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Found 167 results

  1. Sim1b

    ID needed please

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum so hope this is ok, found these fish in a friends pond today and hoping for id they ranged from 2 cm to about 6 or 7 cms the pond owners have no idea what they are as they just have goldfish they thought lol
  2. hey guys i am wondering about a new tank set up. ive had my 60g tank running with 100 feeders for over a month now to cycle the tank properly. last week i added 4 juv altum angles and 2 siamese algae eaters and removed the feeders. next i plan on adding 2 more angels and a betta. now.... some of you may be upset with this but i really want a male. although if i can not find a very peaceful one i will settle with a female ok so do u guys thing this will be acceptable? the tank has lots and lots of hiding placed including driftwood rocks and lots of plants. Please leave some comments and if you have a peaceful male betta for sale on the gold coast please send me a dm. Regards Harrison :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help:
  3. Hi everyone, Am buying a light next week and need some advice on what lens angle I should choose for it. It is to illuminate cichlids in a 6ft x 2ft x 28 inch high tank, waterline is 26 inches, NON PLANTED tank. But I also have a growing (16cm) pleco in the tank and am ok with growing a modest amount of algae for him. I am getting a single LED tube from a non sponsor site, Aus manufactured and will suit my 24V power supply system I am slowly working through. It uses 36 x 3w Cree LED's, and I have the option of 120, 90, 60, 45, 30 or 15 degree lenses on the LED's. Tthe light will sit about 5 inches above the waterline. And I am not growing plants with it. So to maximise fish colouring while illuminating most of the tank, what would my ideal lens angle be? 60? 90? one of the others? Any help much appreciated, I am at a loss with how water refraction and etc would bounce this light around the place....
  4. I have just bought a 3ft X 18 X 18 tank that I intend to use as a well-planted community tank. I have decided to make my own light structure using LED floodlights from eBay like these http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/2X-50W-LED-SMD-AU-Plug-220V-240V-Flood-Light-Outdoor-Floodlight-Cool-White-IP65-/221939847231?nav=SEARCH and just make a basic stand from wood to go on top of the tank to hang them from. I can't afford a CO2 canister setup, but apart from that I'm willing to do a fair bit to get the tank well planted and looking nice. I've calculated that I need about 100-130w of light for decent plant growth in my tank My question is, for a tank of my size is it better for plant growth for me to buy 4 X 30w led floodlights, 2 X 50w led floodlights, or a different combination? The prices are all pretty similar.
  5. Hello Fello Members Russ [MENTION=1419]red[/MENTION]land Pet Centre is expanding his product range and is need of a hand lifting the large 8ft display tank that has been sitting empty at his shop for years. The plan is to move it out so he can increase his range of products. The tank will have some challenges as the height of the cabinet is over 1.5M high. The tank needs to slide off with the massive hood attached. We estimate we will need 6 to 8 strong people to help lift it down This has been planned for this coming Wednesday 2nd Dec afternoon at around 5:30pm Please comment here if you can commit to 30 mins and coming and giving a hand.. Many hands make light work.
  6. Hey Guys, lately i've notice my 2 peacock bass cleaning one of the flat rocks in the tank and I thought they might be breeding. A couple days later and ive noticed about 200 little eggs on the rock. please help I need to know what to do. Do I take them out of the tank? Will the parents eat them? What to feed them,how when etc?
  7. Hi all, Ok I'm going to try and be as specific and thorough with info as possible because I'm stuck and am not sure where to go from here. First off this is my first ever tank/potential pet fish. I'm drawing a lot of info from my older brother who is more experienced, has multiple tanks and successfully is raising a range of different types of fish. I am also drawing a lot of info from the web. I'm the sort of person who will research heavilly any potential hobbies. My brother uses a fish in cycle, so he hasn't been able to help explain the strange goings on with my fishless cycle. Details are as follows: Second hand tank from said brother. 4' X 12"w X 24"h Substrate: mixed aquarium pebbles. My research says they're PH neutral Hardscape: Foam fake rock wall on back glass, 1 approx 16cm Texas holy rock, a bunch of Pisces Pagoda rock ( Rough ) and a piece of driftwood approx 12cm No plants yet. Filter: 1250lt/h generic cannister with 2 trays of ceramic noodles and 1 tray with course filter pad. I have carbon impregnated fine pad but won't add until cycle complete and even then only to polish water and will eventually be switch for fine/non carbon pad. My reasoning is I need bacteria load in filter, not clear water atm. Other stuff: 300 watt heater set to 30c ( not that it reaches or maintains that heat, being cheap brand. Will switch later to either Jager or Shogun ) Q2 air pump set to highest flow rate with a airstone. No light on tank while cycling. Tools used for