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Found 29 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently just acquired a tank of tetras and they had a break out of NTS. I only had 12 tetras and they all had the white scaly spots so I decided to euthanise them. Now the question i have is what next? I have about 50 cherry shrimp in that tank still. I was planning on breeding them but Im not sure if the disease can be transferred to them? Should I just get rid of all of them just to be save? I don't want a fish in an other tank to eat one then get infected as well. Also how do I clean the tank to get rid of the disease? It can be passed onto other species of fish and I want to make sure the tank is completely clean. I am willing to tear it all down and throw away the substrate and get some new stuff. Any help would be great as I am a total newbie to the hobby The tank is an Aquanano 40.
  2. I am chasing green neon tetra (Paracheirodon simulates), anyone know where I can get some from a LFS ? Thanks, Phil
  3. Hi everyone very new to aquariums and been doing a lot of research on what to put in my new tank. 200L tank. I like tiger barbs and neon tetra but just wondering will the barbs just be too aggressive?
  4. Has any one experienced this? Is it common? I am not sure I am over feeding or under feeding my Gourami's. I have 8 Gourami's On Sunday I have 15 Neon tetra's now down to 10 tetra's. Came home and found a Flame Gourami nosing and sucking a dead tetra around the tank.
  5. What a nice little surprise !! If you look reaaaalllly hard you may see a few hundred little damsel eggies!!! This just may be the beginning of a marine breeding setup... Hahaaaaaaa noooooooooooooo!!!!!!
  6. Hey guys, I just came vac from a week away where my fish were on an automatic feeder (housemates were about to keep an eye on things) and I did a water change the day I left. Now have a few problems with the tank. The algae I had issues with has take over again, its like a brown beard algae. My largest discus who had not eaten since I got him a month back died - no injuries or obvious illness. I was expecting this somewhat as he just refused to eat anything I tried feeding. Now I seem to have lost 3 of my 5 cories (knowhere to be seen so have no idea what happened) And my school of 20 neons appear ill. Almost all have white to slightly yellow fluffy patches - worse on fins but also on the body and 2 or 3 of them also have growths of the mouth. One is so large I doubt he can eat properly. The remaining 5 discus look ok, but obviously I am very worried I now have a big problem with this tank. Water parameters are still normal. I am obviously going to have to start big frequent water changes - how much do you suggest daily? I dont have another cycled tank to move anything at the moment. Do I need to medicate? I have tried to get photos but they are not that good, the tetras are hard to catch!
  7. .Hi, hope I've posted in the right place (don't post on these forums often). One of my black neon tetras is extremely bloated for over 2 weeks. Sorry for camera quality. I've also linked a Youtube video of her. - I change their water with rain-water twice a week - Feed the tank once every 2-3 days - Last week the meals have only been peas, no improvement - She is still schooling - She still has a strong appetite - Not gasping at the surface nor is she sinking (however today she started having trouble swimming, as seen in the video) This problem did occur a month back, however after a week it disappeared (for this duration I fed the tank peas). Not sure what conditions had changed. The rest of the fish are all healthy and she is the only affected fish. Is there any suggestions for treatment and what is wrong? Thanks in advance. I don't want to lose her, she's only 2-3 years old.
  8. Just curious if anyone is keeping these and has some pointers? Thinking of getting some from aquagreen They look to be that perfect combo of pretty AND tough.
  9. Hello everyone, First of all, I’d like to apologise for not being very active on this forum apart from the buying & selling section and mostly being a CD-ROM on here. Basically, I’m looking after a friend’s aquarium while he’s away. When I had a closer look at his fishes (after vaguely recall his partner mentioned a recent yet consistent drop in fish numbers), I’ve noticed a few irregular characteristic (Photo 1 to 7) on some of his fishes (Neon/Cardinal Tetras mostly). Photo 1. Possible fin rot or fungus growth. Photo 2. Taken with flashes on possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal. Photo 3. Irregular fin and head shape on another Neon/Cardinal Tetra. Photo 4. Relatively healthy looking Neon/Cardinal Tetra within his tank. Photo 5. Possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal Tetra. Photo 6. More possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal Tetra. Photo 7. More possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal Tetra. 3 weeks ago, I’ve transferred a small patch of Java Moss & a few shrimp from his tank to my own. The mosses appeared to be growing healthily, but the three shrimp had disappeared overnight and one was found beside the tank the next morning. Nothing suspicious could be recalled and related to today's suspicion. Today, I’ve noticed that fins on my neon tetras are shredding, I’m suspecting I might have brought over some sort of diseases or bacteria from his tank to mine. Photo 8. The most severely damaged Neon among my tank. I’m just trying to identify what’s wrong with them and hopefully treat them. On another note, prior to this, I’ve also lost a colored widow from unconfirmed causes with signs possibly suggesting a bacteria related disease or aggressive territorial behaviours Water parameter had comes back perfect from 2 different shops with small amount of Nitrite found in both testes. Water change prior to the water tests was 2 months ago, the person who ran the testes had indicated an impression on the readings from the test and the frequency of water changes. Ph:- 6.8 Ammonia:- close to nil, <0.02ppm Nitrate:- close to nil, <0.02ppm Nitrite:- acceptable range of nitrite present but will be absorbed by plants. Gh:- N/A Kh:- 161.1ppm Size of tank:- 18” x 9” x 11” Approx. 26L Temperature °C:- 27oC Been running for:- 4 months Filtration:- Internal Filter Fish in tank:- Colored widows x 5, Neon Tetras x 11, feeder fishes x 11 and Kuhli loaches x 3 Plants in Tank:- Water cress (Nasturtium microphyllum), Water Spinach (Ipomoea aquatic), Java Moss Feeding:- Flakes, once a day Last water change:- 3 days ago Water change every Monthly or longer
  10. What are your experiences with the dwarf neon rainbowfish? Contemplating then in my stock plans. Are they always colourful or is it just a morning display then back to a plain silvery colour? Thankyou
  11. Hi all, I'm fairly new to fishkeeping, I currently have one Veiltail Betta (male) and ten Neon Tetras. Over the last week the Neon Tetras have been spawning like crazy! There are clusters of eggs everywhere, I'm not sure what I need to do. The Betta just looks at the eggs and swims away, he's not quite sure what he's looking at... LOL. Any tips on what I can do about these babies? I only have the one 20L tank, and have nowhere to put them, I don't really want to move the eggs.
