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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everybody (first post), been lurking on the forums trying to gauge it before posting. Gauging complete. Been keeping fish for 15 years, mainly African cichlids but also catfish (inc L no.), Australian native, yabbies and for a short period marine. *Mods- i should have put this in "DIY/up coming projects" can't see how to move it, sorry. Anyway, I recently bought an aquarium rack which was in pretty ordinary shape but I got it cheap. 15 tanks in total. The racks will probably be burned in the bonfire next week after various bits and pieces have been removed. Will be using existing shelving in shed after some modification. I’ll throw some photos up of how I visualise is working. You’ll see a large 600Ltr esky that I’ll be using as a sump for 12x 100Ltr tanks. Pump is an onga 550 pool pump (supposed to pump 15,600L/H with 15m head). Assuming there is no issues with the pump, it should cycle the system 10x/H. (Note: sump won’t be completely full). Plumbing is 40mm outlet from pump and 90mm overflow. Water changes will be via rain tank. I realise this could create issues with disease contamination and water parameters. That’s rural living I guess. Still mulling over how to combat these issues. Possibly UV light and coral sand/limestone as a buffer. Thoughts on the UV and also sourcing an ideal substrate for tanganyikans? Obviously something calcium carbonate but cost effective. Mechanical filter will be sponge/floss in a drain attached to the in overflow plumbing which will then flow into the biological filter - K1 in a drum in the sump. (yet to purchase K1) Thinking about getting a Resun 70LPM air pump. It’s a 14 outlet so 1 per tank for extra water movement/oxygenation and 2 for K1 in drum. Will grab 2-3x 300w Ehiem Jager heaters (never had a drama with current 300w ehiem) and tanks will be insulated with 35mm Styrofoam (assuming I can still get it for free). Tanks are in shed and it gets below 0 degrees here so insulation will be needed. Want to get some 6500k LED strips. Suggestions? Was thinking about talking to electrical whole salers (cetnaj etc) rather than cheap international EBay products. Constructive advice welcome
  2. Hey all.. Our urchin has been hanging out in the same spot if the tank for the last week. Yesterday it moved away and I noticed this white mossy looking stuff. Can I get an ID if what it is please google failed Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Hi, I'm still new (about 8 months) to the addictive fish game and learning heaps by people and by reading. I'm running 3 seperate tanks atm and seem to be doing it fine. I just brought a breeding set up of 6 tanks which 2ft by 2ft by 40cm high. this on a 3 tier rack. 5 of the 6 tanks have a divider so I can run 10 tanks of 1ft by 1ft and a 2ft. I have heaps of Biochemical Bio Sponge Filters which are going to running through a High Volume Air Pump 3400L/H HT-650 HIGH VOLUME AIR PUMP 56.6 litres pr minute Whisper quiet and extremely reliable 65 watts 35kpa Now this is the bit I'm confused on: since this setup isn't running on a sump system, what would be the best way to run it????? Do I need to buy 11 filters for all the tanks? Would the Biochemical Bio Sponge Filters be enough to run it without filters? I'm really unsure and bottom line trying to save on the power bill when this is setup and still want to have clean tanks for all my fish I want to breed in quality water. Any help or links which could steer me in the right direction would be great. Thanks in advance
  5. hi every one i have an ibc. It is only an 800l one but i will be running it at about 750l.just wanting some suggestions on sump size, setup, flow rate, pipe size for good flow and any equipment i should need. I am looking for a pre made sump to dont want to make one thanks to any one who could have some helpfull info thanks troy
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. my unistar POW 300-3L has a rattle, i'm pretty sure the impellor is buggered so need a new one, does anyone know where i can get a cheap filter about the same size, i'm out of work at the moment so cant afford much at all. John
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