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Found 54 results

  1. I like collecting and breeding natives as many of you know, but find it hard to get the time to collect or to make plans to do so especially organizing with others, alot of the time its on the spur of the moment or Im in an area doing something else, for example, a romantic weekend away and the traps just happen to be in the car and there is a nice looking creek nearby, or just going for a Sunday drive and a swim somewhere and again the traps are in the car. Also I have met so many people on here and Angfa through collecting and people acquiring and trading fish and plants that I forget who is who. So in the interest of natives, getting like minded people and beginners together(and me remembering who Ive fished with) this thread can be used to PM or contact others that have replied with their details here. Im in Pine Rivers and Mondays are usually best for me - PM me
  2. Hi, i am seeing if anyone has the inside knowledge and know who the aquarium shops get there natives from? My local pet store wont order unless theres a certain amount and there not all usually available at the same time. Im after 2x salmon tail catfish, 1x eel tail, 2x mouth almighty (m&f), 1x bass, 2x bullrout, 1x yellow belly, 3x sleepy cod, 1x archer fish, 1x Saratoga jardine and 1x jungle perch. Big list and trying to get all within 6mths is gonna be hard. And help is appreciated. Willing to travel around brisbane and goldcoast if any pet stores have some. Even open to buying online. Thanks in advance. Muzzie h8ter
  3. Went down to my local Bunnings yesterday and went to the plants section and was surprised when the pond they were housing the pond plants in was packed with some sort of rainbow! There was at least 20 large ones and heaps of baby's it made me happy that they didn't put in goldfish which I hate. I didn't get to take a photo but they look at lot like this image from Google.Also are any other Bunnings like this and is Rainbow Nardoo a good pond plant? I bought it from there.
  4. Hi I am looking for some areas around the top of the Gold Coast to south of Brisbane that I can go and check out the native fish. I have looked around the fresh but there us so many tilapia that is all you seem to see. So would like to try some where else. I'm not from Australia originally but am very interested in learning and seeing some of Australia's cool native fish. Not planning on collecting any would just like to check them out in there environment rather than tanks. Any locations will be greatly appreciated Thank you and look forward to seeing some great fish
  5. Hey guys i' looking to get into native fish species and breed them so that hopefully I can help with making sure fish like the honey blue eye and other natives don't get wiped out. But I was wondering which natives would be good to start off with? I have 2 6ft,2ft,2ft tanks a large pond and a bunch of smaller tanks. Also does anyone know good places to go collecting in my local area? (Tweed Heads)
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. So I'm thinking of setting up a large water trough I've got here as a pond is 3 meters across and 600 deep I want one or two large natives ideally I'd like two lei togas but not sure they could handle the winter here or if I'm I best off just getting a Murray cod or a few perch so has anyone ever kept a lei toga around Ipswich through winter in a pond thanks
  8. Hi All, Just thought I'd share some pics of my natives. My old barra Jade Perch Barra, Sleepy Cod and Jade Perch Archers Desert Goby
  9. Make sure you are following the ANGFA site on Facebook. They regularly have cool stuff that could even make me like natives. ANGFA guys, can you post the desert goby vide here......
  10. .Hi all, What are some interesting natives to go into a 3ft tank??? Cheers, Cameron
