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Found 27 results

  1. QLDAF is moving...... We are moving the forum to a new server. The forum has had some slow times and caused dreaded chat-lag. Chatters have noticed and have been heard to say chat lags particularly around 10.00 pm. While that is past my bedtime, we need to address this. To combat this we are moving to a secure solid state server with monitored security. The expectation is this will give us 10x the current speeds. This will come at a cost, so we are declaring the move towards 10 Sponsors. That means there are 4 spots open. If you own a store, and are interested, or if you know a great store who is interested let them know that spots are available. We already have some applicants, but want to ensure that the correct choice is made to ensure that they are focused on our members, and also compliment the values and standard are existing sponsors have set. Applications are to be made confidentially to either myself or webmaster.... feel free to send a PM or give us a call. Please do not reply here. Please bear with us during the move.... hopefully we all survive to the other side.....
  2. Ok, I have done a summary of the project. Personally I would like to see these moved from sticky threads as they are pretty dead. see below. I do however think they are a great idea, but perhaps need a bit more thought into the execution & clarity to see future projects survive & prosper. I would be keen to see a new group of projects launched & this also might breath some life into the species specific sections...? I myself would prefer a more varied species list, all the Malawi's were mbuna. Nothing wrong with it just saying, and the Tangs seemed to be out of everybodys reach. or maybe that is the point of the 'rare' project, everybody wants some but few have the $$... What does everybody think? Metraclima sp. 'zebra gold'"Charo" Last post  09-04-2013 Matt A – acquired some, nobody else replied. Fish appears available but not prevalent. [h=2]Cynotilapia zebroides "cobue"[/h] Last post  18-10-2013 Steveandjules had fry available  17-10-2013 Nobody else replied. [h=2]Cynotilapia zebroides "chewere"[/h] Last post  27-11-2013 No body obtained the fish. Appears the fish is lost? [h=2]Metriaclima pulpican[/h] Last post  07-08-2014 No body on the thread obtained the fish. Stated that the fish was prevalent but needed some quality control. [h=2]Neolamprologus kungweensis[/h] Last post  09-04-2015 No body in the thread obtained the fish Stated that the fish were being breed in Sydney, still appears rare. [h=2]Altolamprologus compressiceps "Muzu"[/h] Last post  06-05-2015 Too much reading about the collection location & what is actually available & what fish this ‘project’ was supposed to be targeting. From a quick skim, Waltec breed them, Shon knew a bloke with 2 pairs & Ian had some, I could be wrong, I quickly skimmed through (looked at piccies) [h=2]Cynotilapia sp 'hara'[/h] Last post  29-06-2015  Michael_M had fry available -  28-03-2014 These fish are available interstate (perhaps locally) in small numbers, I cannot speak for quality. [MENTION=231]gingerbeer[/MENTION]?
  3. .Hey guys I brought myself a peacock bass today at a local pet shop it is only small, once I put it in my tank it has just sat at the bottom of the tank and has not moved. I even tried putting a few blood worms in to entice it but didn't budge. Any ideas ? thanks
  4. We have received into stock our first lot of the Oase Hel-X bio media touting 40% more surface area than the standard bio media. For pricing and availability 25 Liters of Oase Hel-X Bio Media Bio Media for aquariums sumps, fluid bed filters and commercial applications
  5. Hi All, Just thought I would do a quick post to see if anyone knew anyone able to help move two 8 ft tanks on a stand on the 30th of December.(Monday) Am willing to pay for help and transport (ute/truck to move tanks) Thanks all in advance Please txt or call 0447088970 Craig
  6. I need to move in the next few months, all are right, except the tank. Any tips to move as it is 6x2x70 full of plants, around diy substrate: 80kg bunnings sand, dino dung, etc... Fish looks fine except some small peppermint BNs and shrimps, not sure how to find them, but plants and substrate are my most concern as I may need a few weekend to take out plants, move, and set it back ;( I have a 2ft guppy, which i can try to select some best plants to move first just to be sure. A 200l drum to store the big fish.... Anyone done before has some tips for me or notes to beware? Thanks...
  7. I am moving towns soon which is 4hours away. I will be taking all of the water with me. But unsure of what to do with the fish and corals/live rock. Any help would be mos appreciated.
  8. A few guys are designated to meet and help at Mike's end as they are closer. The rest will just meet at homebase (Daisy Hill) around 330pm ETA of the tank. Plan for Saturday 21/09/13 Assembly time: 3.00-3.15pm Mike's Place: Committed muscles in Mike's side: 6 (Just lifting stand to truck) Travel Time to Daisy Hill 15-20mins, depending on traffic Home: Daisy Hill (ETA 3.30pm) Action Time (take Monster in and take 8ftr out): 3.30-4.00pm Committed muscles home side: 19 + awaiting confirmation Beer and Pizza 4.00-5.00pm If you have not received a pm with the complete details, pls let me know. With mike doing a fast phase on rebuilding the tank, we will need help to move it from marsden to daisy hill on saturday 21st september. The tank will still have the wheels so we will just roll it. Hard part which we will need lots of hands is loading, unloading and entering the house. There will be pizza and beer for the day and this will be an opportunity to see mike's details and craftmanship. Appreciate in advance the help.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. I need help/favour. Need to move this tank (http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-trader-13/free-9ft-tank-stand-95740/) from Norman Park to Marsden (Cichlidswife's place). Plan is tomorrow after office. Needs a few guys from pick up point and drop off point. Appreciate if you can help. It could be help on the pick up and drop off point. Plan for tomorrow Tuesday 27/08/13. Assembly time:630-7PM Committed muscles Norman Park side: 6 Travel Time to Marsden: 30-45mins, depending on traffic Unload time: 8pm Committed muscles Marsden side: 5 Tank will be rebuilt and will organise another batch of move in 2-3 weeks time to get it to my place- Daisy Hill. Appreciate all the help.
