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Found 10 results

  1. I have about 6 Msobo in my tank. two that survived from a previous lot and i got four more not long ago. the new ones were bright yellow when i purchased them but now have turned a rich dark yellow almost orange..is this normal? will it just be what im feeding them?
  2. Hey there, Just like to share some pics of this guy as he matures, they are such a good looking fish! This was him early this year. This was him a few weeks ago. Here he is at the moment, hard to get the colours looking right, him turning them on and off all the time makes it hard too.
  3. WOO HOO just got my 1st mouthful from a young colony of msobo that i bought from jwoods in march. So happy these young msobo look brilliant:):) thanks Jonas
  4. Here are a couple of quick pics of my msobo colony, their fry and my lab. chisumulae colony that I'm growing up... Pseudotropheus Msobo "Magunga" (thats my iceberg male trying to get in on the action ) (apologies for the dirty glass but it is my sump so I don't tend to clean it too often ) Labidochromis Chisumulae
  5. Hi there, heres some pics of a few of my fish.. Ikola Frontosa- Alpha Beta (even though he is bigger :dontknow: ) L. Caudopunctatus (with fry) M. Msobo "Magunga" Firefish Peacock (hybrid. dont worry its for display only) Another display peacock. can anyone help me with id please... i bought him from a shop as a rubin red but im not too sure he is.. Thats all for now Thanks for looking!
  6. Here's a few pics I took today of my msobo "magunga". As you can see I have a few males just starting the transformation. These guys are about 5-6cm now. Cheers Damo
  7. i thought id start a new thread instead of hijacking the one in the for sale section viewtopic.php?f=10&t=7035 in response to lances comment on them not being salousi, i believe the bars in the salousi to be varied i have seen them with seven bars on one side and 6 on the other and i have pics to prove it. i asked Jim when i bought them if they were "magunga" like the pics he had on the fry tank and he said yes, i also cant see more than 6 bars on any of the fish in the pic and i just checked mine and there are only 5-7 bars on each of them (and there is also one that is chequered im sure its a johanni). also the lundu island variant has alot thinner bars from the looks of what i can see.. i have seen a lot of juvenile salousi and im not convinced that these are msobo "Lundo island" juveniles. Sounds to me like Jim is ripping people off (Me included) and now its being passed down the line. Not good for the hobby or for the real msobo in oz.
  8. Hey, here are a couple of pics from today. just thought id share them. thanks for looking
  9. Morning all... I have about 50-60 Albino BN fry about 1-2cm in a 3footer with the parents. Could I throw in 4 Metriaclima msobo (6cm) as I need the tank these guys are in. Would the msobo's eat the abn fry? Would the fry gang up on the msobo and harass them to death :wink: Cheers wolften
  10. Hi All, Just wondering how many people in Qld are keeping the following: Metriaclima sp. 'msobo' http://www.cichlid-forum.com/profiles/s ... hp?id=801; and Labidochromis sp. 'mbamba' http://www.cichlid-forum.com/profiles/s ... php?id=737. I am especially interested in chatting to people keeping msobo's. I have a young breeding trio of mbamba's (will post a pic up when I get my camera back from a friend). Cheers
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