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Found 17 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Ive got three in a tank for my daughter and they are laying every 2 weeks on the underside of the lids .Am at 4 batches now but no sign of hatching , any thoughts? My daughter os checking them 3 tomes a day i think shes getting anxious
  3. Woke thiz morning to a lump attatched to the underside of their tank lids. Is there anything special needed for them and how long do they take to hatch:frusty:
  4. Hey Guys.. I've got two Mystery/Apple Snails, one in a tank at work with a Betta and one in a 3 ft with Guppies and Khuli Loaches. Their shells seem to be thinning, and deteriorating would I be safe to add some form of Calcium/Cuttlebone into either tank? I don't want to affect the fish in either tank, but I'd also like to avoid losing either snail too.. Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I'm curious as to where I can find the aforementioned colours of Mystery Snails. I've seen numerous pictures of them and I think they look amazing. Anyone know of any sellers around these parts? Thanks.
  6. Has anyone ever seen one of these before? :confused:
  7. okay guys i bought two snooks the other day to join the crew, from fish addiction, now i have a mystery. they have been fine, but i have come back after being out today and the jags tail is partially shredded down to the fin rays in about 0.50cm. he is also missing scales from the side, could a snook do this? they are not very agro at all, but im wondering if it could have been? the jag is under treatment for injuries
  8. I have a 3 ft tank with catties in there and the other day i spoted some eggs kicked out.Put them in the tumbler and didnt think much of it. Now the mystery is that i have a mix of different breeds in there. There are a trio of pepps which havent laid a pair of 104s which have never laid 1 longfin marble female and 1 common male bn which i gave up on catching. So today i decided to put the 104s and the pepps in my 5x2x2.5 planted tank as every catty i put in there breeds for me. So i stripped the tank of all the logs and wood caught the fish and proceeded to wash the logs out as i have snails in this tank and didnt want to transfer them into my planter When i washed out the log the male common was in there was a clutch of eggs in there as well. I thought that these eggs where just common bn but there was 1 lone male in there. So my thoughts are either the 104s have laid and the common has taken over fanning or the pepps have laid and the male has taken over there eggs. The eggs are very dark orange.Darker than what normal bn eggs look. Just wondering if anyone has had this happen before.I have both batches of eggs in the tumbler and they have just started hatching.So i guess time will tell. And can common and pepps crossbreed.Because i thought they couldnt. Cheers Leigh
  9. okay guys, i know this thread is old now, but still i am not very happy with people saying a BP is Red devil x Sev. but this thread will open your eyes! my red devil x synspilum thanks
  10. anyone got an answer? 3x 4 litre icecream containers with newly hatched and 1 week old fry just vanished!!!!!! containers were on their usual benchtop and were fine the night before (all there) next morn one was empty ( 40 odd fry.. 1 week old eating brine shrimp) same the following day ...one empty 60 odd fry day three ...2 left out of 100 panda fry just hatched has anyone had a similar experience? or can some one offer a logical/plausable explanation? dont have cane toads in my room
  11. I have found a few mystery fry in my tank they are swimming mid level and their is no way they cam from my bn or peps that are the only fish in the tank the only way the could have got in their was if there was some eggs on the plant i got from the auction even know i gave it a really good rinse.. scary what can get into your tank from plants i will leave them in their to see what they become my guess is rainbow's by the look of them.
  12. I'm after any tips and advise on breeding the mystery snail.
  13. Hi people, I've bought some mystery snails and wondering what you feed them? I know they eat algea and left over food.Is there any special diet. Thanks Richie
  14. Hi guys need some thoughts on some eggs i found in the corner of my tank. The eggs are around the same size as bristlenose eggs, are orange in colour and are all stuck together and are the same shape and size as a small mullberry. The occupants are peppermints x 6, largest is only 9 cm's, 168's x 4 and 104's x 5, the eggs were not in a cave that i no off as i check the caves daily. one of my 168 boys is on eggs and the other male is in a cave at the moment, and the eggs look a little to small to be theres. the 104s have not ever gone into the caves but are at breeding size, so it might be theres. the eggs were found around where the peppermints hang out but they are only about 1 1/2 years old and biggest boy is 9cms girl is maybe 8 cms so thought they might be to small. any thoughts from what ive discribed. cheers Steve. by the way ive got them in a strainer tumbling and a few have gone white but are not fungesed, should i try to remove the white ones from the bunch? thanks
  15. Is it bad to keep a couple Mystery snails in with Africans ? Will they attack the snails ? I have a couple in my tank, but the tank is mostly empty (except for the snails and a couple of BNs) . I'm about to buy a lot of fish to go in the tank (6 ft, 500 L) and I'm wondering if the snails would survive. Any advice ? Doug
  16. Just wondering if I need anything special for these guys to grow. I have a heap of babies and I'm not sure if I should be giving them anything to help their shell development. Thanks Jenny
  17. Is there a way to move these eggs safely? Some have just appeared on the top of my display tank but I don't really want heaps of snails running around in there. How can I remove them and what to do then? I would like to keep the eggs and watch them hatch. The kids would love it more, my son favorites are the snails. Thanks Carl & Jenny
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