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  1. Hey guys A few weeks ago I picked up some small samples of moss (or moss-like plants) from a creek that runs through the back of my parents place. They have been submerged for 3 weeks and seem to be going strong. Anyone got any ID ideas? Ive got some pictures but they ant the best as i don't own a macro lens The 4th and 5th photo are the same moss. It's really small in terms of its structure. Who else has used moss they have found? Cheers, Sophie
  2. marimo moss balls are these legal? I read a few pages on verious sites saying they are as long as they are not the original plant originally imported and others say they are totally illegal? Any help much appreciated thanks
  3. Hey guys I'm new to the planted tank and haven't had the best track record with plants in my tanks. I've started a new planted tank and are having some issues with my Java Moss. So has anyone else ever encountered that white/grey furry stuff on there Java moss? And as you can see there is some die back so I'm trying to work out if this stuff is causing it. Any help or ideas would be great. Cheers Jack
  4. Hi I am chasing some Java Moss, preferably in Brisbane's southern suburbs. I am happy to pick up from either Sherwood area (or Moorooka, annerley, Rocklea) or the Forest Lake area. I need it for breeding my Rainbows.
  5. Hey anyone giving any java moss away brisbane area closer to ipswich the better i know its a long shot but never know
  6. Hey i got 2 squares of j moss on steel mesh. My question is how do i grow this so it attaches to wood and rocks? Cheers and thank you
  7. Hi all, can someone please tell me what is the secret to growing moss? I have bought heaps of the stuff, all different varieties and it all ends up the same way....dead. I do 50% water changes 2 x weekly, use ferts that Dave from Aquagreen advised, dose with seachem excel every second day and still the rotten stuff dies. I tie it to rocks, driftwood with cotton, it won't stay on there no matter how much cotton goes around it. Can some one please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Appreciate any tips. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Already been putting this together for 2 weeks and not made much progress lol. Worse still its a shared tank........ at least at the begining. So it shall have a good school of lazer cories, and for now it has some pretty plastic plants. Will likely pull out the cone snail infested gravel/soil mix, and replace with some ADA. Hmmm as far as real plants theres a single square of mini pelia. But I do have some moss AND some pumice. First experiment is trying to get some floating moss happening! I have the tank I wanted, and the wood I wanted. I have a litre of fresh macropore on hand, as after 2 weeks of soaking my water = coke! For now its lit with 2 ista bars, but really like the look of the kessil amazons....... especially the crazy level of rippling. Not sure on how I will filter it. Tonite added an aquaclear 50, just to turn it over....... and as somewhere to get some macropore in eventually. Hmmmm....... a picture......... gotta start somewhere
  9. HI. Will Java moss grow under an ordinary fluoro light or do I need a proper aquarium plant fluoro? Cheers
  10. .Brought a tank with a few things not sure about Here is a moss that needs ID Thanks in advance Mike P.s sorry for the el crapo photos it's from an iPhone hope someone can make it out
  11. What Are These Odd Green Balls Covering This Australian Beach? | IFLScience
  12. Hi there, I just got a couple of new mosses and I'm not really sure I got what I ordered. Can somebody identify these for me? Moss 1 Moss 1 close up Moss 2 Moss 2 close up Moss 3 Moss 3 close up
  13. What's this growing on my plants driftwood and caves?
  14. Hello all. I have just come back from NZ and have a photo I thought you night enjoy. It's of some moss growing on top of a wall and although it's not been done on purpose - at least I think not - it looks really good. I think I will use it as inspiration for my next nano planted tank. 3
  15. hey I'm wondering if i could use peat moss for CRS because my pH is at 7.4 and i want to lower it, is there any natural ways of lowering the pH natural ?
  16. Any ideas if this is moss or algae growing on my lava rocks?!
  17. I think this is Christmas Moss Opinions please!!
  18. Hi all, thinking about selling this as i dont have room for it in the planted tank anymore. I haven't been able to find a crypt attached to wood to gauge a price, any help appreciated. It's a crypt wendtii, I'm thinking bronze as it's not red or green and gets liquid c02 and ferts. Moss im thinking java or riccia. On a 16cm half to three quarter hollow log. Thanks in advance, mick
  19. Has anyone had their java moss start going brown? There's not heap of water flow but 10hr per day of a plant specific light (up aqua pro z) It was clumped quite thickly but at lfs they have it thick and it's all healthy, i've thinned it out now so light can reach it all
  20. Just bought this what kind of moss is it?
  21. Hey, I live in Albany Creek and I was wondering if there was anyone selling Java Moss really cheap .... And would deliver to Albany Creek.... I need a lot... I need to fill a 20 Gallon tank up
  22. Hi , Can anyone tell me how I might go about making a floating moss ball ? I am finding my java moss a bit messy and out of control ! Am thinking a bio ball, moss covering it and possibly some sort of netting to hold it in place and finally attaching a bit of fishing line to anchor it ? (Assuming it will float of course !!! LOL ) anyone got ideas that will share ?
  23. hey guys im after 3-4 handfulls of java moss, In the logan area if possible. let me know what you have. must be a lush green not a brown/ green. thanks. 0458363922
  24. Hi All I want to make a Moss backdrop for my tank. I'm just interested to see what kind of mesh people use.. I don't want to spend the money on stainless steel if I can avoid it. I was thinking of using the fine gutter guard?? The tank is a 2x18 Cheers!
  25. Hey guys, This will probably be a long-winded thread because it is doing my head in a little bit. I started a tank probably 2 months ago now, and I have changed it frequently as my knowledge and tastes have rapidly expanded after getting back into the hobby. To keep it fairly short, my problem is this: my mosses refuse to grow as fast as I want them to, and my tank has the dreaded black beard algae. I don't really get why my moss hasn't taken off because there is plenty of light, CO2 injection (which has unfortunately been fairly inconsistent due to leaks somewhere I am yet to find...), plenty of nutrients from the fish and dosing with Seachem Flourish Comprehensive and clean water changed fairly consistently. My last check after around 7-8 days without a decent water change was pH 7.6, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and ~5 nitrates, all after I installed a new Eheim 2213 canister filter. The temperature is around 26 degrees, and while my CO2 was running I had it staying in the blue-green range with the in-tank checker (with fresh indicator fluid). The stupid thing is all my stem plants grow like crazy in the background there, and the crypts have grown so much since I first got them that I went from having 3 to about 7 or 8 individual mid-sized plants and I had to start throwing out plantlets because I don't have any room for them. My understanding was that crypts are a slow-growing plant, but they have thrived while my peacock moss and fissidens have struggled to explode and have just been overcome with what seems to be BBA and some sort of brown cottony-fluffy algae that gets tangled up in little balls on them. I have tackled the algae by using Seachem Excel every day/second day, and keeping the surface agitation up while I don't have CO2 so as to keep the oxygenation up. I also bought a SAE yesterday to have a feast on the algae, and he seems to be doing his job. My hairgrass sent up some nice shoots after a good hack/trim, and it seems to be doing pretty well along with the HM I planted the other day. The mosses seem to respond fairly well to a good trim, but they just seem to lack the colour and growth I thought they would have. I know aquascaping is a lesson in patience, but I have very little haha. I just want to know if there is anything I could be doing better to get awesome moss growth, because I really think it makes a lot of aquascapes. Here are some pictures: Full Tank shot after a good trim Shot of the Fissidens Crypts and Anubias growing well Most of the Peacock moss on the wood Trimmed moss looking unhealthy
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