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Found 106 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone is keeping a small native nano tank, if so do they have any pics? Really in two minds of setting up a nano for a handful of nano natives, curious to see set ups and what people are keeping. Thanks.
  2. I got back on to Facebook last week (much to my disgust) as my mate is getting married tomorrow and all the photos are going to be put up into a private page for all invited to see, so now that I have created an account again, I thought I'd use it to suss out pages, groups on native Australian fish, shrimp, plants that are getting around, can people suggest a few off the top of their heads? [MENTION=17713]LukeEggler[/MENTION]?
  3. Looking to change the substrate of my native tank to river pea gravel. Should I put a layer of something under it to promote plant growth?
  4. Thought I'd give another DSM (Dry Start Method) tank a crack, so after receiving the plants in the mail this morning that I ordered online, I went down to Mitre 10 and got a bag of NatureGrow Cow & Compost, $7.70, can't complain about that, mind you, it was the only compost I could get in store, but should be fine though. Pulled out the AquaTopia Aura 25L aquarium, put down about 1.5cm layer of compost, then a 1.5/2cm layer of RichGro Play Sand, hoping that this will be fine and realise it could be some months until the tank is flooded, IF I decided to actually flood it, might keep it as a DSM tank, next was the Malaysian Driftwood, was going to go with the Seiryu Stone I have but decided against an Iwagumi, once I was happy with the layers and driftwood, I placed in the Lilaeopsis brisbanensis, I bought 4 lots of this, just broke each lot into pieces and placed at the back of the tank, then I placed in the Hydrocotyle tripartita, I actually should have ordered more as I only ordered 2 lots, but oh well, then I added in the Glossostigma elatinoides, this stuff was the probably the most healthy Glosso I have ever seen, was super green, super thick, looked great, but not for long as I separated it all into smaller blocks and planted it in, had a bit left over so that is now planted in the grow out tub down the side of the house, so will everything now placed in and planted, I got a 1l spray bottle and filled it was rain water and placed a cap full of Seasol Seaweed Fertilizer and heavily sprayed the plants, substrate, sides of the aquarium, but not to the point where it was flooded though, placed a couple sheets of cling wrap over the top of the tank and then placed the cover on. Was thinking of running it inside with a light period of 10 to 12 hours, but then thought, why not just give it natural light outside, so is now placed in the open and will be bought indoors or under cover at night, thoughts on this? Is this OK? I know this will take some months to get the required result, but that's OK, I'll be spraying the tank once or twice a day, depending on moisture in the tank, humidity, and will let fresh air into the tank every 1 or 2 days, again, thoughts on this? Anyway, here are details and photos of each stage below, cheers, all comments, feedback, suggestions, sledges welcome, haha. Aquarium: AquaTopia Aura 20L Light: Natural Heating: Natural Substrate: NatureGrow Cow & Compost (1.5cm) & RichGro Play Sand (1.5/2cm) Flora: Lilaeopsis brisbanensis (4 Pots), Hydrocotyle tripartita (2 Pots), Glossostigma elatinoides (2 Pots) Hardscape: Malaysian Driftwood (1) Fertilizer: Seasol Seaweed Fertilizer (10ml per 1l Rainwater)
  5. OK, so here is the beginning stages of the Australian native fish and plant bathtub pond I'm setting up. Scored a cast iron bathtub last week for nothing, someone was gutting an old local home and wanted the tub gone, so I jumped on it straight away as soon as I saw it, heavy as all ****, took 3 of us to lift it into the back of a mate's pick up. I used some capping from a down pipe to block off the drainage of the tank and sealed it with Selleys 3 in 1 sealant, worked a treat. Filled the tub up slightly to check for leaks, all good, so filled the tub up last night with tap water and added half a bottle of tap water conditioner to it. Got all my plants this morning in the mail, as well as the 2.5 watt solar powered aerator which is running an absolute treat I must say, it's water proof as well so have it sitting on the fence in direct sun behind the bathtub. Plants I got were Vallisneria nana, Myriophyllum papillosum, Marsilea drummondii, Marsilea Mutica, Myriophyllum Simulans, Nymphoides Spinulosperma. I'm going to let the tub run fishless for a couple weeks to get a little population of mozzies and wrigglers going in there and then will either grab a small group of Murray River Rainbows or Desert Rainbows. I have another bathtub coming that I scored for nothing, not sure what I'm going to keep in there fish wise, so suggestions would be good and will probably run with the same plants as I've mentioned above.
