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Found 7 results

  1. Good read this morning thanks to the fine ppls over at aquariumlife http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/content/part/JAMCA/JAMCA_V20_N3_P286-291.pdf little bit late to stop the gov introducing gambusia........ but hey Melanotaenia duboulayi for the WIN! Speaking of which. Anyone noticed just how many bloody things got named after Francis Houssemayne Du Boulay?
  2. What to do with mosquito larvae in shrimp tank? Just want to ask as I find some in my tank. Thanks.
  3. Hey just wondering how many people use mosquito larvae as a food source for there fish. I just went and checked some dw I had soaking and found a lot so I scooped them out and fed them to some fry and apistos and they smashed them.
  4. Well, the future son in law said my gourami was not with eggs. Bloody know it all! So now it's 3 weeks later, I bought her a companion. Now i'm the proud owner of 6 tanks (from mollasses pods) holding 500 litres each, and 2 billion gouramis. Hey I was quite happy playing World of Tanks, now i'm boiling eggs cos I can't find liquifry localy, buying red dots I can't even see for a dollar a bag. Anyway it looks like I have enuf slim and stuff in these tanks as I notice the larger tads are 10mm already. Question ...... what can I put in these tanks that will eat the mosquito larvae and not my fry, cos I got 10 mossie larvae for each fry (20 billion). The smaller larvae are being cleaned up .. like wow I really got pleasure in seeing the fry whack a mossie the first time hehe .... I did put on my glasses .... so i guess eventually the problem will resolve itself this time .... any answer will help me for next time, yeah next time ...... see this is turning into a hobbie .... anyway happy to share on this site.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. I think i have mosquito larvae in a tank were i have about 50 4 day old bn babys, the father bn and 6 cherry shrimp. Wat should i do? I know if there were fish in that tank they'd eat em?
  7. Hey all, I have my first batch of Albino BN fry(bout 80 n 12-15mm). i noticed yesterday(sunday) that i have small worm like creatures in the bottom of tank. they look like Mosquito Larvae as it has rained alot in ippy over the last couple days. Will they Hurt/Kill my fry?? Is there a safe way to remove them beside scooping out with a net?? Should i leave a Mossie Coil smoking in the room to prevent this happening again?? As ive lost bout 15 fry in the last 2days. i did my regular water change on Saturday n then the Larvae appeared on Sunday. I tested the water 2day n everything is normal except the PH was a bit high so im slowing dropping it over the next couple of days. Not sure but i think the town water PH has spiked. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tim
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