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Found 9 results

  1. wet dry sumped 8x2x2 african display tank. after around 5-6 months of doing no water changes, no gravel vaccing and only topping up evaporated water....
  2. Due to previously mentioned circumstances next months lotto is being cancelled. if you dont know find the L# lotto #4 thread and read page 2. thats all I got to say....
  4. Received this link pmed to me from MFK. Earth Day 2011 | TFH MagazineĀ® Over 50 issues delivered digitally. Ends 24/4/2011 Even the biggest tightass can get this.... Looks like it should be handy for a lot of people on here. Enjoy the cheapness peps.
  5. hey guys I would like to introduce myself to this forum. My name is benjamin altho i always go by ben. I have been keeping fish for about 8 months. tropical for 7 of them. I dont know much yet but i am learning something new everyday. at the moment i am running 3 tanks. 1st is a 3ft (180lt) with 5 angel juvies, 13 tetras,2 bn juvies,3 fancy guppies(1M 2F) and a sparkling guorami.I am hoping to get a breeding pair from these angels then move them into a second 3ft tank not set up yet. 2nd is a 45cm cube (100lt) with 4 bns(3M 1F) 5 pep bn juvies(thanks to johno) a few cherry shrimp and a few endlers 3rd is a blue plannet classic 70lt with 5 sailfin mollies (2M 3F) 5 rasabors and 3bn juvies (2common 1 albino) My father and i are planning to buy or build a tank 6ft for a display tank for the entrance of our house. He is very keen to build everything himself. we have already started buying materials to make a sump/canister filter out of a smaller gabage bin. I am planning to breed some bns soon altho i have to get rid of a male or 2. and in about 12 months time plan to breed peps. my favorite fish has to be my peps altho i am awfully fond of my sparkling guarmi( the 1st tropical fish i bought) If anyone can see that im doing anything wrong with any of my tanks now or in the future id appreciate it if you could point it out and maybe some advice on how to correct the problem.
  6. Just thought I'd post some photos of my fishie experiences over the past few months. Today, actually is spot on the 6 month mark since the old lady blessed me with my first aquarium at the ripe old age of 20. There's been a few heart breakers like the texas bailing and the saratoga carking it... but now, I wouldn't be without my fish Sorry about the photo quality, it's all you can expect from a 100 quid camera. Moving house so the tanks are stripped of any deco, but at the next house I know I need to do some stepping up to get the tanks looking half decent like some of the ones on here. All in random order, but enjoy.
  7. Hi guys, I put this together quickly on another forum and thought I would share it here. ---------- I purchased my Geophagus sp. "Araguaia Orange Head" colony at around 3-4cm in length on February 4, 2009, and sold them on January 27, 2010, with the dominant males at around 5.5" TL. In chronological order, here's their growth (without figures). There's probably a substantial gap or two in there but this is all I've got. February 5, 2009: February 26, 2009: March 15, 2009: April 7, 2009: July 20, 2009: So a couple of months since the last update, red heads really starting now. September 12, 2009: Another couple of months, showing full colouration on some males now. October 22, 2009: November 18, 2009: Now spawning every fortnight - can't tell I purchased the DSLR here December 7, 2009: January 1-2, 2010: Just before they went, the last good photos I have of them. Pretty amazing what happens over 12 months with such a gorgeous species.
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