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  1. hi guys getting back into having a small freshwater setup again. so bought this little beauty Max Nano Pro Aquarium - available for pick up only at Woodford or Caboolture . pick it up next week. so researching some ideas on what to put in the tank thinking of having 8 small 5cm fish ( unsure or breed yet) and pleanty of live growing plants ( unsure of type) cheers
  2. Just wondering if anyone is keeping a small native nano tank, if so do they have any pics? Really in two minds of setting up a nano for a handful of nano natives, curious to see set ups and what people are keeping. Thanks.
  3. Springfield tap water after being aerated in a bucket for a day is measured@ pH - 8 - 8.2 gH - 143.2 ( kH - 125.3 (7) I have two nano tanks which keep, neon tetras, guppies and a better are currently at 7.2-7.4 Can I slowly raise the pH up to 8 - 8.2 and the fish will acclimatise, or is the pH too high? Any help would be great!
  4. Hi guys, I recently was given a free 25L tank and I was wanting to start a nano-setup for freshwater fish. However, I have found out i will need about only 1.5kg of substrate/gravel and the shops i've been to only sell upwards of 5kg. Also, i was wanting some rocks and driftwood if possible but nothing is small enough to be in that little tank. I was wondering if a member here could help me out as Im fairly new to Brisbane and doesn't own a car yet to travel far places. I live in Spring Hill and was wondering if there are any good aquarium shops around? Thank you very much. P.S: If anyone got spare substrate/gravel or small rocks and driftwood to sell, I would be happy to buy them off you too. Thank you very much QLDAF.
  5. First bottle in my aqua one nano co2 kit lasted maybe 3 weeks, not sure if thats normal but i did expect longer. Latest bottle not even 2 weeks and we are empty. At $35 a pop its in excess of $10 a week on co2. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I want to upgrade the a refillable cylinder but the initial price is a bit much for me at the moment
  6. Hi, I'm in thinking stages of putting together a small native nano tank and am after ideas for ideal filtration for such a small tank, looking at around 30l. Fish will either be Threadfin Rainbows, Spotted Blue Eyes, Honey Blue Eyes, Desert Gobies, maybe some native Shrimp like Darwin Algae or Chameleon. Thoughts on filtration?
  7. I got an Aqua one nano co2 a few weeks ago, seems im starting to run out of gas. The aqua one replacments are approx $34. Just wondering if this kit is compatable with painball cylinders at all or any other cheaper brands.
  8. I spent most of my day today setting up my new desktop "nano" tank - As I am old and do not see as well as most , mine is for the visually impared !
  9. As the title says anyone know where to get the Nano Flow Accelarators from in Australia
  10. Ok I now have my nano tank aqua one reflex 26L. I am thinking of setting it up as an Endler display tank with maybe some cherry shrimp just to add some colour. What substrate would work best I am thinking either black Quartz gravel or I have also taken a liking to the tutti frutti gravel. The only thing is the tutti frutti is a light colour and I am worried it will wash out the colour of the fish and shrimp. Any advice or recommendations.
  11. Hey guys I am looking to set up a little freshwater nano tank. While I have kept large tanks, I don't have much experience with this popular nano tank think but I like it! Previously I've not kept plants, but would like to try in a nano tank...less expensive if I kill them all. I don't want to use co2 Long story short: Not new to fish keeping, want to try a planted nano tank but never had a small tank or fishy plants. Halp! Suggestions!
  12. Hey all just wanted to share my new up and running nano tanks, been working on these for last few weeks and have just added my resident shrimps. Two 5 gallon tanks, one with red cherry shrimp and the other with ghost shrimp. Can't wait to see how they go! Any comments or advice welcomed, this is my first attempt at shrimp keeping
  13. I have been racking my brain to work out what to get the mrs for chrissy, i was thinking of starting up my fluval spec v 19l tank again to grow mosses and some small FW fish but then i saw pics of fluval spec v's that had been converted to marine to nano reef tanks so i thought, while it may be a late present im sure the mrs would LOVE a nano reef in the bathroom. So now, here comes the questions. Filtration, Im assuming the inbuilt pump and filtration isnt suitable for a reef tank, from some light research it seems live rock and sand is a big part of filtration on a marine tank. What do i do for filtration for such a small tank? Lighting, the stock lights are fairly low on these, for a 19l what kind of lighting would i need? Live stock, im planning on using some small corals, tube worms, christmas worms or something along those lines and if possibly some inverts and 2-3 small colorful fish, gobies, blennys or something like that. This will be my first venture into marine so the more advice here the better
  14. Hi there, I've jumped into the hobby for the first time and decided to go right for the marine nano (90 Ltr) with sump and proline skimmer. I've had the water cycling for a few weeks and have added live rock along the way with a few more pieces still to come to give me a good platform for corals etc down the track. I started the cycling with some new tank stabilisation and have been checking all of the usual levels a couple of times a week and had no issues so I decided to jump the gun and add a couple of coral banded shrimp and a piece of hammer coral....the hammer coral seems to come out after a while when the light is on and looks great but it looks a little "average" when the light is off (see photo - top middle of rock stack)....is this normal? The shrimp are doing ok so far but I'm concerned they aren't getting enough food with the filter sweeping up anything that's floating around fairly quickly....are there any suggestions on how to ensure the shrimp are properly fed (I'm putting in half a cube of frozen brine shrimp each morning)? In relation to testing, if any of the parameters come up outside of the healthy tolerances, is it as simple as changing say 20% of the water on a weekly basis to sort it out or should I have a range of other supplements at hand to treat it? I'll include a photo of the tank as it stands and will provide updates as I go but any suggestions or advice on how I should progress with creating a healthy environment for the corals and subsequent fish would be appreciated.