  11. Do i need to supply natives like Rainbows and Glass Perchlet with a heater??
  12. Hey guy, anyone have any tips on catching natives in locals creeks? I'm basicly looking for mostly feeders, but also wouldnt mind setting up a native display tank after i lost all my 60 strong school of tetras due to too much co2 :/ i have a trap from ebay, and its ****house this is the trap I've been using, I've used bread with Vegemite and garlic and this is the one i just bought three of. now, my question is: where in a creek is best for the second type of trap, what time of the day is best for trapping fish and what bait should i be using? thank you in advance to everyone Nate
  13. So I know I havent been on here for a while. Basically, I was keeping Dwarf Cichlids, Thomasi, Ellioti, Bolivians, and German Blues. My 5 year old emptied a whole container of NLS small cichlid, killed everything pretty much. I was left with 3 Black Neons, 1 Thomasi Male, 1 Male Ellioti, 1 swordtail, and my male Bristlenose. Cleaned the tank all out and have let it be for a few months. I have started going out and doing my own collecting. Ive been putting most things back, just seeing whats out there, and learning how to catch fish with a net. I found the best time for me to go is at night, I just find it easier to do things, no people around etc. You guys may have seen me posting up pics of things I have found, and what they are. I havent found much to be honest, but Im ok with that. I have been a few places. Bulimba Creek, Cedar Creek, Albert River, and Northbrook Creek. At Northbrook, I have caught Australian Smelt and Marjories Hardiehead. At Bulimba, I went in the day, didnt see a thing, but that was with no berley, so Im trying again tomorow night. At the spot on the Albert River, I found a pair of Pacific Blue Eyes. At Cedar Creek, I found lots of Longfinned Eels, a catfish, a heap of nice healthy Smelt, and cought my first rainbows there, some M. Doublayi. There colours were beautiful. So Im going to keep this thread open, as Im only learning, to post my experiences and trips and to keep up some info on the local Biotopes around. I have found some useful info at other sites, but it hasnt been updated or added to in years. Im going to be trying 5 spots tomorow night. These are Cedar Creek, a creek in Acacia Ridge (not sure of the name of it, not much hope of finding anything, but you never know), Bulimba Creek at Wishart, A creek in Springwood/Rochedale (also not sure of the name of it, have seen fish there though, not sure what), and the Albert River where I found the Blue Eyes. What I have been using is my Fenix TK15 Tactical Torch, a bucket and a large environet style fine mesh net with a long handle. Some old shoes and a pair of boardies. Tomorow night Im also going to be trying out my opera house net with some Big Johns Secret Burley mix. I find it really interesting being out in the middle of the night (left at 1am last time) in the middle of unfamiliar creeks with noone else, just you and the creek seeing whats in there. I think the scariest was out behind Glorious in the middle of the night, lol. You get to see some awesome things whilst out there. Long claw prawns, eels going around your legs, spiders using you as an escape from the water, I had a large water dragon fall from a tree and land next to me one night, made a big splash, and scared the **** out of me. So on Friday, Ill post up the best info I can on how I go, including pics of everything I catch and see, and what the environment is actually like. I find it interesting just knowing what is out there. Josh
  14. Hi, Does anyone have any brackish water natives available? Looking for targetfish (terapon jarbua), mudskippers, crested oyster gobies, butis butis, pipefish, bream, sole, or any others you might have... Cheers, Ant and Kat
  15. MJ ~40cm. Kept in pure FW and is kept on his own due to him not tolerating tankmates. Archer ~20cm. Pbass, have spawned a couple times. Male is blind in one eye (injury) and has a busted lip from another injury. Despite his handicap, he is a great breeder (eggs have been 99% fertile). Male Female Cheers
  16. can u put silver scat, red scat, silver mono agents and ell/salmon tail catfish in a tank together?? cheers
  17. Yep bit of promotion for the awesome natives out there.....and also what native fish would you like but cant get??...yes there are even natives that are too big or just rare/uncommon like an albino barra...or a nice red gulf saratoga ....or maybe those hard to find golden eel tailed catfish....or yep...even a lungfish or freshwater moray! Here's some nice aussie battlers.....
