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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys so I've been keeping this tank on the down low for a while but I'm getting nice comments about it from local guys so I wanna see what every one on here thinks of it. It's pretty mixed I used Africans to cycle it and now can't catch them out cause they are way to quick I a big tank. Live stock is 1 huge red devil plus his girlfriend 3 turtle 2 dovii tiger oscar 2 freddies 1 motoro Ray pup bit feather fin cat theres a larg BN crusing around 2 cobalt Blues a large venustus cause he's cool a dragon blood. And probably a few more.There is no aggression in the tank at all except for when I put my hand in there then George the red devil takes a bite of a bite.. Filtration is done by 2 canisters and 4ft sump. Has 2 f4ft fluval full spec lights, sorry it's abit dirty but it's due for its weekly water change right now. Sorry for the crappy ipad pics
  2. Hey, I'm a new member here, as I have recently bought a Motoro stingray. Everything has been going fine with him, he's in a huge tank (400lt) for a still very small guy. I do 2 water changes and week and make sure to give him a decent feed every day. His tank is heated with nothing sharp or potentially harmful in it with him. Today I noticed on his belly he has a single little red spot. This is the first I've seen it, and it's definitely appeared either yesterday or today. He is still swimming actively, eating all his food and acting normally but I'm worried as its just come up. Has anyone seen this before? Or have any tips on what it is, is it harmful or do I need to worry or anything? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  3. So now that my 6x2x2 marine is booming and going great guns, I want to focus on my freshies. I'm planning to set up a tank with big exotic fish. I do want a dovii and have sourced one and I do want a motoro, basically Im asking should it be done ? I know it can be but should it ? I don't want to stress either of them
  4. Hey there just a quick question, I have a 6x2x2 tank with a 12-15cm mangrove jack, going to be getting 2 Motoro pups very soon, do you think there will be any problems with this? The jack is new but will be forfeited for the rays if its not okay. Thanks!
  5. The first pic is when I first got her. she was so skinny and had a big heater burnt. After my TLC, water changed water changed which went on and on as well as added salt. After 6 mths, she is now fat and eats like pigs (basically everything, bloodworm, beefheart, feeder shrimp, raw prawn, earthworms, raw fish.
  6. OK so basically all you people that have rays what do you do to clean the tank as in algae? Obviously no cheap labor from the suckerfish so what do you do?
  7. Guys, Has anyone seen or have Female Motoro for sale. I am after the small one 18-20 cms.
  8. Hi guys I decided yesterday my next additions to my aquatic collection is gonna be motoro rays Now I've been looking at getting a few of these for a little bit now but some of the info I've found about them doesn't match up to other stuff I've found Ie. What size do they actually grow too? One person has told me females get to 2 ft and males are smaller and on a website I've read females can get upto 4-5ft across So what I'm looking for is A - what size do they actually grow to? B - what width tank is best for them C - would Geo sp. Araguaia orange heads be suitable tank mates for the rays? Thanks Cav
  9. Hi Everyone Just wondering how Large loaches would go with a motoro pup, do they have a liking for their slime coat or will they just leave the motoro be? Thanks in advance Deeg
  10. Hey just wanting to find some information on care for motoro rays. Getting some next week just want to make sure everything is going to be good for when they come. Been looking on the internet but i cannot find too much detailed information about them. Anyone with some experiance in keeping these would be great if you could put in a few words. Cheers Blake
  11. heyy guys, alrighty so ive always loved freshwater rays and have decided i want to get some, so basically id love an info i can get on them the what to and not to do based on previous experience's know these guys can have a pretty hefty price tag(welll for a teenager anyway) i really dont want to loose one. things id like to know about! filtration, water paramiters, substartes( i know they need sand but one that doesnt raise ph), feeding tank sizes. any info would be great thanks guys!
  12. I have 3 motoro rays and an arowana in a tank together with a few blood parrots and plecos. I did a water change over the weekend but at the same time, the arowana jumped out. I immediately put him back in, only his fins were damaged. He looks fine but he hasn't been eating since. I expected him not to eat for a while but its nearly a week now. Is there anything I can do? At the same time, he has attacked the motoro rays as they are fairly small still. He lived with larger ones before but they were taken out of the tank and new ones were put in. It appears that he has attacked two of them but they get too injured and are eating and appear to be ok. Is there anything that I can do to make them heal quickly? I have read around that adding salt will be the best bet but can anyone confirm? How much salt do I add? That tank is massive, over approx 1500 I would say.
  13. hey all, just want to see if anyone has keeped african with motoro ray before? or if its is ok for them to be together. thanks peter
  14. hey guys was jst wondering what tank mates can go with motoros, i have done some reading and everything just says aslong as they arnt smal enough to fit in its mouth or aggresive enough to attack the ray. but what fish that would be a good display and look fancy could co-exist with the ray
  15. This is my new male motoro pup that i bought today
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