  15. This is a small (~15-17 L) office shrimp tank, running for a bit more than a year now, with shrimp from Daydream. Still looking for some small pieces of rock to fill it out, but happy to take it slow (and happy to take design advice!). I've had setups from bettas to full coral reef in the past, but with school and travel, only have this one little tank now . Livestock: Neocaridina sp. and some unidentified small planorbid snails Plants: Hemianthus micranthemoides, Eleocharis sp. ("dwarf hairgrass") Filtration: Eheim 2213 Lighting: ~45 W compact fluorescent daylight bulb + indirect natural sunlight Substrate: ADA Amazonia No dosing or additives; the shrimps get a small Hikari omnivore pellet ~fortnightly.
  16. Nice price on the Fluval Plant Nano Light - $99 and the Fluval Sea Nano $125 Get in quick at this price.... For more information and availability Fluval Nano Plant and Fluval Nano Sea <----Click Here
  17. After the nano reef was neglected throughout the hot summer months, I finally found the time & decided to lift my reefing game I call these my poor man's Tongan rhodactis - they still look pretty sweet though DSC_0057a by bugman2494, on Flickr Clowns protecting their nest underneath the xenia forest zzDSC_0278zz by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0249 by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0029a by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0042a by bugman2494, on Flickr Enjoy, John
  18. Hey guys I haven't been on here much in the last year or two, minimised alot and don't have much spare time for fish unfortunately. Over the weekend I was up in caloundra visiting family so the plan was to venture to some rock pools and try turn my empty LumiQ into something marine but really really basic, I plan on doing weekly water changes and that's probably it. Collected some sand / shell grit kind of substrate and water out of a healthy pool along with a couple snails/ hermit crabs, a Sergeant major, and some bad ass looking waratah anemomes. Pretty happy with it so far except for the fact the anemomes will not get off the hermit crab, and ride shotgun everywhere he goes. This photo should show the depth in the scape ive gone for a little better.
  19. Finally got all my carpeting plants planted still waiting to get some more staurogynes and maybe some pogo or rotala to fill out behind the driftwood and some cherry shrimp, then try to just leave it to grow. Tank has 2x24w t5's, pressurised co2 and ferts, Let me know your thoughts, http://i.imgur.com/C6rh2kc.jpg
  20. Thought I'd do an update with pics of my 80l nano as Iv been slack and haven't put any pics up yet. Let me no what use all think
  21. Iv had the live rock in the tank for 3days now and I'm reading .5 - 1 ammonia. I'm not completely new I just always doubt myself and need second opinions so I realise ammonia levels in the cycling stage is part of it but should I be reading around 2ammonia or it varies. I should mention that it was an established tank before I took it over (ex display tank LFS) but was shut down. All the other water parameters are spot on Iv just been told that ammonia in salt should be around 2 before it drops to nitrites, true or false. Oh and I'm using api test
  22. .My new fluval nano aquarium. Have coir peat on the bottom with fluval plant substrate on top. Co2 is the basic fluval co2 set (would like better co2 setup back can't afford it). Feed back on what other plants ect that I could add would be much appreciated. Also if anyone knows where I can get the fluval nano carbon fliter from in Brisbane as I have looked at a few places but can't find them.
  23. ..If you loved the Nano Care Magnet you are going to want the big brother. Almost double the size but not double the price and will handle glass 10-15mm. With a gap between the magnet and the glass also means that gravel and sand will not get caught. Also received in the 6020 nanostreams which are very well priced as well. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Tunze_Nano_Care_Magnet_Long_0220_011_10_15mm_Glass _p/0220.015.htm Here is the smaller nano care magnet at work. Tunze Nano Care Magnet 0220.010 Tunze Turnbelle nanostream 6015. The Tunze Turbelle nanostream is German made and of the highest quality and extremely efficient.
  24. hi guys after a few years away from aquariums thought it was time to dust of a few nano tanks and set up a few shrimp only tanks. main goal was to test the waters with 3 basic set-ups and start with some cherries and go from there. hopefully down the track upgrade to maybe one or two 4ftx1x1 dived into 4 tanks but thought id start small so if all fails haven't blown to much $. feel free to give advice as I'm a complete noob to shrimp. tanks: 2 30cmx15x15 and 1 that is a couple of cm bigger(these ware tanks i had laying around) filtration: hang on aqua one 100 on two tanks and cheap internal on the bigger one(will be swapped for hang on filter in next few days) substrate: fine gravel for now 25w heaters in all 1 4ft t8 fluro above the three tanks each tank contains drift wood, java moss, salwausi, needle java(in one tanks) and weeping moss 1 tank currently has some black/choc cherries cheers to daydream tanks were all setup using 100% water from a mature tropical setup from the parentals anyways enough talk heres end results
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