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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, can anyone tell me if Nandopsis haitiensis "Black Nasty" is available in Australia? Ta
  2. I saw somewhere on face book a store in aus is taking pre orders for black nasty cichlids, something like $400ea But I haven't been able to find it again, Anyone know who & where this is going on? I didn't think that we had these guys down here either
  3. Secret giant worm behind mystery of vanishing aquarium fish
  4. Hello. I have (or had) 3 Mwpimbe Frontosa in a large tank. They are roughly about 10ish cm I think - i'm not great on sizes. All my research tells me that Fronts are generally placid creatures. However, this week I lost one to bullying. And I'm now watching the same bully try to attack the other Frontosa. I thought I was getting 3 males and thought that would reduce the need for jealousy. However, it seems he is just being a nasty pasty and wants the tank for himself. I'm having trouble sexing them. Is it possible the 2 I have left are just doing a mating dance? Or if there a good chance one is trying to kill the other to be alone. the one doing the chasing and biting is very grey looking and his dorsal fin is always up, the one being chased actually looks very attractive and is in a pretty blue still.
  5. I have two damsels together as an experiment as usual. One with a bad rep and the other with a rep for being near harmless, well all the ones I have had to do with over all these years were. The starki and the jewel are proving that very pretty damsels can get on and give the tank some great colour. They have been together for 3 months in the tub and in the tank for a week and get on great. The starki I have had for over a year and the jewel settled in the same day I collected it and actually gets picked on a little by my pyroferus tang.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. The one I have now and a few before this one were of a goodnature due to choosing the right one. This one is a male, the top spots shows you which sex. Mine are always wild caught but the principal is still thesame when buying them. The one that doesn’t hide and is not scared in any way isthe one that will have the best nature. The cowards seem to be the most aggressive, esopecaily ifthey sense your fear. The only reason I collected one a few months back was thisis my daughters fav fish, so the top tank will get it as soon as I get the redline shrimp lysmata out of that one. This pic is of the large latezonatus that a mate wanted andthen changed his mind and the trigger fighting over some mussel, the latnormally wins?
  8. I think these are american, apologies if theyre not.....but I discovered them looking at some fish pics and they look amazing...and apparently have a good rep as being a very mean fish lol Just so pretty with their long fins and the white color So in wanting to see them in action I found this great clip For apple users ...
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. N. haitiensis (Black Nasty) an american cichlids simular looking to a dovii caught my fancy when i was browsing just wondering if it is available in QLD or is it noxioius
  11. I'd put a small media bag over the filter intake to prevent the dovii fry from getting sucked up. Noticed this arvo that it had been pulled off by the parents. Tried to put it back on and the female went berserk when I put my hand over the tank! Held it back with a net whilst I got the bag back in place and the net came in for a beating..............shredded! Never seen a fish as vicious and I've had some nasties in the past, but this bugger takes some beating! Good job the lids are 10 mils!
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