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Found 20 results

  1. Ok so I have started a collection of tropheus currently I have half a dozen moliro ,half a dozen Bemba, and couple of ikola. all only approx 3 to 4 cm. only in a 3 footer atm the plan is (once we move in couple of weeks) is to have a 4x2 and my son is setting up a 4footer as well,so the Bemba will go into my sons tank and the moliro into mine. my question is can I have the ikola (in group of about 9)in with my moliro (hoping to have about 9) or are they better with the Bemba ? not really interested in breeding just display. or is there a better group to put with each of these? thanks in advance Ben
  2. Just wondering what bio media's you could mix together like coral and noodles what others are there or are people using
  3. i am wondering if i would be able to have bn in the same tank as guppies, would they mix? i also am getting a pair of angels on the weekends and i am planning on putting the fry in a 2foot grow out with guppy fry, would they also mix?
  4. Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone has bred 2 distant types of pleco in the same tank. Bit worried about dominance. I'm setting up a 4x2x18, 3x2x18 and 2 of 2x18x18s. I have 5 big tigers, 5 medium peps, 7 longfin and 3 small blue eyes. I was going to divide the 3 and 4ft tanks but not sure if it's entirely necessary... Has anybody bred any of these guys in the same tank? I'm hoping some can coexist as long as there's enough caves. Any feedback would be great, Thanks
  5. just wondering if i have got some rubin red peacocks and electric yellow in the same 4ft tank and not separated will they x i am not after that but it would be easier to to keep the tank clean as i have thick sponge dividing the tank with an external running on it. plus i would prefer having them swimming together. and reduce heating costs for different tanks as well and what about having venustus in with them ??
  6. Anyone done this?? Im basically too lazy to try and get the gravel out of one of my tanks, has about 5cm of gravel in it. Any harm in putting sand over it? Should i just not be so lazy? Haha, seriously anyone done it? :p:p
  7. Well thought i would share an unusual story, We recently got some very pretty Mahachai Betta and sold all but one little boy! He soon become pretty much depressed and started to look like he was gunna curl so i put him into a tank with 40 crowntail females and he has become one of the girls! Hes a big boy and has really come out of his shell, which brings me to think instead of housing them in pairs maybe they would benefit more from being in a group? I often forget he is there and when ever scooping females out we have to look out for him! BTW: we have always kept our wild betta in pairs although most people think you shouldn't and they do great! Thoughts?
  8. First time without divider under constant supervision, divider on stand by. Eventully will be seperate tanks in pairs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGbPXOliS2g&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  9. Anyone know how this is going to go? i have a 5ft fish tank that i was thinking of having dwarfs in but i still like to have my big americans even if its only 2 or 3. So if i put them all together is this going to end badly or will it be alright? I was thinking as long as i keep to low aggression lvls it might alright but again i'm not really sure
  10. I am getting in to Calvus and frontozas and conpresiceps but I still have my Africans such as Johanni peacocks venustus yellows blues and therein the same tank is this a problem and wich ones can I keep
  11. Hello peoples Let me start out by saying that I am not a scientist or biologist, have little or no knowledge of DNA and therefore anyone who likes can dismiss my ramblings as just that, ramblings of an oft disillusioned hobbyist. Ok a little background about myself. My parents used to keep and breed Oscars, Blue acaras and Red Forest Jewels (as well as guppies, mollies and platys) in the 70's and early 80's when I was a kid. We moved house in the mid 80's and they sold all their tanks. I got back in to the hobby about 5 years ago, and after 2 years dabbling with various SA cichlids, found that I really liked keeping and trying to breed dwarf cichlids. I can't speak for what the hobby was like in 70's and 80's as I was a kid, and apart from helping dad with water changes, I spent more time playing down the local creek than I did paying too much attention to what my parents were doing. But I do know there was not as much information available to my parents as what we have available to us today.
  12. Can you mix south with central and north American cichlids ? does it matter
  13. stupid question but its sweet to mix like burundi, mpimbwe, moba etc right/? just wanna grow a large amount of burundi fronts up and have a few other types in there aswell,
  14. Guys, I probably should know the answer to this question but has anyone tried mixing Oscars with Angels? My Oscar is still pretty young and so are my Angels - about the same age. They both live in the same quality water - Meaning, I do the same to both tanks when I clean them and the same amounts of water treatment is used when I change the water. All my fish seem very happy.
  15. Hi everyone, My moto when it comes to questions is that there are no silly questions.....right??? Well, I have a dilemma. My guppies have just started having babies - Yay for my free oscar food...but, the angels have very big apetites. There are 2 Angels which are young but growing well - no wonder why. I can if i really really need to, set up another tank for the Angels but before i do that I wonder if I can save the extra expense and work of maintaining another tank by putting my angels in with my Oscar. Now with my Oscar I have 3 Silver Dollars, 2 Clown Loaches and 1 sail fin Pleco. I have never seen him attack any of the other fish but introducing new ones can change the dinamics. They are all in a 4ft tank soon to be moving house into a 6ft tank (as soon as I fix the leak and tidy up the stand and hood) in a matter of weeks - ok a month. Has anyone done this before successfully? I'm running out of guppies as we speak.
  16. What would be a good and safe addition to my tank, would like more colour?
  17. Can you mix plecos, regardless of sex, in a tank? I have 1 pleco and am unsure of sex or breed, and looking to add another, but not the same species. Thanks to those who reply
  18. I have 8xtropheus,4xcomps, and 4xcalvus all in different tanks would these fish be compatebel in a mixed tang tank? I have seen them in a mixed community tanks before but havnt tryed it my self..? Any addvice would be appreciated... Thanks sam
  19. hi is it ok to mix juvi convicts and juvi acei tanzania in a breeder net cheers,john
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