  11. Hi All, I know there has been a few posts about where to hire them from but no actually places listed. Im looking for good strong suction ones. Any help would be great on where to hire or purchase from (Besides Bunnings) as i have to move 11 tanks in the next few weeks.
  12. Anyone got the number of someone who moves fish tanks? Only has to travel about 20mins away Tank is 2100mm x 800mm x 800mm As well as stand, hood and sump Cheers
  13. Hey all, Asking for help 1 more time to get the 8fter inside and setup this coming Sunday 9th June. If I can get 6 people to help this shoukd take 30min max, plan will be to meet at mine approximately 10.00am, everything is rdy to go If you can help pm or post here Cheers Gavin
  14. Hi Guys, as the last of my breeding setup was sold I have moved to change my display tank 6" to Salt Please see the pic's I will be running AQ1200 (1200 ltr/h) andd a 3 .3 ft sump (2000 ltrs / h) Skimmer 11w UV internal skimmer box Also if you can reply to the tread with, what has worked will for you what you have had issues with Fish that are good and fish to stay away from thanks Ben
  15. Hey guys, putting the call out for some extra hands. Sunday the 12th of August, time TBA i will be needing some help to pick up two 3 tier systems from matt (FRONTOSA) in Rochdale. I have organised a truck from work so should only need ppl to lift and move stuff etc, but if you have a ute and want to help would be good to have some extra space for tanks that would be great (im concerned about how much space the stands will take up) Would love to have at least 4 guys apart from myself to help. this is what we are moving http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-13/fs-8-ft-x-3-tier-rack-tanks-almost-brand-new-tanks-cheap-71693/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-13/fs-8ftx2ft-3-4-tier-rack-tanks-get-fast-71769/ Please PM or post in the thread if you can help cheers in advance Gavin
  16. Hi guys. When's a good time to move jd's eggs or wait till there hatched Need help would be great if someone could help I'm not the best at this Thanks
  17. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to a few forum'rs that have been a huge help to me and the family with our recent move, Big thanks to Goonibird and his family for there constant help with everything from reno's to moving fish to moving house to even the bath tub install so thanks mate, Another big thanks to Wawrick for all his help with the move of fish and house and general tidy up an reno help thanks mate and hope you are enjoying your trip. A big one to Liljohn and Lil T for all there help with the move too and the garden work so thanks guys. the mighty plumber to the rescue..One eye rob mate you are a champion and its due to you my family don't smell. thanks mate as always you come through. I would also like to thank the great forum team for taking up allot of the slack in y absence due to the move and constant reno's , So thank you all for keeping this great place running smoothly . Cheers Johno
  18. Ok after keeping freshwater fish for 30 yrs on and off, am thinking of converting my 6x2x2 African tank into saltwater. Brengun your partly to blame after seeing your recent additions!! So I have started the research and seems a little daunting with mixed views on the whole cost and mainteance side of things. Just wanted to get some of your feedback guys. Is it that hard and or expensive? First off was thinking of starting with fish and live rock only. So am I right in thinking I just need to add a skimmer to my sump (4x1x1 3500l pump) and couple of wave makers for filtration hardware? And with water was going to collect from seaway every fornight. Any input welcomed. Oh and DFF I know you will be reading every post lol, so wouldn't mind comming up to Pet city for a look and chat if thats alright, if so what days you on mate. Cheers Shane
  19. just wondering how old my fh fry need to be to move them to a bigger tank? thanks in advance
  20. Ok so at the moment they are in a plastic tub and the sides have been cut out with fly screen on it. Just wondering how big they have to be before i can move them into their own tank when the shock of moving them wont kill them/stress them out? They are blue pindani's and i have about 40 of them at the moment.
  21. Hey guys might need some help with lifting my tank, anybody live in or near wynnum who could help out for 15 mins tonight about 6ish to lift up a few stairs it's a 5x2x2.. There is myself and the guy that is delivering it but was just hoping 1 more could help out.. Thanks muchly Steven
  22. I have been fighting a loosing battle with some trumpet snails for a while now so i have decided to do a full clean and move. My office is where i have my main tank a small 3 footer with a number of tetras an some run of the mill BN. The tank has been in the office for about 2 years never been moved or had a full clean so i need some help here guys. My plan is to do a complete scrub and clean with new gravel complete filter clean so on and so forth. I have a smaller 2 foot cube with filtration and lights that i was going to get up and seed with water from the main tank as not too shock the fish. but alas it stands empty atm with no gravel. My Plan is to ask for help then start in about 6 or 7 days as i have some time off from work. Please guys any help with the basics to doing this task would be greatly appreciated. What gear other than the usual buckets and such should i be looking for and what would be the best stuff to clean the tank back to something near new. If the fish are happy in the smaller tank then i will keep them there and get the main tank up and where i want it to be instead of what im looking at now. My plan is to start a colony of endlers and maybe some shrimp but the endlers are where i want to start. I want to have a number of plants for young to hide and hopefully start selling them to the LFG (charges 8 bucks each) but i want to get over this clean and move first. Thanks in advance guys. Damo
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. Ive got too unappreciative and supposively injured males at home that won't help...and after 2 mths sitting on the floor, I dearly want to put my sump on the new stand so I can fill it and start cycling for the marine tank coming. Does anyone on the Gold Coast live near Molendinar to give me a hand ? 2 strong males might be the go...
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