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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, just wondering if caudopunctatus' are notoriously slow growing or if it's just mine. They are absolutely beautiful fish but they are being dwarfed by everything else in my tank. They are not being picked on or anything, I'm just curious. Thanks
  2. Hey Fish Friends.. What would go better in a 2ft tank ?? Black Calvus or some Neolamprologus multifasciatus ?? I have never had either and thought i would see what you guys would recommend ..
  3. Does anyone actually own these up here? They are meant to be somewhere in QLD. Just curious? Such a gorgeous little Shellie. Google pic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  4. Hi , im looking for someone who sells Neolamprologus tretocephalus in Brisbane or the Gold Coast... I have 12 and love the look of them in my tank. My number is 0434562739 if you know or have any of these... cheers jodie
  5. Hi Guys, I have a 4X2X2 tank with 9 Neolamprologus similis in, I purchased them from discus_noob (adam). They hover above the shells all day so there is ample swimming space above. There is about 20KG of river stone and about 30-40 shells on the bottom half of it is covered in sand the other half in rocks/shells. They are a breeding colony, I am new to tangs so I am unfamiliar with tankmates aggression etc. I would like to know if I can add tankmates to the tank without them trying to kill one another. Preferably open swimming fish. If so which tankmates are sutiable? Cheers Bazz
  6. I have my first batch of little wrigglers and was wondering when I grow them out to about 4cm would anyone be interested in buying them?
  7. Hi everyone Just a quick query, I spotted some beautiful Orange Leleupi today at a very reputable store on the North side of Bris, Couldn't resist and bought a whole bunch with the intention of trying to get a few pairs. Once I got home and relocated them into their homes, i couldn't help but notice that the beautiful orange was now yellow. They have been in their tanks now for over 5 hours eating, and appear to be very happy. Have I been had with clever lighting or will they grow into their color? It should be noted that they are all around the 5-6 cm mark, and have been relocated from the LFS water which had a low pH, high ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates...to ph 8, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrates. Does anyone know whats going on? Cheers Yas and Will
  8. Just a quick vid of my favourite neolamprologus sp. ( N.savoryi) They are extremely shy, aggressive towards tank-mates and spawns are small and in-frequent. I love them! https://vimeo.com/m/66988471
  9. What is their temperament like? Aggressive? Good community fish? How big do they grow? I would do my google research but anyone can write an article on the net. Doesn't mean it's true! So I would really like to hear from all the knowledgeable people on here Also the tank they will be going in has 21 7bar at 4-5cm and 10 Duboisi at 6cm. 700L tank 7.8-8ph Nitrite 0ppm Ammonia 0ppm Nitrate 05-10ppm
  10. we got some multis today, but we were wondering if there was anything we could keep with them, like bristle nose, cherry shrimp, other tangs? manly wondering about tank cleaners that won't eat or annoy the multis,
  11. I am intrested in a pair of Neolamprologus Tretocephalus, does anyone no how mucha breeding pair (boy and girl) cost? Cheers Jesse
  12. Couldn't get any pics (badly placed shell and VERY protective parents), but definitely spotted fry in my females shell. I've had these guys THREE weeks. I wasn't sure at first when I got them that I had a pair and picked up two more from shon a few week back. Now of course the pair I do have are losing their shit completely at the other three in the tank. few questions, 1. the fry are just very small and wiggly (eyes with tails)..at what point should I look at using baby brine to feed them, or should I just grind up the same food their parents are eating? 2. The tank is 2x18; should I look at removing the other three? I'm thinking (based on sizes) that there is one other pair and a spare small male. I have tanks that I can shift around and move the other three into, spare filters and all that. I'm hoping if i *do* move them I may end up with a 2nd pair and a 'spare'. 2.a. - the spare two that look like a pair REFUSE to use shells. No interest at all, would this be because they are not the largest/dominant pair in the tank? Not enough separate 'areas' in the tank? 3. No question, just a yay! fry! =) (At least SOME of my fish are breeding....)
  13. Hey guys, my trets finally spawned... and just as i posted them FS There laid on the bottom of the tank on the glass. I've taken the rest of the colony out of the tank so they don't get killed and just gotta remove a comp tomorrow. Hopefully the fry will hatch and i will keep some and give the rest to the buyer as he's getting alot of stuff from me in the next few weeks. Oh well, atleast they finally bred for me, another one under my belt Cheers Stace
  14. hey another question, does anyway have or can i even get some Neolamprologus buescheri, cheers presto
  15. Is anyone breeding or keeping these cichlids? Very nice African Chiclid. When i can get more fish i'll be trying to find some of these. :sweatdrop: Cheers Stace
  16. Does anyone know Shell Dwellers Neolamprologus Medina?? what are they called now??
  17. Hey guys, i have several trets in a 4ft (i know i need to move them LOL) with a few gold comps and some calvus and the trets can be SLIGHTLY agressive towards each other, but since i put the calvus in there he rules the roost!! Very funny to me that a fish like a calvus can have it over a tret/several trets with no worries hahaha! As a community fish i find them way less agressive towards each other, still keep their territory (or try to with the calvus in there LOL) Just wondering which species other members have kept them with? Cheers Stacey
  18. Anyone seen these in Qld?? or Aus for that matter??
  19. hey all not up with these guys can anyone tell me the best way to tell male from female , also what they are like while breeding ( aggresive ect) and would they be ok in a 60l tank? thanks
  20. Hi Guys I have some Leleupi fry that are ready for sale, i am wondering how much they generally sell for? Thanks Shane
  21. Hi guys I have had a breeding pair for a while now, and the male died last night, still to find out why, and i am wondering is it possible to replace that male or will the female not breed with another male? I have tried to find info on this but have come up empty handed. I would like to try and get another male if i can. Thanks Shane
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