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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, I bought 5 black neons and One died last night. it had a white thing on it head?? found another one with it today and idea what it is? thanks
  2. hi guys i am wondering if i can put neon tetras into a 2ft tank with cherry shrimp and a 2inch pleco. i am getting around 10+ neons and maybe the same amount for cherrys so if anyone out there can answer this thanks.
  3. Hey guys, well I got a 6x2 tank free right now and as thinking of getting a leichardti in there and I wanted a school of neons in the tank too, so wondering if they will be able to coexist together?
  4. hi all got home from work today, went to admire baby common bristlenose, and found one of my neons rubbing its self a couple times against the driftwood in the tank and looked rather ratty, a little lighter in colour and maybe a scale or 2 loose .... i know rubbing is a sympton of something but i dont remember what....??????? last water change was 50% on saturday and usually a 25% every second day due to fry in the tank... 7 neons, mum and dad bristlenose and a couple guppies in a 2 foot tank with a 600L/hr aquanove canister, air pump running and yea ... nuteral ph. rainwater only is used in the tank can someone point me in the wrong direction please... thanks Tony
  5. Hubby spotted one of my Pakistani eating one of our Neons this afternoon. Is this normal ?? As I thought that Pakistani Loaches were suppose to be community fish and didn't do that sort of thing. I am wondering if I should be moving the Pakistani loach out of that tank. I have seen it go after my Kissing Gourami. I am not sure what to think about Pakistani Loaches now. They all do get enough to eat and I vary their diet with either Tropical flake food and I also give all the fish a treat of Frozen Blood worm. So would they not be getting enough of something if Paki is attacking and eating the neons?? Thanks for your help in trying to solve this. Jane
  6. How easy is it to breed these....I had 20+ in my discus tank and slowly the numbers went down from the sole angel in there. He'll migrate soon to the American tank and I want to restock. However I find all fish seem to find them tasty and wouldn't mind a continual supply amongst the tanks...ie if a few go missing I don't feel ripped off at $1.50 each LFS. So if I buy a dozen....and keep separate....will they breed like guppies or is there more to it ?
  7. Hi I am wondering if anyone has the same problems as me regarding neons keeping. I love these little fish but they don't seem to last long in my tank. I have other tetras (rummy nose), 2 discus and some corys, 2 rams and a BN they are all doing very well and looking happy. I do a water change on a weekly basis. But for some reasons the neons always die off after a while...before they die they always developed some kind of "patches" where the body discolored. Towards the end they would appear deformed, thin and then just died. I have tried several batches but same thing happened over and over. Is it because of the pH of my water? I use tap water straight out without pH adjusting it. I know Brisbane's water can be quite alkaline but since the other fish which are meant to be kept near acidic-neutral, especially the rams and discus are doing really well I thought it would be fine for them. These fish are meant to be more fussy than neons too..any ideas what I am doing wrong?
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