cycle: API master test kit. Prime water conditioner. Coles Branded Cloudy ammonia. Ok my cycle started on 3/10. I wanted my cycle to be set at ammonia rate of 4ppm since I plan on having a fair few fish at start/heavy bio load. 3/10 Water conditioned with prime, left to cycle for 30 mins and at 5:23pm I used the calculator online to find out ammonia needed for volume of water and added 8ml. My initial read after ammonia ran in was bang on 4.00ppm 4/10 1am ammonia reading was surprisingly 2.00ppm so after consulting cycling wiki it reckoned once you have a ammonia level drop, add ammonia back to whatever level you're wanting. So I added another 4ml. Checked once mixed and was back at 4.00ppm 1:55pm 2.00ppm 7:34pm 1.50ppm 10:05pm 1.50ppm no change so added 7ml ammonia to top back up to 4ppm. At this point I did a nitrite test because I was surprised my ammonia was dropping this early. It was 0ppm 5/10 11:11am 2.00ppm 3:00pm 1.50ppm 9:19pm 1.50ppm at this point I said I wouldn't add ammonia till 0.25-0.50ppm. 6/10 10:39am 1.00ppm 3:34pm 1.00ppm Nitrite test done again: 0ppm 6:50pm 1.00ppm ( tired of stall added 5ml ammonia ) back to 4.00ppm 7/10 10:32am 3.00ppm 7:40ppm 1.50ppm 4.5ml added and back at 4.00ppm Did a nitrite test and it came up 0ppm again. So rung brother and got him around for advice. He decided to do a nitrate test and low and behold 20ppm. So my question is this, I studied enough to know once the ammonia drops its converted to nitrite. And nitrite eventually becomes nitrate. Cycles I've read about follow the same pattern. Ammonia drops, nitrite climbs, eventually nitrite drops and then when ammonia and nitrite read 0ppm after a 12hr period of ammonia top up, you have a nitrate reading. And cycle complete. PWC then add fish. I also read it takes at least a week to see progress. My numbers and readings make no sense. Can someone explain how this is even possible? And where I should go? I'm hoping at 7:30pm it's 0ppm
  8. New member with fish problems! Before I begin: they're mums fishes, but I've had to take care of them the past 1.5 weeks and problems have popped up. I've been reading non-stop about these things online, but if someone can give me some advice specific to my situation, it would be appreciated. - In short: New fish, new fountain, new plant, overfeeding for the last week, recent heat wave saw water levels fall a fair bit To save you all from a whole heap of reading: 9 y/o goldfish is sick - red streaks through its tail, which is torn and ragged. Occasionally seems listless but observed swimming around normally otherwise. Been told it could be ammonia or other types of poisoning Other goldfish was added ~1 month ago, 1yo, tips of fins are black, just slightly, ammonia burns? Fishes have been moved recently into a new fountain by mum. Don't think it was cycled? Size ~55L Pet store told me that: new tank, new fish, new plant in tank, recent heat + low water levels are the cause Was given Melafix bacterial and anti-fungal remedy for 9y/o fish, plus water conditioner to use for both Told to take out the plant just in case the soil is problematic? Separated the fish after the 1yo fish started aggressively trying to nip at 9yo fish tail when plant was removed. Not sure why it suddenly did that [*]Yesterday - partially changed water + topped up levels, separated fish, put water conditioner & Melafix in. PH around 7.5 [*]Today - got an ammonia kit, reading was about 4 Partially changed water 15-20% twice today in my panic, not sure if this was a good idea Ammonia levels were low after the water change, but I understand I should give time after water change before measuring it? Advice needed on: Water change frequency/amount? Should I get something to lower ammonia? Anything else that could help me save them, because if they die on my watch, I'll end up suffering the same fate too Pic below is the 9yo fish. Red streaks through tail and seems torn. Top picture is from yesterday when I just noticed it, bottom picture is today. Lighting is different because I've moved the fish. Just to give you a clearer picture about its condition. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hi all. I have had these plants for a couple of weeks now (my first endevour into plants) and have noticed a big growth in the roots. My questions are, Should the roots be trimmed? Is it normal for anubias roots to grow this way? Will they try to bury into my substrate( pool filter sand) and if so, is this ok for the plants? sent from sony xperia via tapatalk
  10. The new fluoro tube I bought for my 3' native tank (with rainbows, gudgeons, blue eyes and val) only about 6 months ago won't stay on - it just flickers. I replaced the starter to no avail. Surely a tube should last longer than that, only being on about 6 hours a day? Could it be the ballast? Should a buy another tube, or go LED? Either way, any suggestions for model/supplier?
  11. Ive a spare 3ft tank Im just wondering what types of africans I can put in there and how many? thanks.
  12. As a technically challenged survivor of the last century could someone please tell me how to put photos from my apple Iphone 4 on this forum. I have tried but they seem to be too big or something I don,t understand. I would like to send some photos via PM. Take note I am technically challenged so please keep it simple. I would appreciate any advice thanks Lenny.