  12. Problem:- Went away for a short trip several weeks ago and found three of my neons with what appeared to be a white fungus(/bubble) on their mouth when I came back. This killed two of them. The one that survived lost the fungus on the mouth but transferred to the rest of its body. Tried treating with multi-cure, salt, and antifungal over the past 3 weeks but nothing is working. There's nothing wrong with the fish aside from this - its eating and swimming relatively ok... considering. Is this columnaris? Tried giving it salt baths over the last week but doesn't seem to be improving. Using API test: Ph:- 7.4-7.6 Ammonia:- 0 (yellow) Nitrate:- 0 (yellow) Nitrite:- 0 (blue) Gh:- ? Kh:- ? Size of tank:- 50L Temperature °C:- 24-25C Been running for:- 2 years Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Fish in tank:- Have 6 neons, 6 black neons, and 1 platy. Plants in Tank:- 3 small anubias, amazon sword, and java fern Feeding:- Flake - small amount in the morning and afternoon. Every now and then, I might swap it with freeze dried black worms. Recent Medication Treatments:- Multi Cure. Salt. Last water change:- Yesterday. Used gravel vac. Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly: 20-25% every other day.
  13. My new friends the dwarf neon Rainbow fish. First night at home and they put on this pretty little colour show...
  14. i notice one of my tetras had some sort of swollen nose it looked like a tiny pimple on the tetras nose/face area that was about 3 days ago and i cleaned it yesterday and noticed now about 3-4 of them have little pimple things on there nose/face are any idea on what it could be?
  15. Free to good home, these guys are pretty big. Thanks guys Ben
  16. Anyone here breed neons? I thinkin bout heavily stocking my tank with them for a change
  17. Hey all, I know that neons battle out their hierarchy but everything i have read says a 2-3week period at most, mine have been at it for over four weeks there's 10 of them in a 3 foot tank and water parameters are good? One of them only has a tiny bit of his top fin left as the rest has been nipped off (but he's ok swimming and goes after other fish) and they are constantly at it.... I thought they were a peaceful schooling fish, i was looking forward to watching them dart around together or did I just manage to get the psychos? Would appreciate any advice!
  18. I bought trio at auction. male has gone awol got no idea were he is. would like another !
  19. is it possible for a elongatus neon spot to steal another cichlids eggs? there is only one in the tank, wasn't eating and had a lump in her throat. checked and it had what looks like eggs, i thought it was a male...
  20. Before i begin i would just like to say im not sure if these are a hybrid or not and if they are could a mod please move my topic. Anyway my question(s) involve general keeping of these fish as google searches have turned up very little on them. I recently purchased a breeding pair and have placed them in one of my 2 foot tanks that are connected to a sump tank. I dont have gravel in the tank but have placed 4 flat rocks across the bottom of the tank which cover 80% of the bottom. I have floating foxtail plant on the surface to about mid way to the bottom in parts of the tank. An airstone and heater and a pile of rocks in the center to give the fish something to hide behind. I am currently feeding frozen bloodworms, protein pellets and a tiny bit of flake. Will try and buy live food from the lfs when they have some more in. Temperature i am trying 2 keep at around 26-7 degrees ph of around 6.8-7. Any pointers about what to change and what i am doing right? Please and thankyou.
  21. My school of tetras are starting to get tumor-like growths on their mouths. It started off with only 1 tetra and now several have the weird growth. It is only on their mouth and it is not affecting any of my other fish, including my ornate tetras. Does anyone know what this is? the lumps are gradually getting bigger and its probably going to kill the whole school of tetra eventually.. even though none have died yet. tank is regularly cleaned. Should I be worried about my other fish? I'd be pretty torn if one of my L's got sick. Cheers guys
  22. Have put together a mad tank for my dad with some driftwood, anubius and java moss and started with 20 endler's. Dad finds them a little dull and has always loved neon's. Was wondering if anyone here breeds them and if they are really that hard to breed?
  23. hey all, One of my neon blue ram pairs bred about 20min ago, anyone have any idea if the fry will be alright? since they are both neon blue rams and not one normal (like breeding EBJD) cheers, Michael
  24. hi i have half a dozen neon blue rams just wanting to no how to sex them thanks matt
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