  6. Hi all, just looking for some info on how to keep fish disease free in an outdoors pond, obviously water quality, but is there something I can throw in say every couple weeks or so to make sure the fish are all good? Fish in the pond being set up at the moment will either be Murray River Rainbow or Desert Rainbow, will look at starting with 5 or 6 in a almost 200l bathtub, will also have a solar aerator working in there as well as a number of Australian native plants. The 3 Desert Gobies are in a 109l tub with a handful of Glass Shrimp, no aeration, filled with Ambulia, Water Lilies, Water Milfoil. The other bathtub that I am to pick up is slightly smaller than the one I have, not sure what to keep in there though, suggestions would be great in regards to that, Rhads perhaps? Empire Gudgeons? Threadfin Rainbows? This tub too will have a solar aerator in there with a number of Australian native plants.
  7. Hi Guys and Gals, So here is the idea, I am going to set up a native tank with whatever I can get my hands on or already have so this will be a no (or next to no) cost set up…. I hope. I live right near the Nepean River in NSW (Penrith Area) that runs into the Hawkesbury River. I want to try and replicate that environment and will hopefully be catching some local natives to live in the tank. I hope to be able to gain everything from substrate, plants, drift wood and stock from this river. Obviously I will ensure I am compliant by all legal boundaries here. I have a 3ft tank that currently houses a handful of little Koi, they will get a new home in a pond of some sort so two stage approach, pond then native tank. Or the Koi will get a new home with someone else. So a bit of planning before I jump in and proof of concept, I am really hoping some of the experienced native owners/breeders here will be able to point me in the right direction. I don’t intend on this being super quick, slow and steady as they say. 1- The tank The tank I have is 90 x 40 x 40 (so 144 litres, or 38 Gallon). This is an outdoor set up that is situated in a covered BBQ area. Tank sits on top of a 3ft high cabinet that holds all my BBQ gear. The tank has no glass lids, just the centre cross member to support the tank structure. The tank is topped with gutter guard to stop birds trying to get to the fishes. The tank has a hole for an over flow one end 5cm from the top of the tank wall so that will be taken advantage of when looking at Filtration and Water Volume. The tank will get a revamp during the whole process. 2- Water volume So water volume for a tank that size is a problem, 144 ltr tank will have some huge fluctuating temps as the water volume is just not enough. I think I need to double the volume of water at least to get some temperature stability . so …. I am tossing around 2 ideas, a mate has a 55 gallon drum out in his shed, If I can get my hands on that and link it to the tank total water volume will be around 350 litres, that hopefully will be enough, or I have a 100ltr drum that will bring it to 250 ltr, not as big but getting there. (Happy for input here…..) 3- Filtration Current filtration is a HMF style filter with the last 10cm of the tank blocked off with a 40 x 40 sponge 1 inch think, behind it lives a 200ltr p/h pump that runs a hose to the other end of the tank about 5 cm above the water line so the water splashes back into the tank giving agitation and aeration. This will be removed as I want to use the full tank size for the native tank (and it looks a bit um, how to put it nicely….carp) Pardon the pun. So with whatever I use as a Water Volume extender (what else would you call it) I will be adding some mechanical and Biological filtration to that, I also have an old Canister Filter that will pump the water from the Drum back to the tank that I will also add bio filtration media too. May sound a bit of over kill but I need to extend the water volume for temp stability anyway so why not make the most of it, the drum will be reasonably easy to clean and I would expect that I would barely ever have to touch the canister filter as all the mechanical work will have been done in the drum. 4- Lighting Where the tank is situated it does not get any direct sunlight, only ambient light. Plenty bright enough ambient light to light the tank enough to easily see the current occupants inside, but as no direct sunlight there is basically no algae issues at all. I don’t know if this may be an issue, maybe more light is required, if so I will have to dig around the shed to see what I have. (Comments please on lighting required) Lighting will probably depend most on planting… 5- Heating Well I am hoping that there may be no heating required. With the extra water volume temp shouldn’t fluctuate too much on a day to day basis but my concern will be over the winter period… Thoughts.. Do I need to heat the tank during winter ? 6- Substrate Well I probably have to consider a few things here, what are the plants going to be, what fish will be in the tank…..So to replicate the river environment… Um need help on this one , the river is mostly a muddy/river rock bed, this may be where I go off my theory of collecting everything from the river itself…… The river rocks I can collect, but a muddy substrate, not sure of that … Ideas ? 