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Found 10 results

  1. Can someone help me understand what sized air pump i need? My set up is going to be 6-8 nano tanks, each is almost exact 10 litres on 2 racks (4 on top and 2-4 below). Im using ATI Hydro sponge filters in the mini size for all the tanks and want all of them to run off the 1 air pump with a gang valve to split everything. At the moment im using my TetraTec ASP100 but even though it seems to work, water flow isnt great- this model does say its for 50-100L but i dont know what its LPM rating is. How many litres per minute does a pump need to be rated at for this sized nano tank to give sufficient filtration?
  2. Hi every one, just looking at a cheap option to get me going for now, I have a 3 tier setup with 3x 4 ft by 1x1.5 tanks but no filter. Eventually plan on a sump but for now I was wondering if running one canister for all 3 tanks would be ok. Will still run small internal filters for better circulation and some aerators. The filter i have is just a spare with a 2600lph pump and lots of good media, im aware of the cross contamination issue, anything else i need to be aware of? Thinking of a setup like this (except pipes all equal diameters ) The Red pipes are over flows to a trickle bar the green pipes are the normal pipes of the canister. Cheers in advance for feedback
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering if it would be a good idea to keep two BN Plecos in the one tank? They are both pretty small (one is 7cm the other is about 3cm) The smaller one can't stay in the other tank anymore he is attacking our HM Betta and giving him pretty badly torn fins, but we are a little hesitant about putting him in the big tank because we are unsure on how they act together.
  4. Hey guys, I decided to rescape my shrimp tank and I decided to go high tech to avoid algae and get the look I want. CO2 is a big consideration, but its only a JBJ 6.6gallon nano tank, so I dount I will need a lot for HC and E. belem. I was going to use the Fluval 22g kit, but I can't be bothered priming it everyday so I was wondering if I could just run a t-valve after the solenoid on the CO2 on my main scape, through a second bubble counter --> needle valve --> diffuser? I can't see why not, but I imagine I would need to increase the working pressure of my regulator and hope the solenoid can handle it. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, if I get enough interest I will even make a sweet journal to track the setup
  5. Hey guys just moved out for the first time. So I've now re set up my 4ft tank with Africans and will soon make a start at cycling three tanks. 2, 2ft tanks and 1, 3 foot tank. I haven't bred fish before but am keen to start. I am wanting to start off with bristle nose as I like them and can get them from a friend at work. What else do you all think would be a good start? I really like all cichlids and just want something fairly easy to breed and just want to know what other tips you all have for how I should go about breeding. Thanks
  6. Hi All I was just enquiring as to what is best Air pump for a 7 to 10 multiple tank set up ? I was looking at a Hailea 9720 or a Resun 60 ? Eg most efficient power wise an quietness ? Any help would be much appreciated. As only new to this
  7. will be setting up some tanks shortly - have decided to drill in the base of the tanks - just wondering how you lot plumb them up? so a number of tanks on each level - 25 mm bulkhead with collector pipe underneath of 40 or 50mm - goes off to sump at one end... any pics ideas would be great
  8. hey everyone....i am setting up a fish room with 6 4x2x2 tanks (which are split in half with a divider..so really 12 2x2x2's). I have the filration side of things figured out, but it can get cold where i live at times. So i am after suggetions on how to keep the water heated comfortably for the fish....without paying the national debt in power bills!!!!
  9. help me out, why do peeps have multiple user names?? huh, i mean not enough undies?, split personalities?? why why why i have been raycam01_au for like 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 years and u get all these dudes wiff diff names why?? its like taking acid on a link to make a fish deal of sorts?? aint it funny help me out here guys, its late n im tired but i think anyone that has multiple usernames is a fkedupnowgooddownndirtybullshitartistfraudulantdruggiehippybastardmongreldolebludgersickopeeedouselesssonofamothergoatherderssheeeplickingballslappingassmonkey ok im cool now, nite boys and girls The Original raycam01_au
  10. I have been flamed by many re my "Multiple posts" regarding trading of computers or computer equipment! I have appologised to the MODS who have approached me! And I in tern appologise to the forum members. how ever I dont know if to reply to the several PMs I received from people whating computers, parts, networking done or help in general! So Can we please Drop the issue and the flaming in return! I appreicate the advice and instructions I get from this forum, and know that to some I ask "dumb" questions! But I dont bag people who ask me "dumb" computer related question. So can we please put this behind us! Sincerely Marc
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