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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I'm losing corydora sterbai wrigglers at the rate of 3 per day. They are @14 days old. From reading, possible cause may indicate something wrong with the food or with the water.. Or is it natural selection/just the way it is? DIY ice cream fry saver with mesh windows is floating in main tank - airstone on very gently. Finely crushed flake, vinegar eels and brine shrimp alternated throughout the day, feed 5 times per day. Waste/uneaten food is syphoned off prior to each meal and at the end of every night. Water in big tank is changed 30% weekly and filtered well. Ammonia & Nitrite 0 Nitrate < 5 Temp at 26.5 Ph at 6.7 or so. What am I doing wrong? Feeding too much? Not the right food? Bugging them with all the syphoning? Any advantage to putting down a fine layer of sand in fry saver? I read that this may stop bacteria from adhering to fry...but hey it was on the internet, on a blog no less, so dunno how much truth is in it... Please help!
  2. just wondering what sort of survival rate alto breeders are experiencing? i seem to be loosing a large amount of fry between 3-5 weeks , just after fry become free swimming. i first thought water quality but now think maybee food? i am using powdered nls pellets
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