7- Plants This definitely links with the substrate and lighting but I do want this to be a planted tank, No CO2 or any of that jazz so I may be limited, but may also go with plants from the river and see how they go with very little light, something like Vallisneria, or whatever reed type plants live in the river .. Just not sure on their lighting demands 8- Stock So I got my hands on the NSW DPI report from 2007 (I know it’s a bit old now) about Fish communities in the Nepean River. My problem is the majority of the study was 100 + klm up river from my area so inhabitants may vary but with a bit of luck not too much. The study states that 60.3 % of individuals caught were Gambusia holbrooki, a non native…… But 21.9% of Australian smelt…not exciting there though but anyway, Mountain galaxias (Galaxias olidus), Australian bass (Macquaria novemeculeata), firetail gudgeon (Hypseleotris galii) and freshwater catfish (Tandanus tandanus) also up stream Macquarie perch (Macquaria australasica) I could go on about the other species sampled from different areas of the river but won’t as it would probably bore everyone to tears and the reading gets very tedious, the one interesting thing I did pick up on during my reading was that the Weirs introduced to the Nepean river system acted as migration barriers for our native species…. So once again Man inhibits nature So I put my attention to the fish I would consider local to me and maybe the right fit empire gudgeon (Hypseleotris compressa), firetail gudgeon (Hypseleotris galii), Stripped Gudgeon , Flat head Gudgeon and maybe the humble Australian Smelt Empire Gudgeon is the obvious choice as it is a beautiful fish , so may try and do a couple of test runs around the river and see what I may be able to catch … or not catch, that may determine what the tank will be for So please comment with ideas and knowledge, I know this is a lot of reading but you native lovers I am sure will have some useful information for me. I apologise for the long winded post but want to get all my ideas out for comment. Cheers
  8. Anaspides tasmaniae is most common and is widely distributed throughout Tasmania above 300 metres, where it is a common resident of the darns, lakes and streams that characterise the Tasmania highlands.It is commonly encountered in streams and pools in caves
  9. You saw the title Fish: Coal Grunter Barramundi Tandanus Crimson Tipped Gudgeon AKA Butis Butis Rendahl's Catfish Plants: Hydrilla and Vallisneria Hansen's Nardoo and a little Bacopa Monnieri Bit of Hygrophila Salicifolia and tons of Vallisneria Finally, the tank before a recent rescape that is regrowing Would love to see some others native displays, put some pics up of it and what the inhabitants are.
  10. I'm looking for plants to populate my native 3' tank. It currently has rainbows, empire gudgeons and shrimp. The only plant in there is val. Anyone able to suggest other nice plants native to SEQ, with links to photos and suppliers?
  11. Are there any native snails that will help clean my tank containing 1 very large jade perch (25cm+), 4 rainbows, 1 PSG and 1 tandanus?
  12. Im after an ID on a few small fish we caught in the cast net on the weekend in the Pine. I dont have a photo but they looked very similar to a typical angel fish but didnt have the long trailing pelvic fins. they were small just bigger than a 50c piece. Silver with a few black markings. Any ideas?
  13. Good read this morning thanks to the fine ppls over at aquariumlife http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/content/part/JAMCA/JAMCA_V20_N3_P286-291.pdf little bit late to stop the gov introducing gambusia........ but hey Melanotaenia duboulayi for the WIN! Speaking of which. Anyone noticed just how many bloody things got named after Francis Houssemayne Du Boulay?
  14. What would be Australia's most aggressive native fish be size for size? Iv got a 40cm mangrove jack and would have to rank high, he will kill/eat any thing and is constantly patrolling his tank like a shark.
  15. On the back end of building a custom cabinet & hood for my wife's new 3ft marine tank over the past 6 weeks, I've decided it's now high time to utilise the 4ft tank I received for Christmas...which has meant further trips to Bunnings for building materials (such a bummer ), & copious use of power tools. At the end of the process, I'm planning on turning out a 4ft native biotope tank with plants & fish endemic to my local area on the northside of Brisbane. My wife's new marine pride & joy:
  16. Damn these long claw native shrimp get big caught him a couple months ago at about 2cm now he is about 8cm long in total, how big do they actually get?
  17. Have updated my webpage Please feel free to have a look and comment or find spelling misstakes etc Petes Native Rainbowfish Aquariums and Frog Ponds
  18. .Just a couple pics I have rainbows,gudgeons 3 types and one disgruntled guppy cheers
  19. The following topic is in the general aquarium section: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/general-aquarium-discussion-19/asian-arowanna-now-we-know-114736/ Native enthusiasts may be interested to read the discussion...
  20. Just wondering what everyone uses. I now have gudgeons (3 varieties), rainbows and glassfish. I'm currently feeding them blood worms which they love. The native pellets I have are too large even though they still pick at them. I will be trying maggots soon hopefully. attempting to collect them using the method described in the book by Leggett and Merrick.
  21. <BR><BR>Hi, I was wondering if there is a native equivalent of a corydoras? TIA
  22. Hi All, I am wondering if you know any cool native freshwater fish i can put into a 3ft tank. The only fish i will have in there when they go in are: 2 desert gobies 1 Tandanus 1 pleco 2 Siamese flying foxes Kind regards, Cameron
  23. hey just wondering what people use as bait in there fish traps when there trying to catch natives? and any good creeks on north side Brisbane you can recommend? not looking for anything in particular. maybe rainbows or gudgeons I have a trap like the one in the picture thanks heaps
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