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Found 4 results

  1. Today is National MTS Day. Lets take a moment for those afflicted..yes I am talking to you. Tag a friend that you are worried about that are showing the same signs in the movie, or is in desperate need of help.
  2. Hi Everyone, So i have had a 2 foot tank for a while now, have killed many fish due to ignorance and some poor advice from a LFS. Thats all changing now. Have just bought a second hand 4 ft which came with some really awesome fish i am fast falling in love with, wanted to buy a 4ft so i could put tropicals in that and house and oscar in the 2 foot (told you .......ignorance). Anyway that plan is now scapped and due to the inherited 30cm bumble bee catfish (now named puss), 3 large clown loaches 15 - 20cm (Larry, Curly & Mo), 1 red tail shark about 15cm(Jaws....of course), and 2 convict cichlids (Fido and Rufus), i have just purchased a 6 foot tank to rehome them and give them some more space. Im not splitting these fish due to sentimental reasons, the lady who owned them, died of cancer about 6 months ago and i feel a bit of a sense of duty to keep her little family together, most of them have been together for the better part of 10 years i was told and they get along well. So now the little family is going in the 6 foot, i want to do a planted community tank in the 4 foot, but i also want a cichlid tank, i just keep seeing more and more that i want to do. I have been told by John at The Tech Den that this is a psychological conditon called Multiple Tank Sydrome Disorder "MTS". Im currently planning a fish wall in my home, with biotope cichlid tank at the top, my little family in the middle and a few breeding tanks at the bottom (breeding tanks are for "one day" nothing like planning ahead). In my planted tank Id like to do a farm scene, with little paddocks and hills underwater, with driftwood trees, im not sure ill be that good but hey im keen to give it a go! I dont really want to use CO2 yet, i think my big ideas are big enough for a newby. Gosh this stuff is just so exciting, so much info to learn about fish, plants, water, filtration, lighting, etc etc - all i seem to be able to do lately is watch the tank or read stuff on the net! The house is a mess, ah well it will all still be there in a few days i guess. I want my fish wall to be like moving art, what a challenge! Im sure im going to make plenty of mistakes along the way, but thats all part of it i guess, and im told im now in the best place for good advice. Thanks to John at the Tech Den for all your help and PK333 - i have done all the nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia testing, water changed one tank to be on the safe side and the other definately didnt need it. But I wouldnt have know had you not of told me.
  3. Currently im in the slow process of a complete restructure of my fish room, my eventual plans were to have only 1 wall of my 6mx3m fish room to be tanks and rest storage. The problem is i am slowing finding people that believe in keeping "pure, not inbred" strains of common americans. These fish are my absolute passion!!!! My eventual plans were all tanks to be 2 tier, 1 stand 2 wide of 4x2.5x2, 1 stand 5x2 and 1 stand 6x2 with a project started on a fully insulated outdoor 16x4x3 community. Now the problem lies in the fact im trying to reduce my numbers of fish for project to commence. 2 weeks ago i receive prime examples of carpintis texas, 1 week ago i receive prime super green texas, i already have superb brasiliensis and jags of all different shades and colours but all quality fish, sweet festae and "the best in aus" mono p.bass waiting for me to be ready, not to mention the "proper" oscars, dovii, umbies and fenestratus im yet to fully commit to, and the "old schools cons" im yet to find! Now to top it off i have just received a free 10cm (actually 19cm TL and 6cm body height) purple as all buggery, JD. Where is a man supposed to draw the line with his obsession. Im currently looking at no less than 14 tanks, all 4ft plus, to keep all these "prime examples of species" happy and healthy!! If this aint putting a man between a rock and a hard spot i dont know what is. Sorry for the rant but i just needed to hear peoples opinions so as i can convice the finance department im doing the right thing. Ron
  4. Greetings all. Thought I would say giday. I've been keeping Africans for a just over a year now. Started with one tank, now I have MTS (Multiple Tank Syndrome) :soppy: Have at the moment a 3' display, a 4' display, two fry tanks all holding and a 6' in the garage waiting for me to make room in the house. To many fish, not enough tanks but I'm sure I can fit more in somewhere. Looking forward to chatting and meeting some fello sufferers. Rob Doh! Just remembered the other 6' I have on order. I can see a divorce coming.
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