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Found 29 results

  1. Hello This is one of my first posts on here I think... But I have been searching for the 2 named species in the title of the thread for a while now. Located in Brisbane so if anyone has any tips of what LFS might be a good bet, please let me know. Size of 2inch to 4inch is what I would be seeking for both species. Cheers!
  2. Hey guys, Was just poking around and came across this paper. Has some really good descriptions of mating behaviors of maternal mouthbrooders for people who aren't quite sure. A lot of the other stuff in the study is really interesting as well. Just thought I'd share it. Here's the link: https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=D7vjVKKZJIbu8gWzwYLwDA&url=http://digitool.library.colostate.edu/webclient/DeliveryManager%3Fpid%3D211056&ved=0CCEQFjAB&usg=AFQjCNF89wHgE9fWZpkBguu4Ufiqqngbhg&sig2=NtYASZc_9cXkJ55oEqgTdw
  3. Mouth Almighty,*Glossamia aprion If anyone has any contacts or knows of anyone who has any information on this species can you please let me know. I have set up an aquarium for the sole purpose of displaying this species but after numerous attempts have not been able to source any. My tank is looking very empty 
  4. .Hi All, I own a 60cm silver arowana which has recently been a bit sick. After treating it from a skin bacteria on its body it recovered back to normal about 2 weeks ago. Recently, in the past week I now have a new issue of skin around its lips getting eaten away and also cloudy eyes with unusual red bruising. I am not sure what it is, but have been advised its most likely bacteria. For now I have just added a dose of antibiotics tablets to the water to stop it from losing more skin as this should hopefully kill the bacteria. Does any member have any idea what is causing the infection? Tank - 8ft PH - 7 Temperature 30 degrees Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia normal or low.
  5. Problem: Yoyo Loach has damage to the mouth/barbel area. Is lethargic and only mildly interested in food (is usual ecstatic about food). I am trying not transfer him to quarantine now. Going to try low doses of Melafix and Primafix as a start. Along with a dose of stress coat. Is this just a physical injury or is this something much worse? Is there anything you can recommend that may help? Photo: Tank Parameters: Ph: 7.4 Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: ~20 Nitrite: 0 Gh: 7 Kh: 4 Size of tank: 300L, 3x2x2 Temperature °C: ~24-25 Been running for: 9 months Filtration: Canister Aqua One Aquis 1250, Sponges, Filter Floss, and Loads of Ceramic Media Fish in tank: 1x Dwarf Gourami, 4x Glass Catfish, 6x Black Phantom Tetra, 2x Bristle Nose (1x7cm, 1x5cm), 1x Female Betta, 2x Reticulate (YoYo Loaches) Plants in Tank: Swords, Cryps, Ech, Java Fern, Java Moss, Fontanalis, Lillaeopsis, Hygophilia, Anubus Nana, Anbus Nana Petite, Wisteria Feeding: Sinking Granules, Sinking Algae Wafers, Sinking Loach Wafers, Recent Medication Treatments: N/A Last water change: 2/11/13 - Last Saturday Water change every Weekly About 40L
  6. I used to catch these little guys. Does anyone keep this amazing fish anymore? If so get some pics up!!!
  7. Can anyone tell me whatvthia Ian and how I would treat it. If possible. I noticed it when I moved house on the weekend. I never used it see him much as he used to be munging on the bottom of his log. But when I removed his log he started sucking on the glass and I noticed this.
  8. Hey, first time posting in here so be nice It's happened recently to a few dragons blood female and unsure why as it's never ever happened to me before with any fish. I stripped another holding female last night and there was about 10 well furred up eggs in the mouth and even had to use tweezers to get them out. Still free swimmers in there as well but just a bit confused why hasn't the female just swallowed before this happened. Has only ever happened to dragons blood and since it's happened a few times now recently I wanna know why. Cheers for anyones help
  9. hey i got this fish today i'm needing to sell this fish on as it to big for my tank (long story dont ask =p) i just want to know wat this white patch is before i sell on.
  10. Hi All, So was sitting down watching telly when I noticed the behavior, said to the wifey I bet they spawn real soon .. Got up for a ciggy & thought I would take a lil look see ... This is what I saw Worst part about it is were they decided to lay right in the back corner of the tank (4x2x2) not that bad you say, well its the same corner that is hard up against the wall :mad:, So got the old coat hanger and airline out and commenced sucky sucky time. End result is 300-400 lil bubs .....just when I thought I would give up breeding for a while Anyone up for some Firemouths in a few months lol
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hi, I hope you can help... hopefully I am only panicking! I have just noticed that my Bristlenose Catfish has a strange mark/growth on his mouth. At first I thought he may have a piece of fluff on its mouth. It wasn't there yesterday. He's just as active, moving around the tank sucking on everything as he usually does. I have attached a photo. The Tank is 54L with 2x Dwarf Gouramis, 6 White fin ornate Tetras & the little catfish. Thanks in Advance.
