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Found 11 results

  1. New member with fish problems! Before I begin: they're mums fishes, but I've had to take care of them the past 1.5 weeks and problems have popped up. I've been reading non-stop about these things online, but if someone can give me some advice specific to my situation, it would be appreciated. - In short: New fish, new fountain, new plant, overfeeding for the last week, recent heat wave saw water levels fall a fair bit To save you all from a whole heap of reading: 9 y/o goldfish is sick - red streaks through its tail, which is torn and ragged. Occasionally seems listless but observed swimming around normally otherwise. Been told it could be ammonia or other types of poisoning Other goldfish was added ~1 month ago, 1yo, tips of fins are black, just slightly, ammonia burns? Fishes have been moved recently into a new fountain by mum. Don't think it was cycled? Size ~55L Pet store told me that: new tank, new fish, new plant in tank, recent heat + low water levels are the cause Was given Melafix bacterial and anti-fungal remedy for 9y/o fish, plus water conditioner to use for both Told to take out the plant just in case the soil is problematic? Separated the fish after the 1yo fish started aggressively trying to nip at 9yo fish tail when plant was removed. Not sure why it suddenly did that [*]Yesterday - partially changed water + topped up levels, separated fish, put water conditioner & Melafix in. PH around 7.5 [*]Today - got an ammonia kit, reading was about 4 Partially changed water 15-20% twice today in my panic, not sure if this was a good idea Ammonia levels were low after the water change, but I understand I should give time after water change before measuring it? Advice needed on: Water change frequency/amount? Should I get something to lower ammonia? Anything else that could help me save them, because if they die on my watch, I'll end up suffering the same fate too Pic below is the 9yo fish. Red streaks through tail and seems torn. Top picture is from yesterday when I just noticed it, bottom picture is today. Lighting is different because I've moved the fish. Just to give you a clearer picture about its condition. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Hi all I have New batch of babies hatched today. This is a young pair that has breed for me maybe 6 times the first few times the eggs were eaten. The last 2 batches the eggs have hatched and then were eaten. I think its the mum thats doing it but I cant be sure. Each time they manage to get older before being eaten. The last time they made it to day 6 from hatching. This is a big batch of babies. There was another female in the tank with them but she has been removed for a couple of weeks. So should I leave them both be or remove mum I have read of some breeders removing mum.
  4. Hey guys, My Mum came over the other day to check out my 4ft fish tank and she was smitten. She wants one the same size that she can set up on the decking out the back of their house, and she wants COLOUR by the bucketload. Can anyone suggest some fish that would work well for her? I really don't know anything about Americans and would like to look into some species that she might be interested in. Ideally: -Colourful -Fairly easy to care for -Don't get huge (would have to fit in a 4ft and I'm assuming she'd like atleast 15-20 in there) Any other pointers with American's would be handy too. Do you need some of each? Or can you have an all male display with one fish from lots of species? Cheers.
  5. Hey guys, im new to tropical fish. Ive owned guplies now for around 2 weeks in a small 30 liter tank. I basicaly picked them up and seen fry in there later that night lol I thought i needed more space and i may start selective breeding. Im going to use my 6ft tank as a main ' show tank . Whenever i spot a pregnant female il place her in another small tank. Still deciding hos il set this up . Thats when i first picked it up Nearly painted Hears a pic Heres my 6ft tank i re painted to suit the house. I plan on having a few small tanks on the bottom to home , shrimps, guppy fry, selective male/female tanks. I want all the small tanks on the bottom powerd by airpumps. I have another aqaua one precison 4 outlet which is getting fixed atm. Still in the process of finding a nice background Heres a pic of my guppy fry grow up tank (30liter) as you can ses i have a sponge filter in this which is powered by my aqaua one precesion 1200 which you can see in the back Heres my filter il be using for the 6ft Guppy fry going for the brine shrimp! 30+ of them. They polished it off! Stay tuned guys il keep you guys updated on my setupnprogress Tys
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Bought mum from last Auction with 4 others. Separated her and put in tank with big male cause she was bossing the others around too much. 2 days later a had eggs Only annoying thing is I'm moving house in 3 days lol
  8. hey got some pics of my blue dolphins. have fry for sale from these guys aprox 40 atm with another 100 on the way in a month or so fry are at 5-6 cm cant post pic of fry as they are in a tub and i lost my cam at work dam plasterers plastered over it so is in a wall some were lol pm if interested thanks chris
  9. yay only aprox 150 fry good mum tho
  10. So proud my Ikola Mum has released her second successful full term bunch of fry. All 5 of first lot have survived and are a very nice size now. So far have spotted 5 of the new bunch hiding out in the caves. Here is Mum and Dad They are also loving it up again.
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