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Found 8 results

  1. Have 5 mono argent at around 8cm long for trade for Americans. Monos were originally bought from smiths aquarium. Looking for fish 15cm and under. Cheers
  2. I have a single mono in my all male mixed African tank that is getting a bit of size about it. Around 15cm top to bottom fin. I heard somewhere that they need to be in a brackish setup once they reach a certain size. Is this true? Cheers
  3. Is it possible to keep them in a fresh water tank?
  4. Hey guys I got home from work last night to find my barcoo has attacked one of my mono argents, now it can't close it's jaw hence cannot eat. It doesn't seem to have any signs of disease. Just wondering if there's anything I can do or if it will heal at all. Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers Jamie
  5. Is it possible to breed these guys in a 6x2x2.there in a 9ft at the moment but ive got a nother breeding program goin on in there at the min.
  6. Hi all, i'm wondering if you guys might be able to spare a second to help me out a little, i have aquired a mono peacock bass at 49cm i put him in a 5x2x28 tank with a fluval 304 canister (1000 lph) internal fluval 2000 lph, the tank was running fine i introduced him to the tank on tues last night went to bed at 1am tank was clear, woke up at 8 an it was nealy white could barley see the fish, amonia was off the card etc, i've relocated him to a mates tank, but i'm curious on if i have enough filtration for the big guy? Thanks
  7. heyy guys just wondering what use are feeding your cichlas? im currently feeding them on prawns, whitebait and cichlid gold. so feel free to advise me of anything else or if what im feeding them is wrong.
  8. hey guys anyone got any good advice on keeping mono's ? know they grow big and need a large tank but any other advice would help just got given 2 of these guys
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