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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, I have a small breeding setup for Africans, a F1 Burundi Colony and a large mixed African display tank. What is the best food mix to use? Should I have different food for each tank or can I buy something that works for all? At the moment I am thinking a 2kg Bucket of New life Spectrum (medium 2mm or Thera A 2mm) mixed with 2-3kg of Tech Den Colour enhancing or Aquamunch? Please suggest anything else to add or recommendations of which you prefer our of Tech Den/Aquamunch as a cheap food mix? Thanks, Dave
  2. .Without risk of hybridising what shrimp can mix?
  3. Ok so I have searched the forum and can't find anything on this so I shall ask........ What is better for keeping ph up calcium carbonate or a crushed coral sand mix? Need to do the following tanks: 3x 6ft 5x 4ft 15x 2ft Thanks for all the help Karen
  4. I have a 1000lt foodgrade plastic bin, I was planning to plant out in the patio,maybe with some papyrus etc ,would a toga and the large variety of archer fish,namely T Chatareus get along ok together if I introduced as small fish and let grow out together,or is this a no no
  5. Hi all, I set up a 4 x 2 x 2 tank at my school last year. Everything's been going quite well, but the last few months I've some serious aggression issues. Three of the Pindani I had in there were killed by a very aggressive Albino Eureka red male. I removed him from the tank and things settled. Now unfortunately, the female Eureka Reds I have in the tank are all showing severe fin damage. They show aggression to each other as well as being targeted by the last albino female I have the tank (soon to be relocated). I only have three Eureka females and one pure Eureka male. Other tank mates are 6x Black Acei (from butch on these forums. One is ready to spawn.) 4 x Electric Yellows (I think 2 male and 2 female but I haven't sexed them yet) 2 x remaining Pindani from a batch of 5 1 x Chinese algae eater (recently bought to control alage on back of tank) So, I'm wondering if I need to throw a few more females of the Eureka's in the tank to spread the aggression. Currently one is in my little iso cube so she can rest and recover. That only leaves two in the main tank and today I noticed serious tail fin damage to both of them. If I throw in another three females, will that help? The other option is to scrap the Eureka's completely and go for something else in the tank. I stocked it based roughly off a guide from the Cichlid Forum site (American site, really helpful. I discovered it before I found out about this place). I could swap the Red's for another colony of Aulanocaras. Apparently the Eurekas are fairly aggressive for their type. I know Butch is selling breeding colonies of other Aulanocaras and I could happily purchase from him again, since his fish are quality. The only problem with that option is I don't have anywhere to put the Eureka's if I do that. No room in my home tanks and none in either my brothers or brother in laws tanks. Any advice welcome. Cheers
  6. After the power outage earlier this year I lost some of my acropora sps, lps, some other coral species and some of the survivors just weren’t getting back to really good health. Also my coris gaimard was not putting on extra body or changing to adult colour as it was before the outage, so I changed my invert mix to get the corals healthy and a slight variation to my fish food mix and total success that was hoped for was achieved. There is no way the wrasse will stay still long enough to get a pic but most of my acropora are in easy spots to get pics of. Virtually all my sps,acans and other lps extend polyps with every time I apply this mix, these are a few of them feeding. All but one of the corals in the pics are from what I could save from the three days of no electricity. I am nearly over all those years of experimenting that I used to do which allows me to now appreciate it all with near no water changes, no skimmer no live rock and they are all flourishing and their obvious growth rate is such a relief! It is all so easy if filtraion is right and they get a good feed!
  7. Hey everyone im setting up and aquarium and im thinking of getting oscars. I am after aggressive fish that will grow large so i can have fun with them feeding livies. i was wondering what fish mix well with oscars or even a different species to get that will grow large amd be extremely aggressive. thanks
  8. hey all i want to start going plants in pots,as i havent had much luck in the past.i think the substrate im using isnt good enough.what is a good mix to grow plants that is not going to affect water quality. cheers marty
  9. Hey all. New to fish keeping and just wondering if you can keep American and African Cichlids together? I have some Electric Yellows and some Red Jewels at the moment and wanting some Gold Severum's. Can i mix these together? Cheers Nick.
  10. Hello everyone, I am new to fishkeeping and am currently setting up my 4x3x2ft tank to eventually house some discus with a few other peaceful fish. I was wondering whether cherry or rosie barbs would go ok with Discus? I intend on introducing a few different schools slowly and ensuring my paramaters are spot on by the time Discus make it into the tank. Other tankmates I am considering are a couple of Blue Rams, Cardinal tetras, corydoas and a few bristlenose. I would love to add a few cherry or rosie barbs in to mull out the Rams a little..... At the moment I have 4 Rams and 2 cory. Any advice is much much appreiated
  11. Hey guys, Setting up a 6ft tank which will (probably, changing mind every second day) contain 2-4 Angels, 2 peppermint bn, 2x yellow loaches and a few bengal loaches and L177's if I can get my hands on all of them Looking for the best plant setup for these fish, currently have a small anubis on driftwood and some plant food. Thanks.
  12. my appologies in advance, what cichlids are safe to house together in a mixed tank, 1 being a 4ft, the other a 6ft, probably been discussed over and over, not really interested in breeding, but if they do, just want to see whats compatible and safe. what other specie is also suitable with cichlids ( africans) cheers
  13. Hi everyone Recently, I've seen Monodactylus argenteus was housed together in the same tank with african cichlids in one LFS. They are beautiful fish so I googled it only to find out that they are brackish water fish which requires sea salt in the water. Although they can survive in fresh water for a period of time, they much prefer brackish water and even salt water condition. Can someone please enlighten me about the suitability of this fish in fresh water environment and compatible tankmates. Can they be housed in african cichlids tank? or discus tank? if so, what are other requirements to keep this fish healthy in fresh water tank? Thanks in advance Cheers Toan
  14. I have 7 goldfish in 4 foot tank, , can i mix them with rainbow and other fish?
  15. can you mix rams with americans ???
  16. Let's see what people think the cross is. Good luck.
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