  13. Hey guys, woke up this morning to find that my usually timid Jag has turned predator overnight and gobbled up my Firemouth. Well, tried to at least - the tip of the tail is still hanging out of his mouth! So what's the procedure here, then? Does it look like he'll get the whole thing down, or would it be best to try and remove? I'm thinking remove, since it's going to start decomposing soon and I'd rather my Jag not be inhaling ammonia direct from a corpse. I'm also worried about his jaw being extended for so long - can't be comfortable! Cheers for any help guys.
  14. just thought i would tell everyone of my excitement i just striped a labidochromis chisumulae and got 26 fry frome her this is a huge spawn for them as they are known for there small mouthfulls and the average is around 17/18 fry this is the biggest i have herd of . this same female produced 22 in one gob once before but this takes the cake she is around 7cm so not a big fish yet so hope they get bigger has anyone bread these and what was the biggest spawn the have had from them i know dave has and last time i spoke to him i think it was 18 or 19 for him
  15. Hry everyone do convicts hold there fry in there mouth or wen can I pull the eggs out as my female just laid a crap load of eggs please help anyone thanks shaun
  16. My school of tetras are starting to get tumor-like growths on their mouths. It started off with only 1 tetra and now several have the weird growth. It is only on their mouth and it is not affecting any of my other fish, including my ornate tetras. Does anyone know what this is? the lumps are gradually getting bigger and its probably going to kill the whole school of tetra eventually.. even though none have died yet. tank is regularly cleaned. Should I be worried about my other fish? I'd be pretty torn if one of my L's got sick. Cheers guys
  17. I just noticed my electric yellow had fry in its mouth, so i catched it and dipped it in and out of water to get the fry out, the fry are are 5mm long, Have i taken them out of the Yellows mouth too early?
  18. Hi I have a group of Choc's One of which (for no reason) got white lips and died stupid thing is it was breeding last week ?? there is nothing sharp in the tank and the gravel is very very fine just wondered if anyone can shed any light on this PLS Fish junkie
  19. alright, i post this at the risk of looking like a fool but it interest's me we all know that a lot of Africans mouth brood but i was quite surprised when i found out that red humps- geophagus were mouth brooders. so please post any other interesting fish that mouth brood like arowana etc. cheers guys also i think peacock bass should steal this technique i mean there mouth is huge and lets face it they are terrible parents.
  20. Water parameters are fine, fish is still alive although it looks to be thinning. Just wondering what could be going on? He gill flares a lot at a red jewell. I found the following on the net and it seems to be a similar situation. There's a good chance his jaw is dislocated. Anyone know how to relocate(?) fish jaws? Say "Aah" Hi, <Hello.> I have a firemouth Cichlid who for the past 2 days has had it's mouth open. Today I noticed that its open even wider and the skin right behind it's mouth looks very thin. It also isn't eating. Any thoughts? <Check closely to be sure that there is no obstruction in his mouth preventing him from closing it. Look for any visible growths or other abnormalities, as well. It is possible that his jaw is dislocated or injured, though, and there probably isn't much of anything you can do for him, aside from a trip to the vet to get the jaw relocated. Keep a close watch on your water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH). If he is not alone in the tank, you may want to consider transferring him to a quarantine tank to ensure that he has the opportunity to rest without being harassed by tankmates. Try to coax him into eating with especially tasty foods like frozen bloodworms, or even small live earthworms. Perhaps stimulating him into wanting to eat will help him get his jaw back in place. It certainly wouldn't hurt to give your vet a call and ask him about dislocated fish jaws. Wishing you well, -Sabrina.> Thanks, Cheryl Found at: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebinde ... isfaqs.htm Appreciate any help!
  21. got 8 lombaroi in a tank with a heap of other malawis and i have noticed that 2 of them swim around with their mouths open all the time. Whats this from? Would this be a result of imbreeding from the person who i bought it off of or are they just a little messed up haha any info would be sweet thanks Blake
  22. This question is for all the native enthusiasts out there. I wish to get some (or at least a pair of) Mouth Almighty (Glossamia aprion). I am not interested in links as they provide little information relating to aquarium. I am after personal experience with the keeping and breeding of this specie. Any information is encouraged, everyone has their own opinions so get typing...... Thanks
  23. i was thinking of the problem may be to much oxygen in him so he floates any suggestions? he just floates at the top of the water and chills there and tries to swim down but floats up plz help
  24. ive got mpangas and johanni and need to tell whoose holding ???? to try and prevent the fry getting eaten thanx
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