  13. Hi guys... I have found myself in the situation of singledom, after my partner walked out on us. I have a 5 ft 5 tank, that is home to a Sleepy Cod, about 40cms, and an Albino Pleco. Did have a Saratoga in it, but he went this week. I also have a 4 ft tank with a barramundi. So, I have no idea how to look after these guys, being as my partner did it, was his hobby. He left us 2 months ago and I have no idea where he is, he isn't interested in the fish at all. I need some advice on how to best look after them! I top up their water, and feed them, but I don't know how to do a water change. Is there any other way apart from good old fashioned sucking on the end of a hose to get the water out?? I'm also wondering if I can introduce the barra back into the big tank, he was seriously picked on by the toga and was close to death, so I quarantined him and he is now fighting fit :-) But, as we are being kicked out of our house, I can't keep both tanks going. Also wanted to introduce some plants to the tank, is that possible?? I'm sorry I sound like a ****, please I'm trying to do the best I can here. the cod has got some of that white fungus stuff on his fin, had a major run in with the Toga when I was trying to top up their water. I put a dose of Melafix in the tank, I don't know if I should do anything else??? I just need a bit of advice on how to do this, my ex is just not interested at all, long ****ty story... but I want to look after these guys! Love Sam the Cod and Barry the Barramundi and Shrek the Pleco to bits!!! I can't just let them get sicker until they die... any and all advice will be so appreciated!!! thanks :-)
  14. Starting a new tank and it's a bit of a random size 1000mm h x 1000mm w x 450mm d. Looking for tall drift wood with roots or tall ornaments. About 700mm tall. Was thinking of something like the picture below. I'd much appreciate if someone point me into the direction of finding somthing that may work.
  15. I am moving my Africans into a new tank setup. I filled new tank (650L) 12 hours ago and have a new 2000L internal filter running in it. on existing tank (300L) I have a seeded canister filter and another canister filter which has been running for only 3 days. I am using calcium carbonate in new tank and have sand in existing tank. I'm not using the sand in new tank. How do I avoid stressing fish and a mini cycle in new tank. any help would be appreciated.
  16. Ive been given a Aqua One Animates Dimension 44L tank. For the life of me i cant find it online. So ive attached some pictures for reference. Im wondering if i could cut off the black plastic where its joined as this is where the filter is held and is absolutely ****. I want to replace it with an external canister filter if possible. What do you guys think?
  17. Hey All, This may be a simple but stupid question but what are the guides on what amount of filtration/aeration you should run in a African/american cichlid display tank? The tank dimensions are 8x2x1.8, Currently running an aqua one external 1000 filter and an internal otto (thinking that this is not enough but not certain) Trying my luck at breeding also and have a couple of racked systems with fish in it so I am sure there will be more stupid but simple questions to follow. Sorry if this is similar to a previous post.
  18. Hey...I've been searching and searching without much luck and I need some help... 1. Power outages. we have a cyclone (cat 2) heading our way and if it hits I could be without power for an extended period...I have a 3ft tank with 7 blue Dolphins in it - acquired 5 new ones last Monday. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to keep the fish going and maintain water quality if we end up with no power for a few days? 2. Water conditions. Is there any good threads/forums/info that anyone knows of that would help me understand water quality better and allow me to expand my knowledge in this area? Google searching nets me lots of info but I see lots of contradictions. thank you so much in advance for any and all help.
  19. Hello everyone! today i got 9 new juvenile platys from a pet shop where they were labeled "feeder fish" i have them in a tank thats 1.5 to 2 gallons (I'm not %100) they seem quite happy as i have put some deco and live plants but i was just wondering if it is big enough for them to stay in when there adults? I'm planning to breed them thnx- platyparty
  20. .Hi Everyone I need some help with fixing my leaking tank. I have a 6 foot tank, and a few weeks ago i got up in the morning and it had lost almost half of the water overnight. I emptied it completely, cut out the silicone and replaced with new silicone. I filled up the tank which seemed fine and held water for a few days. After a few days, the same thing happened. All of a sudden it was leaking again and lost half of the water overnight. I went through the same process again and refilled. Everything was fine for about 2 weeks and I thought it was all fixed, but woke up this morning to the same problem. I think I am doing everything right, and it works for a while but will all of a sudden have a leak again and lose water quickly. I must be doing something wrong, but I don't know what. Can anyone help with some suggestions or tricks to make sure it works this time. Thanks Darren
  21. Hi I have a reptile thermostat that has a maximum load of 1200w. So I want to run all my tanks up to a set temperature for breeding. I'm wanting to run say a total of 12 x 50w aquarium heaters off that thermostat. So does that mean I could run more as long as the combine total doesn't exceed the 1200w or should I to be safe side and not to exceed 1000w to be safe. If I can run 12 is it safe to get a 6 point power board with double adaptor on each or is that dangerous. Help wanted before I do something that I will end up regretting.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. Hi all, got some fish up from Sydney that have cammulanus worm, just seeing if anyone here has 20ml I could have so I don't need to buy a litre. I am willing to pay if anyone can help. Cheers mick
  24. Hi All, Am attempting to build a sump for a 700l tank. Only have these two tanks (not baffled yet) that actually fit under the stand. Is this design going to work? Can you see any obvious flaws that I'm missing or would you do anything different. For a stocked african display. Have two 32mm outlets into sump and one 25mm return. Cheers
  25. Need help identifing these fish, any help would be great.. Kind Regards Shane
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