  18. Well i was introduced to forum a month or so ago (thanks Assh) and i have to say i am extremely impressed with the quality of advice and the willingness of people to share it with other fish lovers... I wish i knew it existed a long time ago! I have learned a rediculous amount already! I have a real love for studying Aussie Native Predators especially, and am an avid fisherman of them also... I am a relaive newby who's tanks have grown in 18months from one inherited 2.5 ftx1x18 tank with goldfish/platy's/ swordtails inhabitants... To a 6ft x18x18 tank with rescued Barra (but attempted 'introduce a tank mate' incident ruined that relationship after 12 months...oh how much i have learned). Now been replanted and stocked with solid bunch of mixed maturity Rainbows (Doub's, utchee ck, dungal ck, station ck), Empire Gudgeons (some wicked males), Rhads.... plus random Angels and Peppermint bn's. In next 2 months should have have stocked my super wicked new 5x2x2.5 ft tank w juvie Saratoga, resident sail fin pleco/gibby and hopefully tandanus (open to suggestions for more aussie natives though...!) Sticking with the Aussie Native Predator Tank theme here... Thus difficult to eat tank mates! And in next month stock an inherited 4ft tank w juvie super red texas just for the contrast and attitude.. I have recently either built or built in all 3 tank stands so they match the Aussie native theme... See attached photo of one of them...And yes i learned even more during this process.... Now i just have to narrow down the wish list of what i want to do next....breeding/acquascaping/CO2 substrate and grafting plants and catfish...convert to sumps... and work out how to fit it into the 2 bedroom unit that i also happen to live in... you know the drill... Anyhooser thanks for hearing me ramble and i look fwd to contact with a lot more of you in the near future... Regards in tanks...Ben
  19. Just looking for a bit of advice, I've ordered a 5x2x2 tank and will have it set up on a sump, yadda yadda. Before I get the main fish that is planned for the tank (it's a bit expensive so I'll be saving for a few months) I want to stock up on the 'filler' fish. Plan was to catch some rainbows from the local creeks and catch a few salmontails from Wivenhoe (I'll get my permit for fishing the dam, no worries) and was looking up the catch/bag limits and I thought I'd share! Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia sp.) - No size limit Combined limit of 50 (banded, blackbanded, chequered, crimsonspotted, desert, eastern, Lake Eacham, McCulloch’s and Murray River rainbowfish) Most all of your freshwater catfish (Boofhead catfish, lesser salmontail, berney's salmontail, silver tandanus) have a catch limit of 20 in a day. ---------------------- And onto the questions, I'm wondering what I should do before introducing them into the same tank as my soon to be awesome monster fish. =) Would you just do a basic quarantine? How long? Worm? Hit them with ivermectin?
  20. would this work my main concern is the pump sucking up a fish other than that ?
  21. Off to Cape York to do some fishing in a couple of weeks and was thinking of bringing home some rainbowfish. Was going to use 20l buckets with aerators and add salt and methylene blue. Has anyone here done this with a high success rate and how did you do it? Have plenty of places to go too as I used to live up there. Trip back home will take 3 days maybe 4 and have transported larger natives in 200l and 300l eskies before with no probs. Open to advice and what are your ideas?
  22. Hi everyone, New member here, was recommended by a friend. Seems like a pretty active forum. I have a couple tanks and a Pond, keep Australian native fish and some native plants. I currently keep Melanotaenia Doubulayi, Craterocephalus fulvus and Rhadinocentrus Ornatus. Looking at getting some new species in the tank eventually. Breeding the Rhads so not much room anymore lol Here are a couple of pics, sry not very good ones. M. Doubulayi M. Doubulayi R. Ornatus & M. Doubulayi Cheers NativeHunter
  23. Setup: 6X2X2 Tank with stained cabinet and pelmet Filtration: Fluval Fx5, Eheim 2217, Otto 2000lph Internal, 3000lph blower Lighting; 1 x 6 foot Slim t5 Fitting, 2 blue 2 white tubes Substrate: Smooth small sized black gravel (More greyish) Stocking: 2 Barramundi, 2 Archerfish, 2 Golden Tandanus, 1 Black Tandanus, 1 Motoro Sting Ray The Tank Cabinet and Hood will be for sale as soon as I have my 8 foot and everything will go straight onto that tank, And I will have sand for the ray not the gravel. The gravel in the tank now is really smooth and small and the ray is perfectly fine, Not aggression in this tank as yet. Touch wood. .
  24. Can anyone tell me where I can buy cold water Aussie natives like cod, bass etc? Cheers Rob
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