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Found 13 results

  1. Many thanks to all the BA club members who contributed to the set up and running of the BA National IBA show held in conjunction with QAH at the Caboolture show, June 2016. Congratulations to Fishchick Aquatics, Team Powerwow and Team Tofu Teddies on taking out the major prizes. Huge thanks to QAH for generously providing the venue and support, the Caboolture show society for prize money and ribbons, and Splen Bettas for sponsoring the GC trophy. Well done all!
  2. Today is National MTS Day. Lets take a moment for those afflicted..yes I am talking to you. Tag a friend that you are worried about that are showing the same signs in the movie, or is in desperate need of help.
  3. Went for a short hike to a couple of waterfalls in Lamington NP and found these amazing critters, very feisty and curious critters they be. I found alot more than I expected. Some incredible colours in them too
  4. Went for a run up to Rainbow Beach for a stay overnite and for a look around the 4wd tracks. Had a look at Double Island Point, Freshwater Lake, Frankis Gulch and my favourite Searys Creek There was no fish in Freshwater lake that I could see when snorkeling apparently due to it drying out in drought, but there was plenty of tadpoles, crayfish and shrimp. Frankis Gulch had Ornate Rainbowfish but would be same as Teewah creek Noosa River strain as runs into Teewah creek The lower reaches of Searys creek is nice but plenty of Sandflies. I can see why it is protected Such a beautiful area with great wildlife above and below the water.
  5. Wanted to film a few more locations along Byron creek but broke a brake line on the 4wd, decided to call it a day and had to limp home in low gear down the mountain with only a handbrake, that was fun. First time filming Purple spot gudgeons and noticed that they along with some rainbows were diseased or carrying some sort of parasite, saw something similar on fish in the Boyne river years ago and there was lots of dead fish. Also stopped at Dayboro for a swim on the way back and there was 2 lots of people in the Pine river there collecting fish with large nets dragging through the water, when asked one lot was specifically targeting juvenile bass and the other rainbows and Blue eyes. I politely let them know it was illegal due to size limits and that those nets were also illegal in freshwater,only to be told that they could take 20 bass as long as they were for a fish tank and that the nets were fine, I said they were wrong but that I wasnt going to get into it as I could see they knew exactly what they were doing was illegal and they had obviously done this before and I had to walk away. They also left the plastic and cardboard from the new mosquito net when they left with a few bass about 5-8cm long and some really large rainbowfish.
  6. Buley Rockholes and Florence Falls, Litchfield National Park
  7. Stumbled onto this and was just blown away by the images. If you use the link to go to the photo's you can change the weeks which will give you more pics. Nature - Week 2 Gallery - National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 - National Geographic Here are a couple of samples........ Enjoy.....................
  8. National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, Friday 16 March 2012. On Friday 16 March 2012 schools throughout Australia will join together to celebrate the annual National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. The focus of the 2012 day will be on parents and families taking a stand together with school communities and recognising the important role everyone plays. Wear orange and take a stand together 16 March 2012! Activities National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence Get ideas for activities to promote the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence in your school community 16 March 2012. Parent activity ideas Lead up activities Visit the new parent portal on the Bullying. No way! website to get ideas on how to support your child as a victim or bystander of bullying, or if they are displaying bullying behaviour. Wear orange on the day to show your support for the Nation Day and take a stand together. Consider activities you'd like to lead or be a part of at your child's school. Check out the whole school activity ideas Visit the cybersmart website to get ideas on how to safely guide your child's online experiences. Encourage your child to visit the Kids Helpline website and let your child know its ok to contact them if they want to talk to someone else. Have a look at this website with your kids and talk to them about bullying Bullying. No Way!
  9. I recently came across a link again that outlined the Pet Industry Association of Australia's National Code of Practice concerning the sale/housing of ornamental fish in its members' pet stores. The aim is obviously to ensure the welfare of the fish being housed and sold. I thought it might be interesting for our forum members/hobbyists to see what this association considers appropriate procedures and care of aquarium fish. Remember that it is for a shop setting where the fish are sold / moved on from temporary tanks. While not all parts of the code of practice are perhaps relevant to us, there are certainly some points / procedures we can take note of in caring for our own fish. https://piaa.net.au/membership/ click on the Code of Practice and scroll to page 18. Regards Peter
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Found this site on the net. Dont no if it will help anyone http://carazy.net/mpegs/NatGeoParts/ vcd or somthing or other.
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