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Found 15 results

  1. Balloon molly fry are looking the same as "normal" molly when they are born: (Watch my one week old molly balloon fry: )
  2. watch my molly fry as they grow up from birth to almost adult size, ready to be moved to my 60 gallon community tank:
  3. In my efforts to breed a sailfin lyretail green molly from original stock of a sailfin male and many lyretail females, about 5 generations in I have produced this guy (below). Pay particular attention to his excessively long pelvic fins: Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  4. Miss molly died because she was bitten by another fish and it had gotten inffected we try saving her but it was to late
  5. Hi I am trying to find out how long balloon mollies live for. I have done some research via google and the websites differ from 1 year to 5 years. I have a tank with livebearers and the balloon mollies seem to be dying off (about 2 a week) and all the others (platy, swordtail) are doing fine. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. I have a mature female green molly that I raised from a baby, along with 5 others. They are all now adults and living in the same tank. When I got home from work tonight, there's one on the bottom of the tank perpetually swimming around in a circle. I netted it out and lay it flat in the palm of my hand. It tended to curl up in one direction and even though I could easily straighten it out, once back in the water it curled up and swam in a tight circle. I fear it won't last long as it can't move in any direction and hence eat, etc. It's now 11pm with the lights out and all the fish are dormant...except this one: still swimming fairly fast in a tight circle. I accept it's not long left in this world, but any ideas as to what has caused this? My fear is it is a parasite or something that may affect the other fish in this tank. Anyone? Edit: Apologies - I just realised there is a livebearer forum this would be better in, but I can't move or remove the post. Sorry.
  7. hi guys just got a few black mollys and am not sure on how to tell male from female if anyone can help would be greatly appreciated
  8. i've been thinking about trying to cross breed guppies and mollys . what sort of shape and colours do you think i would get
  9. Gday all I am interested in finding out more about the dwarf molliy as I have a few (which i am selling) but i will be keeping a few because I have hardly seen any of these around. I started with a black male that I originaly thought was just slow growing and it breed then i told my local fishy and he got very excited so I sold him and now I still have a few of his off spring but they are either white, dalmation, or more black with small white fleck through them. I was wondering if these are realy that hard to come bye before I sell all of mine???
  10. Just wondering if anyone can impart some wisdom ... Water Params are 0, 0, 5 Bought a 2nd hand 3' tank with fish a couple of weeks ago. Have lost 3 of the fish and I'm wondering if I need to treat the whole tank - until I get advice I've thrown Melafix & Pima fix in. Endler - dead, no apparent reason or visible signs of anything & it was fine when we left this morning. Molly - had been gasping since we got it home and a couple of daysw ago it's lips went white, but a hard white ... looked like a phosphorous burn from a match head if you know what I mean .... as in it wasn't furry like fungus. In the end, it wasn't gasping as such, it just kept its mouth open the whole time. Tiger Barb - had 1 really red gill and one totally clouded eye. Progressively its mouth looked ulcerated & white (again, not fluffy fungus) and went really red where it wasn't white. Any idea from the above what I should use? I'm hoping to get away without knocking the bio filter out because it's only just had a brand new cannister filter put on & has a few small seeded internal filters going until the cannister is fully seeded. Thanks so much for any advice you can give. Cheers Di
  11. My molly has a bubble over one of its eyes. It is not cloudy just clear what could this be. I do no want to go buy any medication unless it is contagious to my pindanis. For now I put in a very light dose of methalane blue and malchnite green. Matt
  12. One of my mollies has a white fungus growing from the left side. Is there any particular fungicides that anyone could recommend? Cheers, Jess&Jed
  13. Hey guys, I'm new to the whole aquarium thing and my mollies have jus had about 30 fry . I have them in a breeders box seperated from the mother but how long can i keep them in it for? There is 30 so its a bit tight for space but i dont have the hardware for another tank (i.e. another filter ect.) and i really want them to survive. I'm feeding them baby brine shrimp and ground tropical flakes, is this a good diet for fry? Cheers, Jess&Jed
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