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Found 10 results

  1. Im not game to do any water changes at the moment. My water for changes either comes from the tap or the rain tank. If I had a water ageing barrel I probably would do water changes, but no way in hell am I going to risk it at the moment, the stuff coming out of the tap is colder than the water the fridge makes and the rain tank would be even worse.
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  3. Hi all, Just thought I'll share some of the photos of my own fish with you. I am not a photographer and mostly use my phone:oops: to take photos, and with an occasional good camera. Fundulopanchax amieti Fundulopanchax filamentosus Fundulopanchax cinnamomeum Fundulopanchax deltaense Fundulopanchax gardneri Udi Berge Fundulopanchax gardneri N'sukka Fundulopanchax gardneri Makurdi Fundulopanchax gardneri P82 Fundulopanchax gardneri GOLD Chromaphyosemion biateniatum Ijebu Ode Chromaphyosemion biateniatum Lagos Chromaphyosemion biateniatum AMAR11 Chromaphyosemion poliaki Aphyosemion striatum Aphyosemion calliurum Aphyosemion australe Chocolate Aphyosemion australe Gold Epiplatys sexfasciatus AMAR11 I am always looking for species/localities of killies that I do not have and happy to swap pairs/eggs with other killifish keepers. Killifish are usually hard to find, so you'd be surprised to know most of the fish in the photos were bought from the two major wholesalers on the east coast; one in QLD the other VIC. The fish are out there, it just takes someone like me to chase them! The key is once you get them, to make sure you breed them so the fish do not disappear from the Australian hobby. Hope you like the photos. Cheers, Serkan
  4. OK......... So this may not be a big deal for some, but for my widdle bwain i think i just had a ripper idea!..... I have bought a new tank and gettin ready for setup, it will have nice little marine fishies and live coral in it, so here's the brainstorm............. A SKYLIGHT IN THE ROOF TO DIRECT NATURAL SUNLIGHT THRU THAT DUCTING STUFF DIRECTLY INTO TOP OF TANK !!!!!!!!!! TTAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAA !!!!! The tank will be enclosed and integrated into an existing wall, so the ducting s hit you wont see. But will it heat the water up too much for me widdle pieces of coral?? Any ideas dudes? Anyone else tried this yet? Huh? well have ya's??
  5. So just did a water change on my 4ft tank went upstairs and came down about 20mins later to find a tank full of belly up fish I put my hand inthe tank and got zapped and then discovers that one of the power heads was faulty and I have electrocuted all my fish I had a young colony of 6 electric blues and 4 tangerine peacocks it's safe to say I'm very disappointed
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  7. Not thinking chucked a pair of Ellioti with a spare small male in my two foot tank. Two hours later, I'm pretty sure they've killed him (or me) Looks like they will lay but feel like poo, he was a awesome little fishy :'( FML
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  9. First batch of b/n!! haha! Im really happy with my stud male, so cant wait to see how these little ones grow up.
  10. So I was cleaning out my discus aquarium about 10 minutes ago, and I was cleaning the gravel as thorough as i have in a while (even though i give it a good clean once weekly. And i was watching the clear tube as the water was flowing out and i noticed something dart by. My first thoughts was maybe a fish, so i stopped and looked in the container of water i was draining... This is what followed... Sorry about the quality, its very poor I know. For those who cant make it out, it looks to be ONE worm. However when i tried to move it it broke off (or seperated) into two smaller worms, they seemed to be two different sizes so im not sure if it was two worms attatched to each other or one long worm. I wormed my discus about a month ago, and i never saw any worms... What could these be? tapeworms? something else? Thanks
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